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Updated 1/28/07

(double asterisk items ** are from the extended dvd)

  The Lord of the Rings Observations Lists - inspired by the films of Peter Jackson

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Film was released on December 19, 2001  


 1.        When the New Line logo appears, you can hear the same ringing sound the One Ring makes throughout the film!

2.        In the film and soundtrack there are chapter titles from The Fellowship of the Ring and The Hobbit are worked into story - From the soundtrack: "The Shadow of the Past"; "The Treason of Isengard"; "The Black Rider"; "A Knife in the Dark"; "Flight to the Ford"; "Many Meetings"; "The Council of Elrond"; "The Ring Goes South"; "A Journey in the Dark"; "The Great River"; "Amon Hen"; "The Breaking of the Fellowship"--From the film: "A Long-Expected Party"; "Shortcut to Mushrooms"; "The Bridge of Khazad-dûm"; "Lothlórien"; "Mount Doom"; "Strider"; shows the "Sign of the Prancing Pony"--and From The Hobbit; "Riddles in the Dark"; "Not at Home"; "Concerning Hobbits."

3.        The three Ring-bearers at the beginning of the film are the ORIGINAL three (i.e. Galadriel, Gil-galad and Cirdan)

4.        John Howe and Alan Lee are two of the kings shown in the prologue (second from the end of each row)

5.        In the Last Alliance scenes there are banners of each race.

6.        Elendil's helm is the same as the one at the Argonath.

7.        There are seven stars on Isildur’s breastplate and his banner (also shows in the mural at Rivendell).

8.        Gil-galad is wearing armour with the insignia of the House of Gil-galad on his chest! Fantastic detail, considering his screen time!

9.        The full white tree of Gondor is displayed on the shields... not the skeletal tree seen later.

10.     Isildur, who was succumbing to the power of the Ring, is shot by three arrows in the back (retreating), which is later echoed by Boromir being shot by three arrows to the chest (facing his enemy).

11.     Bilbo is wearing Sting in the prologue when he finds the Ring, plus his vest with brass buttons.


12.     **At or near Bilbo's desk, he has: 3 different colors of ink bottles;  a map; vase of flowers; more books; board game (looks like chess); bowl and spoon; sketch of a face above the book...looks like an Elf, or Frodo.

13.     **The stand next to Bilbo's desk has a threaded screw-pole to raise or lower the stand).

14.     **There is a sheaf of papers propped up on an easel beside Bilbo’s desk - they appear to be RSVP’s to the party!

15.     The hobbit carrying (and drinking from) a barrel of ale on his shoulder, the label on the barrel reads "Golden Perch", which those who know their Tolkien will recognize as the inn in Stock which was reputed to have the best beer in the Eastfarthing.

16.     **Sam's front door is yellow and there's a water pump off to the side with flowers growing up the pipe.

17.     **The music now accompanies Gandalf's singing as he drives his cart down the road to Hobbiton. The theatrical version doesn't have any music with it.

18.     **The door to Bilbo's study has straight sides and a rounded top, not completely round like the other doors of Bag End.

19.     **Bilbo glances at a yellowed map during his *I've lost the Ring!* scene. The map is the same territory as the one in the back of "The Return of the King" volume, except the lettering is in Elvish. (The 'G' rune beginning 'Gondor' was the tip off).

20.     **Bilbo puts his folded map on top of his backpack where is cooking pot and bedroll are already set.

21.     **While frantically searching for the Ring, Bilbo searches the pockets of his black traveling coat, then throws it down on the floor.

22.     **Bilbo makes a gollum(ish) sound when he finds the Ring in his vest and brings it up to his face.

23.     **There’s a family tree over the fireplace in Bilbo’s study.

24.     Gandalf's silver (grey) scarf is hanging from the lamp of the cart when coming to Hobbiton.

25.     **In the theatrical version, Frodo is asking Gandalf to tell him everything about the outside world, but the eedvd hasn't got that in it.  In the ee, Bilbo speaks about the Shire's "comings and goings".

26.     When Frodo was riding in the wagon with Gandalf, he said: "…we never had any adventures or did anything unexpected." This is from the first page of The Hobbit, describing the Baggins family.

27.     After seeing all the hobbit holes on the way to Bilbo's and their simplicity, you can see the contrast of Bilbo's Bag End with it's many windows taking up the whole side of the hill and a garden of flowers surrounding it instead of vegetables.


28.     **On the sign at Bilbo's gate, the marks above the vowels are the Tehtar symbols for those vowels in Quenya and Sindarin. And on the sign being raised at Bilbo's party, while the lettering style is similar, those vowel-marks aren't present -- because the hobbit who made it wouldn't know them, of course!

29.     **It looks like Bilbo includes the Tehtar symbols in writing "There and Back Again." 

30.     There's a second set of stairs outside Bag End (leading to a back doorway?).  You see it as Gandalf pulls up in his cart.

31.     In Bag End, there is dust on the floor in the places with no foot traffic.

32.     The entrance and hallway looks EXACTLY like the John Howe illustration made years before, down to the smallest details, including the wooden beam and the chandelier Gandalf hits his head on.

33.     Bilbo's (and Frodo's?) collection of walking sticks are leaning up against the wall of Bag End just waiting for another adventure.

34.     Gollum's Song is playing as Gandalf enters Bag End's living room and picks up the map of the Lonely Mountain.

35.     Thrór's map of the Lonely Mountain is still mounted in its frame from hanging on the wall.

36.     After Gandalf arrives at Bag End, Bilbo runs about offering him food Gandalf had requested in The Hobbit. Gandalf turned down the tea in The Hobbit, but now he wants... "Just tea, thank you."

37.     The pictures above Bilbo's mantelpiece are of his parents, but they're actually pictures of Peter Jackson (without his beard) and Fran Walsh (Peter's partner and co-screenwriter).

38.     Bilbo has a water pump in the sink of his kitchen.

39.     There are many homey touches in Bilbo's kitchen. There's pudding with a slice taken out on the table; a hairbrush on the window ledge; a knife resting across jelly/honey jar on the windowsill.

40.     The pointy tops of Bilbo's chair by his fireplace looks like Rivendell style architecture -- specifically like the top of the "church/clock tower looking" spire.

41.     Bag End door keys are hanging on the mantle.

42.     The roots from the tree growing above are a part of Bag End's interior.

43.     In Bilbo's clutter, there are papers hanging out of the closed cupboard doors (as if the doors were slammed shut before the papers could fall out).

44.     Bilbo's black travel jacket is on the back of his chair (most notable when Gandalf picks up the map of the Lonely Mountain), he puts it on after the party.

45.     There's a scroll tied with ribbon on the trim above the mantle of Bag End (a will?)

46.     Bilbo keeps the One Ring in his bottom pockets of his coat, while Frodo either has it on a chain or in his top pocket of his vest (closer to his heart).


47.     Gandalf leaves his hat on while shooting fireworks (avoiding fallout catching his hair on fire); it is otherwise off during party.

48.     Merry is jumping and bouncing leading the two hobbits carrying Bilbo’s cake in over the heads of the hobbits sitting at tables.

49.     You can see Sam sitting and watching as the cake passes (when the hobbits lift the cake up high, he’s seen sitting right through from underneath smoking his pipe).

50.     Frodo is the first one out ready to start dancing!

51.     Gandalf neatly combs his hair and beard for Bilbo's party (brings beard to a point at the bottom)

52.     Bilbo welcomes Fatty Bolger to his party (shakes hands with him—he's Fran's cousin).

53.     Merry's standing on the stage with the band (how CAN you miss that yellow waistcoat!) talking to Pippin – and Pippin is sitting in with the band playing a banjo (can also see him when Bilbo's cake is carried in) [addendum] Looking closer what Pippin has is a mandolin neck (it has eight strings) with a banjo body.

54.     When Merry is up on the bandstand with Pippin, he points down at Frodo, who's heartily dancing down in front, and then looks over at Pippin obviously enjoying watching Frodo (flirting with the fair hobbittess to his right?)

55.     Shire folk have long, curved, dark pipes (Gandalf influenced--he has one, too) while outsiders (Strider, Gimli) have short, light-colored, straight pipes.

56.     Two of the hobbit children to whom Bilbo tells his story credited as 'Cute Hobbit Children' are Peter and Fran's children, Katie and Billy Jackson.

57.     There's a hobbit roaring drunk at Bilbo's party hanging off the keg!  (played by Fran's cousin)

58.     Gandalf lights his fireworks with the end of his staff.  Merry and Pippin, however, use a punk when lighting the dragon firework.

59.     Frodo is walking behind Bilbo through the crowd when the dragon appears (escorting him to make his speech cuz he's a little tipsy?).

60.     Sam's one of the only hobbits that doesn't applaud during Bilbo's speech. He's puffing away on his pipe, but still smiles and offers his full attention.


61.     We see Bilbo pack two candles, his pipe and his leather-bound manuscript of "There and Back Again/Red Book of Westmarch."

62.     Bilbo pets the Ring the same as Frodo does in the marshes.

63.     Bilbo growls and hisses when he talks to Gandalf about keeping the Ring (Gollum-like); and when he says "… my precious," his eyes get as huge as Gollum’s.

64.     You can hear the Bag End groan as it stretches from Gandalf's wrath.

65.     It looks like a map of Middle-earth low on the wall next to the fireplace. You can see it when Bilbo throws himself back against the wall when Gandalf goes ballistic.

66.     The pattern on Frodo’s party vest resembles artwork of flowers Tolkien has drawn (found in book entitled "Pictures by J.R.R. Tolkien").


67.     When Gandalf rides up to Minas Tirith and looks towards Mordor, if you look in front of Osgiliath, there is a wall that encircles the Pelennor Fields, just like in the book.

68.     Gandalf sets his hat on top of his staff while in the Minas Tirith library and holds his pipe between his fingers while still rifling through parchments in the library.

69.     Two of the maps Gandalf flips past are of Forde and Fenmarch (in southern Rohan below Rauros) and the other is of Ithilien.

70.     When Gandalf is reading the account by Isildur concerning the Ring, the parchment is transcribed faithfully as it was written in LotR! But Gandalf doesn't read exactly what's written.

71.     When Gandalf begins reading the account of Isildur the candles are quite high, as he finishes they've burnt almost down to the holder indicating that we hear only parts of what he has read.

72.     When the hobbit stops chopping wood, the shadows of three Black Riders flicker across the side of the cottage in the dying rays of sunset as they speed away.

73.     The Black Riders ride North—the sunset is casting the shadows on the hobbit's house, and he points to his right: "That way."  He's sending the Riders North.


74.     **There's a Golden Perch label on a keg behind Rosie in the Green Dragon bar.

75.     **During Merry and Pippin's Green Dragon song, they were not the only one's singing. A lot of the other customers were singing along with them.  Merry and Pippin were singing a popular song that everyone knew, and Pippin just sort of improvised a new ending on the spot.

76.     **The pillars in the Green Dragon are carved and painted - the one at the corner of the bar *might* be carved with a green dragon, can’t make it out - more likely it’s similar to the other pillars and the design on the doors (round double doors!) - themes appropriate for both Hobbits and a tavern (never mind a hobbit tavern): grains, grapes and vines…

77.     **There is a stuffed fish over the main door of the Green Dragon, and horseshoes up on a high beam.

78.     When Frodo is reaching into the chest for the envelope containing the Ring, the angle is very similar to the "ring's eye view" when Gandalf first tries to touch the Ring as it lies on the floor of the entry way and when Gandalf is pulling the Ring from the fire.

79.     As Frodo is looking for the envelope holding the Ring, Gandalf is startled by the croaking noise outside the window because it sounds like an orc.

80.     When the Ring is in the fire at Bag End, it makes a very subdued Nazgûl cry as the envelope burns away.

81.     The Ring reflects the fire as it sits on the table in Bag End when Gandalf is explaining its history to Frodo. Interestingly, it doesn’t reflect anything else.

82.     Bilbo's table was laden with pastries and cheeses. Frodo's table has more fruits on it.

83.     Both Frodo and Gandalf hear the Ring whispering at the table. The only time more than one person hears the Ring at the same time.

84.     When Frodo is packing to flee the Shire, he goes into the kitchen for food.  The ceiling has tiles instead of plaster like the rest of the rooms.

85.     Frodo packs two shirts, two apples, and a loaf of seed cake. He doesn't plan to be gone very long.

86.     **The elves are singing "A Elbereth Gilthoniel" as they pass Frodo and Sam in the Shire.

87.     **Frodo's pipe is lying above his head where he's trying to sleep.


88.     Gandalf keeps his pipe in the top of his staff

89.     There are crows circling Orthanc when Gandalf first arrives (already being gathered and on duty).

90.     Saruman has specimens in liquid-filled jars.  Was he already experimenting to create his Uruk-hai?

91.     There are white hands on the doors in Saruman's throne room worked into the design of the doors.


92.     The line Sam delivers in the corn row about not leaving Frodo, is actually what Gildor told him in the book when they meet with the Elves at Woody End. In the film Sam attributes that advice to Gandalf.

93.     Sam has a ring of sausages hanging over his pack.


94.     A few seconds after the deadly silence and the black rider in the hobbits' first encounter, notice the mist that rolls in.

95.     Frodo only sees the feet and hand of the Ringwraith when hiding under the tree roots.

96.     The Nazgûl's clothing has frayed edges, but you can still see the fine embroidery. Sauron's were frayed as well.

97.     After they escape the Black Rider from under the tree and a dazed Frodo holds the Ring and looks at it, it's the only time it's seen from his perspective. The rest of the time when he holds it out in his hand, it's seen from other's perspective/angle.

98.     When the Black Rider's horse jumps out at the hobbits, Frodo is actually keeping it busy while the others get away and run to the ferry. Then he follows. The Rider tries to cut him off, but he easily slips by once the others are clear and call out to him to RUN!

99.     As the hobbits ride the ferry, you can see the dock and lamp on the other side of the river.


100.  PJ's cameo in Bree, he burps in our face, and he's eating a carrot (more carrots!).

101.  Sam is watching everyone around them from the moment they entered the Pony.  He even noticed 'that fellow' who'd been watching them since they arrived.

102.  Sam uses the name Longshanks when he challenges Strider... name given to him by Bill Ferny in the book.

103.  When Strider is with the hobbits at the Prancing Pony during the Ringwraith's attack, he leaves on his cloak and holds his sword ready for battle or a quick getaway.  Frodo also has his coat on (not cloak) and is sitting up with Strider while Sam, Merry and Pippin are sleeping.

104.  There are chamber pots under the beds in the Prancing Pony.

105.  The hobbits' bundles of clothes/bags are at the foot of the bed where they're all sleeping.


106.  Sam's got a plate of food ready for Frodo for when he wakes up, and is still holding it and his own pot when they run over to look down on the wraiths approaching Weathertop.

107.  Sam is not overwhelmed by the presence of the Black Riders at Weathertop. He strikes at them first.

108.  The Nazgûl hold their swords in front of their faces when advancing on the hobbits on Weathertop. It’s the same way Elendil held Narsil in the prologue and the way Aragorn holds it when he fights the Uruk-hai towards the end of the film.  Probably PJ's way of showing they were all of the same race of men.

109.  The Ring calls to the Ringwraiths saying "Ashi" -- translation "the One"- when Frodo draws out the Ring.


110.  As Arwen approaches Frodo, he sees her as the wraiths see her (because he’s becoming one of them as he fades from the poison of the Morgul blade ). She appears to him as she does in the Blessed Realm glowing and dressed in white. Everyone else sees her as she appears in Middle-earth, dressed in grey.

111.  Arwen and the Wraiths are the only thing Frodo seems to be able to see... he's fading and falling into the Shadow World.

112.  During the chase to the 'Ford', there were only eight Ringwraiths chasing Arwen. The ninth tries to cut her off at the Ford.

113.  Arwen baits the Black Riders to get them to enter the water.

114.  Arwen had her father's blade from the Last Alliance. It does not have a haft (the crossbar above the hilt)

115.  Arwen's lines about "What grace is given me" are being sung in English in the background during that scene.


116.  Fading, Frodo sees the blurred archways passing above him when he’s being carried into Rivendell (Arwen's grace keeping him alive).

117.  At either side of Frodo's sick bed in Rivendell there are flowers or herbs suspended in bundles; medications, cups and whatnot on the table (evidence of the effort to save his life); a vase of pink roses; and the statue/headboard of Frodo’s sickbed has a shawl around her arms (and looks a bit like Galadriel).

118.  Atop the tower of Orthanc, there are a couple of bowls of food that Saruman had provided for "his guest."

119.  The patterns on the floor of Orthanc match the patterns on the top where Gandalf's held captive.

120.  Gwaihir flies in the dark (nearing sunrise) to help Gandalf. Eagles don't normally fly at night. Then as the sun rises, it's on his left (heading south to Edoras).


121.  Bilbo's clothing is still in the style of the Shire. However, the material of his waistcoat is now "elvish" silky shantung-like stuff. He wore a red vest when he found the Ring and during his party.

122.  Gandalf's name appears in Bilbo's book (across from the drawing of the Shire).

123.  The names of the dwarves in Thorin's company (the Hobbit) can be seen when Frodo is flipping through Bilbo's book in Rivendell. They're listed in the left margin.

124.  Frodo doesn't realize he can go home until Sam says they've "done what they set out to do," and now they can go "off 'ome."

125.  Gandalf walks a little stiffly and with an aged gait when talking with Elrond and throughout the film (Can’t wait to see how Gandalf the White carries himself).

126.  In Rivendell when Elrond walks back into the main room followed by Gandalf (after the "men are weak" comment), you can see the table has plates and the remainder of a meal still on it.  Apparently they were in the library having a bit of an after-dinner drink and smoke when Boromir arrives.

127.  The quill pens in the various places match their surroundings.  Black in Orthanc, mixed white and "stripey" in Rivendell, Barliman Butterbur's quill is frayed at the edges, stripey feathers in Minas Tirith.

128.  Crystal or clear glasses are only seen at Orthanc and in Rivendell... everywhere else uses crockery.

129.  One of the Rivendell buildings (maybe the Hall of Fire?) has a dragon motif.  There is a dragon head front and along the top of the roofline it looks like vertebrae.  Another building has a bird head.

130.  The white tree is on the decorative reins of Boromir’s horse.

131.  Elrond and Gandalf don’t consider hobbits as a possible race to look to for help (only Men and Dwarves).

132.  Leaning on the wall next to the mural is Aiglos, Gil-galad's spear.

133.  **Gilraen's tomb actually says "Gilraen" in the Sindarin, in the Tehtar mode.

134.  **The line below is Gilraen's name is about giving hope to the Dúnedain and keeping no hope for herself.  In the top section - the saying is actually "Ónen i-estel Edain, ú-chebin estel anim" in tengwar - "I gave hope to Men, I kept no hope for myself."

135.  **You can see the reflection of Gilraen's statue in Aragorn's eyes as he sadly gazes at her image.


136.  Aragorn is drawn to Narsil even in solitude (when he's reading).

137.  Aragorn's book is "The Lay of Leithian," which is the tale of Lúthien and Beren that Aragorn sings to himself in the marshes.

138.  Boromir is examining the shards of Narsil when he nicks himself. The line, "it's still sharp," was wasted on most of the audience.  (Sean Bean played Richard Sharpe in the "Sharpe's Rifles" television series)

139.  Boromir drops Narsil and Aragorn picks it up. It's probably the first time Aragorn's touched it (in the book, he carries it with him) and shows great reverence.

140.  Narsil is broken into five shards. Including the hilt, there are a total of six pieces.

141.  The statue bearing the Narsil shards has on its 'pin' the White Tree.

142.  The shield holding the shards of Narsil is like the one used by the Elves at the Last Alliance (probably from that battle).

143.  Gimli's helmet and armor is similar design to the architecture of Moria (the whole dwarf theme).


144.  The shrine holding the shards of Narsil is up behind Aragorn during the Council of Elrond.

145.  There are twenty-two members at the Council.

146.  Look at the bridge behind Frodo (on the close-up shots)... steam is rising from it.

147.  The Gondor theme plays during the Council of Elrond when Boromir makes his speech.

148.  The Gondor theme is playing in the Council scene during the part where Legolas says who Aragorn really is.

149.  The Ring hisses when Elrond says, "The Ring must be destroyed."

150.  Only Frodo can hear the Ring at the Council as soon as it is threatened by what Elrond says.

151.  Gimli grabs the axe of the dwarf sitting next to him to try and destroy the Ring.

152.  Frodo and Sam listen to Boromir's description of Mordor. Information they'll end up relying on quite heavily.

153.  Figwit can speak! Well, argue anyway. Ok, so we can’t hear him. But he’s one of the first to jump to his feet when the Council erupts in argument, and a moment later we see him arguing vehemently with someone.

154.  When Gandalf approaches Frodo saying he'll help him bear this burden, the two Elves nearest Frodo slightly bow in courtesy of Gandalf and back away.


155.  Sting and Narsil are the only weapons referred to by name in FotR until Elrond names Andúril in RotK.

156.  **Legolas and Aragorn put their hands on their hearts as Elrond says: 'no oath nor bond is laid...' as a gesture of respect.

157.  Merry tosses his apple to Aragorn when ready to swordplay with Boromir.

158.  Boromir's sword tip is broader than Aragorn's sword.

159.  During the sword practice, Boromir is speaking out numbers as he performs the various maneuvers. These numbers correspond to the positions used in fencing, and which are used in fencing practice.

160.  During Merry & Pippin's sword lesson, it's the only time you see Aragorn, Boromir and Frodo laughing together.

161.  **When he starts practicing, Merry tosses his apple to Aragorn which he catches and holds for the hobbit.

162.  **Merry & Pippin assault Aragorn "in hobbit-fashion" when he tries to break up their wrestling match with Boromir.

163.  When the Fellowship is climbing up the Misty Mountains, and they hear Saruman chants "Cuiva nwalca Carnirassë! Nai yarvaxëa rasselya taltuva ñotto-carinnar!" which is Quenya for, "Wake up cruel Redhorn! May your blood-stained horn fall upon the enemy-heads!"  Sourced from: G-i-P.

164.  Gandalf is calling the mountain to sleep.


165.  The wolves are howling from across the lake as the Fellowship tries to enter Moria.

166.  The ithildin image on the doors of Moria is Tolkien’s own illustration for the book (also his work seen in Saruman’s book).

167.  The sleeves under Gandalf's cloak can be pulled down to cover his hands (has thumb holes).

168.  Frodo uses 'Strider' and 'Aragorn' interchangeably, while Sam calls him Strider and Merry calls him Aragorn.

169.  The Wood Elf is standing under the tree as Gandalf tries to decipher the password.

170.  Frodo has drawn Sting as he's being dragged to the water by the Watcher... but Sam runs up and frees him from its grip.


171.  The Dwarf journal Gandalf reads from at the tomb is hacked, cut and has blood stains and leafs or pages falling out of it just as described in the book. It has writing in both Dwarvish and Elvish runes, all just as in the Book of Mazarbul.

172.  There is a "G" rune on Gandalf's staff. You can see it when Pippin is holding it in Moria by the well.

173.  When Pippin is holding Gandalf's hat in Moria as he's reading the dwarf diary, you can see a repair stitching on it near Pippin's fingers.

174.  During the noise of the skeleton falling in the well, everyone is looking around except Merry, who's looking over to Pippin (he feels for his friend).

175.  Gandalf loses his hat when he throws it down before battling the orcs and cave troll in Moria. It's the last we see of it.

176.  When Aragorn grabs the troll's neck-chain and haul him backwards, the chain is caught against the arrow in his shoulder -- and snaps it off!

177.  Sam reverts to a weapon he can relate to... his cooking pan. He uses both his sword and pan like Gandalf uses is sword and staff.

178.  **Frodo tries to slip by the cave troll like he did eluding the Black Rider at Bucklebury Ferry… but doesn't make it.

179.  You can see the arrow sticking out of the top back of the cave troll’s head where Legolas has shot him through the mouth (there was a lot of debate on this).


180.  You can hear the words "Khazâd ai-menu" during the dwarvish chanting in Moria in the movie.

181.  In Khazad-dûm, Legolas shoots an arrow with so much force it sails across a wide abyss, pierces through an orcs skull and embeds in the stone pillar.

182.  We're watching Gandalf's battle with the Balrog from Frodo's perspective; from over his shoulder.


183.  When the Fellowship set off from Moria to Lothlórien, the only intermediate scene shows them passing a small mountain lake feeding a fast flowing stream.  Presumably these are a reference to Mirrormere and the Silverlode.

184.  The trees of Lórien seem to clatter and ring when Legolas and Aragorn enter the wood as if to welcome them (the traveler they know and the Wood Elf).

185.  The arrowheads of the Lórien Elves seem to be stylized versions of leaves like the ones seen to the side of Galadriel and Celeborn as they descend to greet the Fellowship.

186.  The Lórien bows are longer than Legolas' Mirkwood bow.

187.  Lothlórien Elves have white feathers for their fletching and Legolas (Mirkwood Elves) have brown.

188.  Frodo uses his telepathy for the first time with Galadriel (unknowingly using the power of the Ring?) He is almost knocked over when he first receives Galadriel's thoughts as he enters Lórien. He receives telepathic voice from Sauron (but only while wearing the Ring and from the Ring itself).

189.  **When Gimli snarks at Haldir on the flet, he says, "Ishkaqui i durugnul" --  which translates to "A plague on your stiff necks" (which is actually a line in English in the book ("A plague on the stiff necks of the Elves/Dwarves")).

190.  When the Fellowship is being led up the stairs to the flet where they await Celeborn and Galadriel, if you look up to the next very large flet, it looks like they're sitting off to the left as an attendant crosses the floor at the top of the stair and approaches them.

191.  As Aragorn leaves the Pavilion to go talk with Boromir there are several low tables scattered about.  They have jugs, goblets and plates on them - the remains of the meal the Elves had provided for the Fellowship?

192.  Boromir says that she (Galadriel) spoke of hope, but he can't see it.  Sitting next to him, listening, is Aragorn, also known as Estel. The translation of Estel is hope. According to the book Aragorn's mother named him "Hope", meaning the hope of his people.

193.  Boromir speaks of his father being a noble man, and his father is played by a man named Noble.


194.  Most of the statues in the Elven realms look female or androgynous. The statues Galadriel passes as she walks down the stairs toward her mirror appear to be statues of herself.

195.  When Galadriel asks Frodo if he wants to look into the mirror, he intuitively knows he'll see something other than his reflection.  When he asks her, "What will I see?" she smiles knowingly then answers him.  Wouldn't any other "normal" hobbit just figure they'd see their own reflection when looking into a mirror?

196.  There is smoke rising from Galadriel's mirror after Frodo falls away from it... just like in the book.

197.  Galadriel and Gandalf both grow and cause the light to darken and causes wind to blow towards Frodo and Bilbo (respectively).

198.  Frodo instinctively knows he can trust Galadriel and Aragorn to withstand the Ring's influence and he doesn't hide the Ring from them (or pull away) when they're tempted. He knows he can't trust Boromir (asks to borrow the Ring) or Bilbo and keeps it hidden from them.

199.  Frodo communicates through thought/telepathy with Galadriel at the mirror. His power and perception are growing.


200.  Sam shoots a disgusted glance back towards Strider when in the boats are leaving Lórien (he's NOT happy about being in a boat) and has a continued look of irritation while sailing on the River Anduin.

201.  **While helping pack the boats to leave Lothlórien, twice Boromir watches Celeborn and Strider as they talk.

202.  **Boromir is tossing provisions into the boat behind Merry & Pippin as they talk about how many lembas wafers they'd eaten.

203.  **Legolas is helping with the packing and is walking behind Galadriel and Aragorn as they talk.

204.  You can see where the stone for the great statues was quarried-- it looks like gigantic steps leading down to the river.

205.  Narsil is in the hand of Elendil's figure and Isildur is holding an axe (in the book, they're holding axes)


206.  As Aragorn is talking to Legolas at Parth Galen, he is repairing his quiver.

207.  All the statues in the realm of Gondor are male.


208.  Lurtz holds his arrow from inside the string instead of outside (holds it backwards).

209.  The Uruk-hai has fletching that looks like warg hair (like the Moria Orcs).

210.  Boromir is mortally wounded with three arrows in his chest (facing his foes in battle). Isildur's mortally wounded with three arrows in the back (fleeing from foes)

211.  Aragorn deflects his own knife with his sword when Lurtz pulls it out of his leg and throws it at him [UPDATE: confirmed in an interview with—Viggo really hit the knife away.  In another take, it imbedded into a tree].

212.  Aragorn kissing Boromir's forehead references the book, as in the following quote from TTT book of Faramir, Journey to the Crossroads: "He embraced the hobbits then, after the manner of his people, stooping, and placing his hands upon their shoulders, and kissing their foreheads."  This makes it seem like a cultural thing specific to Gondor and further illustrates the common background between Aragorn and Boromir.

213.  Aragorn symbolizes acceptance as he straps on Boromir's bracers. It also means he's representing Boromir in battle.


214.  In Moria Gandalf says "All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us," but when Frodo is alone on the Anduin remembering Gandalf says, "All you have to decide is what to do with the time given to you."

215.  Sam's pack is already in the boat Frodo takes across the river.

216.  Aragorn only says Merry and Pippin's names once throughout the film... "We will not abandon Merry and Pippin to torment and death."

217.  You can see the river winding down below in the distance as Frodo and Sam climb the rocky mountain at the beginning of Two Towers (when the title appears).