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Updated 1/28/07

(double asterisk items ** are from the extended dvd)

  The Lord of the Rings Observations Lists - inspired by the films of Peter Jackson

by the Discussion Board Members of (TORn)

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Film was released on December 19, 2001


1.        When the New Line logo appears, you can hear the same ringing sound the One Ring makes throughout the film!

2.        In the film and soundtrack there are chapter titles from The Fellowship of the Ring and The Hobbit are worked into story - From the soundtrack: "The Shadow of the Past"; "The Treason of Isengard"; "The Black Rider"; "A Knife in the Dark"; "Flight to the Ford"; "Many Meetings"; "The Council of Elrond"; "The Ring Goes South"; "A Journey in the Dark"; "The Great River"; "Amon Hen"; "The Breaking of the Fellowship"--From the film: "A Long-Expected Party"; "Shortcut to Mushrooms"; "The Bridge of Khazad-dûm"; "Lothlórien"; "Mount Doom"; "Strider"; shows the "Sign of the Prancing Pony"--and From The Hobbit; "Riddles in the Dark"; "Not at Home"; "Concerning Hobbits."

3.        The three Ring-bearers at the beginning of the film are the ORIGINAL three (i.e. Galadriel, Gil-galad and Cirdan)

4.        When Galadriel holds up her hand wearing Nenya in the prologue, the faint wrinkles on her hands disappear, and they become younger.

5.        Only the Elves wear their Rings, and these Rings are not taken by Sauron [ref: The Silmarillion]; all the Elves wear their rings on the middle finger while Sauron wears his Ring on the Finger of Ego, the Index Finger; The Dwarves inspect their rings then hold their Rings away from them; the Men keep their rings close to them. They are the only group which stares straight ahead like Zombies.

6.        The Kings in the prologue stand forming a "V" shape (same formation when they are chasing Arwen as Ringwraiths)

7.        John Howe and Alan Lee are two of the kings shown in the prologue (second from the end of each row)

8.        At the beginning of the Battle of the Last Alliance, Elendil is carrying Narsil upright before him (a theme repeated throughout the film).

9.        In the Last Alliance scenes there are some very tall, wavy banners of each race.

10.     Elendil's helm is the same as the one at the Argonath.

11.     There are seven stars on Isildur’s breastplate and his banner (also shows in the mural at Rivendell).

12.     Gil-galad is wearing armour with the insignia of the House of Gil-galad on his chest! Fantastic detail, considering his screen time!

13.     Elrond is wearing a pendant/necklace.

14.     Some of our fighting heroes don't bother with helmets.  Aragorn at the Black Gate; Elrond, the only bare head in the prologue battle.

15.     At the Battle of the Last Alliance, the elven archers shoot through the first rank of Elves holding spears.

16.     The banners show the wind is from behind the elves, which carries their arrows farther.

17.     Sauron's high spikes on its helm are mimicked by the Nazgûl's crowns (seen at Weathertop). They resemble the top of Barad-dûr Tower.

18.     When Sauron wears the Ring, it's bright and the inscription is visible and glowing red (disappears when he loses it).

19.     Sauron is wielding a mace.

20.     When Sauron is whacking everyone with his mace, you can see the white tree of Gondor on the shields as they spin through the air.

21.     There is a banner behind Sauron as he is about to take his first swipe with his mace - depicts Mount Doom?

22.     Sauron's physical demise creates an intake of air--an implosion or "suction effect" towards the core for the few seconds before he explodes and sends out that shock-wave.  The Elves' and men's hair, clothing and banners are strongly blowing TOWARDS Sauron, as the air is being sucked AWAY from them during the implosion stage!

23.     Isildur seems to be the only left-handed guy in the whole movie. [UPDATED—Théoden is also left-handed]]

24.     Some of the stitching on Isildur's glove is broken (Base of thumb when he's holding the Ring)

25.     The Ring shrinks as it cools from Sauron's touch.

26.     Isildur, who was succumbing to the power of the Ring, is shot by three arrows in the back (retreating), which is later echoed by Boromir being shot by three arrows to the chest (facing his enemy).

27.     As we hear the line “The Ring of Power perceived that its time had now come” - the sun is rising - giving light, aiding perception - in the east, over the land of Mordor.

28.     When Gollum is fawning over the Ring in his cave, there's a rock formation to the left looks surprisingly like Sauron's helm.

29.     Bilbo is wearing Sting in the prologue when he finds the Ring.




30.     **At or near Bilbo's desk, he has: 3 different colors of ink bottles;  a map; vase of flowers; more books; board game (looks like chess); bowl and spoon; sketch of a face above the book...looks like an Elf, or Frodo.

31.     **There is a sheaf of papers propped up on an easel beside Bilbo’s desk - they appear to be RSVP’s to the party!

32.     When we see the Hobbits doing preparations for Bilbo's party, one of them is hitting a wooden stake into the ground with a wooden hammer - and misses it completely as the other hobbits look on (supervisors?).

33.     The hobbit carrying (and drinking from) a barrel of ale on his shoulder, the label on the barrel reads "Golden Perch", which those who know their Tolkien will recognize as the inn in Stock which was reputed to have the best beer in the Eastfarthing.

34.     **Sam is in the garden working in his yard.

35.     **Sam's front door is yellow and there's a water pump off to the side with flowers growing up the pipe.

36.     We see a number of front doors in the Shire opening and closing – Bag End, Odo Proudfoot’s; the two hobbits unloading logs; Farmer Maggot’s, and Sam and Rosie’s.   The doors are – as is right and proper – circular…except Sam and Rosie’s isn’t.  It is flat at the bottom.

37.     **The music now accompanies Gandalf's singing as he drives his cart down the road to Hobbiton. The theatrical version doesn't have any music with it.

38.     **The door to Bilbo's study has straight sides and a rounded top, not completely round like the other doors of Bag End.

39.     **There's a couple of lines: "there's always been a Baggins living here under the hill, at Bag End, and there always will be" and "I don't know why, it makes me sad" both are given extra poignancy by events in RotK.

40.     **Bilbo glances at a yellowed map during his *I've lost the Ring!* scene. The map is the same territory as the one in the back of "The Return of the King" volume, except the lettering is in Elvish. (The 'G' rune beginning 'Gondor' was the tip off).

41.     **Bilbo puts his folded map on top of his backpack where is cooking pot and bedroll are already set.

42.     **While frantically searching for the Ring, Bilbo searches the pockets of his black traveling coat, then throws it down on the floor.

43.     **Bilbo makes a gollum(ish) sound when he finds the Ring in his vest and brings it up to his face.

44.     **There’s a family tree over the fireplace in Bilbo’s study.

45.     The wizards were all Maiar, the lesser of the two kinds of spirits who sang the world into existence before the beginning of time. So what's Gandalf doing when we first see him? Singing.

46.     Gandalf's silver (grey) scarf is hanging from the lamp of the cart when coming to Hobbiton.

47.     On Gandalf's cart, the lanterns on the side seem to be designed to mirror Gandalf's head and hat. Look at those covers! Its his hat.....

48.     When Gandalf approaches Hobbiton and when Bilbo leaves the Shire, they're singing "The Road Goes Ever On."

49.     Frodo left his book behind when meeting Gandalf. Perhaps he was at his favorite reading spot. Then jumped off the cart to possibly return to his book and more reading (politely giving Gandalf and Bilbo time alone).

50.     When Frodo runs up to Gandalf as he stops the cart and they try to stare each other down...Frodo wins. Gandalf breaks first. Is Frodo stronger, or was Gandalf so relaxed he didn't give a rip? Looks like something they do every time they first meet. "A wizard is never late, Frodo Baggypants..."

51.     **In the theatrical version, Frodo is asking Gandalf to tell him everything about the outside world, but the eedvd hasn't got that in it.  In the ee, Bilbo speaks about the Shire's "comings and goings".

52.     When Frodo was riding in the wagon with Gandalf, he said: "…we never had any adventures or did anything unexpected." This is from the first page of The Hobbit, describing the Baggins family.

53.     Most of the hobbits are happy to see Gandalf when he arrives in Hobbiton. They wave and call out to him.

54.     There's a yellow parrot in a cage in the square of Hobbiton as Gandalf and Frodo ride through in the cart.

55.     The Hobbiton markets have large bundles of tobacco leaf hanging upside-down.

56.     Gandalf tips his hat at the townsfolk as he rides with Frodo through Hobbiton.

57.     Gandalf's wagon could barely fit onto the narrow hobbit roads and bridge.

58.     There's a road sign where the road forks.

59.     There’s a laundry line across the sod roof of a hobbit hole Gandalf and Frodo pass in the cart. There's also a path leading up to it.

60.     The seat of Frodo's velvet-like pants are worn appropriately.

61.     After seeing all the hobbit holes on the way to Bilbo's and their simplicity, you can see the contrast of Bilbo's Bag End with it's many windows taking up the whole side of the hill and a garden of flowers surrounding it instead of vegetables.




62.     The notice at Bilbo's gate is attached with four nails. They have a special square head, and today they are used mainly for attaching horseshoes to their hoofs.

63.     **On the sign at Bilbo's gate, the marks above the vowels are the Tehtar symbols for those vowels in Quenya and Sindarin. And on the sign being raised at Bilbo's party, while the lettering style is similar, those vowel-marks aren't present -- because the hobbit who made it wouldn't know them, of course! **Also, it looks like Bilbo includes the Tehtar symbols in writing "There and Back Again." 

64.     There's a second set of stairs outside Bag End (leading to a back doorway?).  You see it as Gandalf pulls up in his cart.

65.     Bilbo has more elaborate brickwork on the front of Bag End than the other hobbit holes. More rich looking.

66.     The fence and gate at Bag End is knee high to Gandalf but chest high to the hobbits

67.     Gandalf bangs on Bilbo's front door with his staff, which irritated Bilbo to no end in The Hobbit.

68.     When Gandalf is rapping on Bilbo's door, you can see a small pouch hanging off the larger pouch he carries at his side (in one of the DVD specials, it’s hanging off the top of his staff).

69.     Bag End's front door has the knob in the center on the outside, but the inside latch is on the right-hand side of the door.

70.     There is a bird house in Bilbo's front yard (next to the bench).

71.     The doorbell is to the left of the door to Bag End, and when Gandalf enters, you’ll see the bell to the right of the door, which is exactly where it should be.

72.     In Bag End, there is dust on the floor in the places with no foot traffic.

73.     The entrance and hallway looks EXACTLY like the John Howe illustration made years before, down to the smallest details, including the wooden beam and the chandelier Gandalf hits his head on.

74.     Bilbo's (and Frodo's?) collection of walking sticks are leaning up against the wall of Bag End just waiting for another adventure.

75.     There are large pinecones lying around throughout Bag End.

76.     Gollum's Song is playing as Gandalf enters Bag End's living room and picks up the map of the Lonely Mountain.

77.     Thror's map of the Lonely Mountain is still mounted in its frame from hanging on the wall.

78.     Gandalf seems like a wanderer (the pilgrim) finally coming home by the way he looks about Hobbiton and Bag End drinking in every little detail. Probably the closest thing to "coming home" he experiences during his time in Middle-earth.

79.     Gandalf chuckles to himself after hitting his head on the ceiling beam at Bag End (it’s endearing to him)

80.     In Bag End, there's clutter all around even little doodads on the wainscoting

81.     After Gandalf arrives at Bag End, Bilbo runs about offering him food Gandalf had requested in The Hobbit. Gandalf turned down the tea in The Hobbit, but now he wants... "Just tea, thank you."

82.     Notice how messy Bag End is before the Party, especially the study? Books everywhere. I didn't notice much of a difference after Bilbo left -- Frodo apparently has the same talent for housekeeping. ;)

83.     There are oversized carrots in the kitchen corner in Bag-End, and in Merry's hand after they fall down the hill, and Pippin's pocketsesss.

84.     Some relative (Lobelia Sackville-Baggins ?) knocking on the door when Bilbo and Gandalf are talking, despite the message about no admittance except on party business posted on the gate.

85.     There's a sketch of a person on the wall behind Bilbo when he's looking out the window at the Sackville-Baggins.

86.     On the fireplace in Bag End: it's odd that a hobbit's fireplace would have a decorative motif of reeds (looks like cat-tail's) since hobbits don't like water as a rule. Could it be this reed design is a reference to something else: the Ring being pulled out of the river?

87.     The pictures above Bilbo's mantelpiece are of his parents, but they're actually pictures of Peter Jackson (without his beard) and Fran Walsh (Peter's partner and co-screenwriter).

88.     Bilbo needs both hands to lift the kettle, Frodo only uses one.

89.     Bilbo has a water pump in the sink of his kitchen.

90.     There are candles on the walls. Where the walls are curved, there are dark marks above where the candle smoke has discolored them.

91.     Perhaps a sign of prosperity... there are candles lit EVERYWHERE at Bag End. Even in rooms not being used.

92.     There are many homey touches in Bilbo's kitchen. There's pudding with a slice taken out on the table; a hairbrush on the window ledge; a knife resting across jelly/honey jar on the windowsill.

93.     Gandalf tries to tuck his legs under the kitchen table at Bag End. He keeps knocking his knees.

94.     Bilbo chuckles to himself when he muses that Frodo would probably "come with me if I asked him." His voice is soft as he talks about the woods, the fields, the little rivers (almost with regret)

95.     Bilbo’s hands and fingernails are clean and well-kept, just like landed gentry’s hands should be.

96.     The pointy tops of Bilbo's chair by his fireplace looks like Rivendell style architecture -- specifically like the top of the "church/clock tower looking" spire.

97.     There's a smoke "stain" over the hearth at Bag End.

98.     Bag End door keys are hanging on the mantle.

99.     There are pegs along the hallway wall with cloaks and coats hanging from them (referencing the Hobbit as the dwarves arrive).

100.  The roots from the tree growing above are a part of Bag End's interior.

101.  In Bilbo's clutter, there are papers hanging out of the closed cupboard doors (as if the doors were slammed shut before the papers could fall out).

102.  Bilbo's black travel jacket is on the back of his chair (most notable when Gandalf picks up the map of the Lonely Mountain), he puts it on after the party.

103.  There's a scroll tied with ribbon on the trim above the mantle of Bag End (a will?)

104.  Bilbo keeps the One Ring in his bottom pockets of his coat, while Frodo either has it on a chain or in his top pocket of his vest (closer to his heart).

105.  Bilbo and Gandalf are sitting on the bench outside Bag End's open front door when blowing smoke rings.  After he blows his smoke ring, Bilbo watches Gandalf expectantly- they’ve done this before.  As in The Hobbit, Bilbo blows simple smoke rings and Gandalf blows intricate shapes that go through the rings.

106.   Bag End's front door faces west (see the sunset while smoking pipes).

107.  Gandalf's smoke ship resembles an elven ship (swan-shaped bow--possibly like one at the Grey Havens?).  UPDATE: Does not resemble the ship at Grey Havens.




108.  The fireworks tree at Bilbo's party bursts into a shower of flowers (as in the book).

109.  Gandalf leaves his hat on while shooting fireworks (avoiding fallout catching his hair on fire); it is otherwise off during party.

110.  Merry is jumping and bouncing leading the two hobbits carrying Bilbo’s cake in over the heads of the hobbits sitting at tables.

111.  You can see Sam sitting and watching as the cake passes (when the hobbits lift the cake up high, he’s seen sitting right through from underneath smoking his pipe).

112.  Bilbo's birthday cake is decorated with huge strawberries.

113.  Bilbo's cake is on fire!

114.  Frodo is the first one out ready to start dancing!

115.  Gandalf neatly combs his hair and beard for Bilbo's party (brings beard to a point at the bottom)

116.  One of the birthday party band members is wearing a kilt.

117.  When the hobbits dance at the party, there is the same music all the time (no different songs) but the dances seem different.  Hobbits line dance and Frodo does his chicken dance, but also seems to be dancing with other people. Rosie dances on her own (she is trying to get Sam's attention when he is peeking over his shoulder shyly at her).  Then they dance as a couple. Later on while Bilbo is telling his story to the children, the hobbits seem to be doing some sort of changing partners dance.

118.  Bilbo welcomes Fatty Bolger to his party (shakes hands with him—he's Fran's cousin).

119.  Merry's standing on the stage with the band (how CAN you miss that yellow waistcoat!) talking to Pippin – and Pippin is sitting in with the band playing a banjo (can also see him when Bilbo's cake is carried in) [addendum] Looking closer what Pippin has is a mandolin neck (it has eight strings) with a banjo body. Same tuning as a mandolin, different sound. That's not what was recorded though.

120.  There are two ladies playing in the band.

121.  When Merry is up on the bandstand with Pippin, he points down at Frodo, who's heartily dancing down in front, and then looks over at Pippin obviously enjoying watching Frodo (flirting with the fair hobbittess to his right?)

122.  Bilbo works the party crowd and dresses like an aristocratic politician.

123.  **There are two references highlighting the Bracegirdles (Lobelia Sackville-Bagginses family)… Once when Bilbo says of Frodo, "He's a Baggins! Not some block-headed Bracegirdle from Hardbottle" and when he reacts to the Bracegirdle mamma with all the children, "My, you have been productive!"

124.  Shire folk have long, curved, dark pipes (Gandalf influenced--he has one, too) while outsiders (Strider, Gimli) have short, light-colored, straight pipes.

125.  Rosie and Frodo are dancing next to Gandalf who is doing a jig (way to the left of the screen, almost out of shot).

126.  Even at his own birthday party, "Uncle" Bilbo is drawn to the children and tells them stories.

127.  When Bilbo is telling his Troll tale, the little hobbit children are wide-eyed and excited, but the older ones behind are merely amused--they've heard it all before!

128.  Two of the hobbit children to whom Bilbo tells his story are credited as 'Cute Hobbit Children', and are listed as Katie and Billy Jackson, who are Peter and Fran's kids

129.  There's a hobbit roaring drunk at Bilbo's party hanging off the keg!  (played by Fran's cousin)

130.  Gandalf lights his fireworks with the end of his staff.  Merry and Pippin, however, use a punk when lighting the dragon firework.

131.  When Frodo grabs Sam and turns him around to dance with Rosie, he buries his face into Sam's back. It's such an endearing aspect of their closeness.

132.  The fireworks do a lot to develop our understanding of Gandalf. They suggest at first that he may be little more than a "conjurer of cheap tricks," but the beauty and complexity of the fireworks hints at his power (and that he can set them off with a thought as he did from the wagon upon his arrival).

133.  Sam and Frodo sit together at the birthday party.  Sam is sitting quietly smoking a pipe across from Frodo (who turns around for the speech).

134.  Sam’s clothing has a more common appearance compared to the other well-to-do hobbits

135.  Sam never seems to be on the same social level as the other hobbits. At the party he sits with Frodo and he doesn't seem to talk with anyone else but Frodo (Frodo KNOWS how much he likes Rosie).

136.  **When Bilbo is welcoming Mrs. Bracegirdle, you can see Frodo coming from behind the tent way behind him talking to others.

137.  Secondary fireworks pop and crack as Smaug’s wings materialize.

138.  Frodo is walking behind Bilbo through the crowd when the dragon appears (escorting him to make his speech cuz he's a little tipsy?).

139.  It seems like Frodo doesn’t realize the Smaug fireworks is not a real dragon as he’s instantly concerned for Bilbo and attempts to save him.  "Watch out for the dragon!"

140.  There's a tent that's set on fire after Merry and Pippin launch the rocket and it sails past.

141.  When the fireworks dragon sails over the lake, you can see the Green Dragon Inn on the far shore.

142.  Merry and Pippin's hair is smoking after setting off the dragon firework.

143.  Gandalf calls Sam, Merry and Pippin by their full first names.

144.  Bilbo cocks his eyes and takes one last tug on his drink before doing his speech and stands under the party tree (as in the book).

145.  The hobbit that laughs at the "fireworks" children, and whose wife then scowls at him, was not only invited to the party, but says, "ProudFEET!" getting a big laugh from the liquored-up hobbits (or it's a running inside Hobbiton joke).

146.  During Bilbo's speech, Frodo and Sam sit at the same table as two other women.

147.  The Ring causes people to break into a sweat.  It happens to Bilbo at his party and to Frodo several times - most notably during the first encounter with the rider, in Bree, and during the Council of Elrond.

148.  Gandalf sips on a tiny hobbit-sized cup at Bilbo's party.

149.  After Bilbo says, "...half as well as you deserve," there's the sound of only one hobbit clapping.

150.  Sam's one of the only hobbits that doesn't applaud during Bilbo's speech. He's puffing away on his pipe, but still smiles and offers his full attention.

151.  Bilbo's mind wanders when he's giving his speech as he thinks about putting on the Ring.

152.  Bilbo looks directly at Frodo when he says "Good-bye" during his birthday speech.




153.  There's the noise of feet running up steps when an invisible Bilbo is dashing back to Bag End.

154.  When Bilbo reappears inside his door after the party -- his shadow on the door reappears with him.

155.  We see Bilbo pack two candles, his pipe and his leather-bound manuscript of "There and Back Again/Red Book of Westmarch."

156.  Bilbo pets the Ring the same as Frodo does in the marshes.

157.  Bilbo growls and hisses when he talks to Gandalf about keeping the Ring (Gollum-like); and when he says "… my precious," his eyes get as huge as Gollum’s.

158.  You can hear the Bag End groan as it stretches from Gandalf's wrath.

159.  It looks like a map of Middle-earth low on the wall next to the fireplace. You can see it when Bilbo throws himself back against the wall when Gandalf goes ballistic.

160.  When Bilbo drops the Ring just before he leaves for Rivendell, it hits the floor with a loud clunk and stays put. It doesn't spin or bounce like most rings would.

161.  As Bilbo is trying to leave the Ring behind... his chin quivers and hand shakes, but he ultimately just drops it and walks away.  He isn't concerned with its safety or what was to become of it.  He is immediately free enough from its influence to think of his book and a very positive ending to it.

162.  As Bilbo leaves Bag End, his hair is still standing up in the front from being blown by Gandalf's temper flair.

163.  Bilbo has the same small black pot hanging off his pack as Sam does.

164.  Hobbit hands are notably smaller whenever touched or held by anyone else.

165.  Many of the characters speak lines from other characters and/or places in the book.

166.  The pattern on Frodo’s party vest resembles artwork of flowers Tolkien has drawn (found in book entitled "Pictures by J.R.R. Tolkien").

167.  While Gandalf is sitting in front of the fireplace in Bag End recalling Bilbo's words, and says "My Precious," the smoke that creeps over Gandalf's right shoulder strikingly resembles the figure of what appears to be Gollum. Gandalf then mutters the line "Riddles in the Dark."

168.  When Frodo comes in the front door of Bag End after Bilbo has left and picks up the Ring off the floor, it looks as if the grout lines of the tile might be in the form of a "G" rune, as in Gandalf. It certainly isn't your typical square tile there.  Of course, there's no reason for there to be an Elvish "G" in Bag End, but maybe someone on the crew was just having a little fun.

169.  There's a quiet slapping on the floor of Frodo's feet as he walks up to Gandalf.

170.  Gandalf is surprised that Frodo can handle the Ring unaffectedly as he carries it from where Bilbo dropped it.

171.  Gandalf very subtly manipulates Frodo into hiding the Ring away by holding out an envelope as he talks leading Frodo into dropping it in. He quickly seals it shut with a wax seal (in other words...don't handle it) and tells Frodo to keep it secret, keep it safe.

172.  When Gandalf is holding the envelope, it looks small; when Frodo holds it, it looks more "hobbit sized".

173.  When Gandalf is leaving Frodo after giving him the Ring. He turns to speak, and his eye is momentarily framed in the open detail of the ceiling light. In that split second, his eye takes on the shape of Lidless Eye.

174.  The chest where Frodo hides the Ring is just outside Bilbo's study.




175.  As Gandalf rides up, we see the first view of (an unnamed) Minas Tirith facing Mordor and a fiery Mount Doom. You can see how close Mordor is. Good for perspective of danger.

176.  The city of Osgiliath is visible at the bottom of the screen, way off in the distance, with the river Anduin running through it.

177.  When Gandalf rides up to Minas Tirith and looks towards Mordor, if you look in front of Osgiliath, there is a wall that encircles the Pelennor Fields, just like in the book.

178.  There's the handle of a shovel or rake leaning up against the wall as Gandalf walks past the two men sitting and talking in Minas Tirith.

179.  Gandalf sets his hat on top of his staff while in the Minas Tirith library and holds his pipe between his fingers while still rifling through parchments in the library.

180.  Two of the maps Gandalf flips past are of Forde and Fenmarch (in southern Rohan below Rauros) and the other is of Ithilien.

181.  When Gandalf is reading the account by Isildur concerning the Ring, the parchment is transcribed faithfully as it was written in LotR! But Gandalf doesn't read exactly what's written.

182.  When Gandalf begins reading the account of Isildur the candles are quite high, as he finishes they've burnt almost down to the holder indicating that we hear only parts of what he has read.

183.  When Gandalf discovers and reads Isildur's account on the finding of the Ring of power, notice how the wizard has a little pause in his reading of: "It is ... precious to me."  In this description, Gandalf recognizes the pattern among all those who have encountered the seduction of the Ring, and is surely reminded of both Bilbo and Gollum.

184.  Molten lava pours down from Mt. Doom along an aqueduct that fills a moat surrounding Barad-dûr.

185.  There are torch lights streaming towards the black gates. The enemy is moving.

186.  When the hobbit is chopping wood, we see the shadow of the approaching Wraith and horse on the cottage walls before the scene cuts to a close-up of the actual Black Rider. Then we see the shadows of three Black Riders flicker across the side of the cottage in the dying rays of sunset as they speed away.

187.  The word/name "Maggot" appears in all three movies:  (FotR) Farmer Maggot; (TTT) Maggot-hole (plus EE orc-maggot); and (RotK) Sam to Gollum in the mirrored-water scene.

 188.  The Black Riders ride North—the sunset is casting the shadows on the hobbit's house, and he points to his right: "That way."  He's sending the Riders North.




189.  **There's a Golden Perch label on a keg behind Rosie in the Green Dragon bar.

190.  **During Merry and Pippin's Green Dragon song, they were not the only one's singing. A lot of the other customers were singing along with them.  Merry and Pippin were singing a popular song that everyone knew, and Pippin just sort of improvised a new ending on the spot.

191.  **The pillars in the Green Dragon are carved and painted - the one at the corner of the bar *might* be carved with a green dragon, can’t make it out - more likely it’s similar to the other pillars and the design on the doors (round double doors!) - themes appropriate for both Hobbits and a tavern (never mind a hobbit tavern): grains, grapes and vines…

192.  **There is a stuffed fish over the main door of the Green Dragon, and horseshoes up on a high beam.

193.  Sam can’t look away from Rosie when saying goodnight. He has a lingering smile as he walks away.

194.  **When the last of the guests have left The Green Dragon, and Sam is lingering behind saying "Does she?" -- if only at that moment he'd just turn and look behind him he would see Rosie leaning against the door jamb as she deals with Ted Sandyman.

195.  Why does that hobbit (Frodo) never shut the door behind him!?

196.  Gandalf has mud caked on his clothes/boots from his hard ride back to Hobbiton (his hair is still mussed up).

197.  When Frodo is reaching into the chest for the envelope containing the Ring, the angle is very similar to the "ring's eye view" when Gandalf first tries to touch the Ring as it lies on the floor of the entry way and when Gandalf is pulling the Ring from the fire.

198.  As Frodo is looking for the envelope holding the Ring, Gandalf is startled by the croaking noise outside the window because it sounds like an orc.

199.  When Gandalf throws the envelope with the Ring into the fire, he glances back at Frodo nervously when he walks up and asks "What are you doing?" Was Gandalf already concerned at what Frodo might do if he thought the Ring was being harmed?

200.  When the Ring is in the fire at Bag End, it makes a very subdued Nazgûl cry as the envelope burns away.

201.  There is ash on the Ring when it is pulled from the flames.

202.  The Ring reflects the fire as it sits on the table in Bag End when Gandalf is explaining its history to Frodo. Interestingly, it doesn’t reflect anything else.

203.  Frodo's mug has steam rising from it.

204.  Bilbo's table was laden with pastries and cheeses. Frodo's table has more fruits on it.

205.  Both Frodo and Gandalf hear the Ring whispering at the table. The only time more than one person hears the Ring at the same time.

206.  The Ring has a low-decibel ringing sound when Frodo's holding it in his hand extended out to Gandalf, and is suddenly stifled when Frodo closes his hand and says, "What must I do?" It also makes that ringing sound when he places it on the pedestal at Elrond's Council and just before Bilbo pulls it from his pocket just before he drops the Ring onto the floor.

207.  Frodo roughly unfolds and jams his shirt into his pack that Gandalf has neatly rolled.

208.  When Frodo is packing to flee the Shire, he goes into the kitchen for food.  The ceiling has tiles instead of plaster like the rest of the rooms.

209.  As Frodo is packing in Bag End you can faintly see what appears to be Frodo's bed in the background.

210.  Frodo packs two shirts, two apples, and a loaf of seed cake. He doesn't plan to be gone very long.

211.  Gandalf specifically tells Frodo to stay off the road. Sure enough, it's when they hit the road that they get into trouble.

212.  There are two different walking sticks used when Gandalf hands it to Frodo. One with a smaller grip for Gandalf, and one with a larger grip for Frodo as a perspective on size!  Always thought that the act of Gandalf giving Frodo his walking stick was symbolic of Gandalf handing over his wizard's staff to a young apprentice. Kind of like passing the torch - 'You have to bear this burden. I cannot take it for you.'

213.  There's a thunk of Frodo’s walking stick hitting the ground when Gandalf tells him to get down.  Frodo doesn't hesitate to do what Gandalf says.

214.  Gandalf slaps his staff from his left hand to his right when he's about to do battle (before hauling Sam through the window and again when he’s about to fight with Saruman)

215.  Sam looks tipsy when saying goodnight to Frodo, but when hauled-in through the window by Gandalf, he suddenly sobers up!

216.  There's intricate designs on Bag End's carpet (we see it when Gandalf slams Sam down on the table) and a beautiful herring-bone hardwood floor.

217.  At first, it looks like Gandalf has turned Sam into the horse he's leading. "Keep up Samwise!"

218.  There's an ineffective scarecrow in the field when Sam and Frodo are leaving The Shire - birds are perched on it (tribute to Hitchcock’s The Birds? Or maybe The Wizard of Oz)

219.  Sam is so distraught at leaving the Shire, he's huffing and puffing as he takes "one more step" and crosses that point where he's "the farthest from home I've ever been." Poor Sam. Frodo helps by reminding him of what Bilbo used to say (as Frodo's voice changes over to Bilbo's)… "It's a dangerous thing, Frodo, going out your door..." (Sam always enjoyed Bilbo's stories).

220.  **Frodo found the perfect resting spot up the tree.

221.  **Sam's cooking sausages and po-ta-toes for their dinner.

222.  **Frodo and Sam watch the Elves as they journey to the Grey Havens.  They both look sad... Frodo has tears in his eyes.

223.  **The elves are singing A Elbereth Gilthoniel as they pass Frodo and Sam in the Shire.

224.  **Sam says he can’t sleep because all he can feel are the tree roots and fusses about it.  He always makes Frodo smile.

225.  **When Sam can't settle to sleep due to dirty great roots, he reaches up and takes some bread as comfort food.

226.  **Frodo's pipe is lying above his head where he's trying to sleep.




227.  +When Gandalf first goes to Isengard, and approaches Orthanc, we hear Saruman's voice before we see him. The same thing happens in RotK when Gandalf approached Orthanc with Treebeard's voice. We hear it before we see him. I always noted that point in FotR for some reason.

228.  As Gandalf rides toward Orthanc, there are some posts chained together along both sides lining the road.

229.  We get an aerial shot of the land surrounding Isengard, green with trees and grass. Later we see that same area devastated and dead from Saruman's work.

230.  Saruman's staff is the same four-pronged shape as the top of the Tower of Isengard.

231.  The design in the windows of Orthanc is based on the tower seen from above -- a circle with four horns extending outward.

232.  Gandalf keeps his pipe in the top of his staff

233.  There are crows circling Orthanc when Gandalf first arrives (already being gathered and on duty).

234.  Gandalf doesn’t put his staff down when at Isengard (like he does at Bag End and Rivendell)… instinctively knew he needed to keep it close?

235.  Saruman has specimens in liquid-filled jars. Was he already experimenting to create his Uruk-hai?

236.  Gandalf's left eye is bloodshot (like it was injured when he's about to do battle with Saruman. Aragorn also has a bloodshot right eye when they're on the River Anduin about to approach the Argonath. (left over from a surfboard battle?))

237.  As Gandalf is forced up to the top of the tower, his cry echoes into the scene where we see Frodo and Sam in the cornfield, as if to foreshadow that Gandalf's delay will have a dire effect on the hobbits.




238.  The line Sam delivers in the corn row about not leaving Frodo, is actually what Gildor told him in the book when they meet with the Elves at Woody End. In the film Sam attributes that advice to Gandalf.

239.  There's the sound of Sam's clashing pans and utensils whenever he moves.

240.  Due to hobbit stealth, Frodo and Sam didn't even hear Merry and Pippin running towards them through the cornfield until they collided.

241.  Sam's strength is shown when he picks Pippin up by the collar off of Frodo and tosses him aside.

242.  Sam picks up Frodo fairly lifting him off his feet. Strength he'll need soon enough.

243.  Farmer Maggot's scythe resembles an Uruk-hai blade.

244.  Farmer Maggot's dogs are audibly in pursuit of the Hobbits, along with their angry master. The barking reminds the boys to RUUUUNNNNNNN for it! (Pippin’s already gone!)

245.  After the hobbits fall down the slope running from Farmer Maggot, Pippin says, "Oooh, that was close" because he's fallen face to face with a steaming pile of droppings just in front of his face. (Hmmm, is that from a Black Rider's horse?!?-wonder how many piles of dung they tried before they picked that one?)

246.  Sam has a ring of sausages hanging over his pack.

247.  There are carrot tops sticking out of both Merry's waistcoat pockets as they run to get off the road. There are carrot and apple issues throughout the film!

248.  Close-ups of the hobbit feet show them always dirty, as would be expected.

249.  When they spot the mushrooms, Sam pushes down so hard on Pippin, he can't help but "ooooff!"

250.  Frodo is the only one not rushing over for the mushrooms with the other hobbits, he’s distracted. He senses the approach of something and sees a distortion down the road (Could it be an invisible Black Rider?).

251.  Frodo's first instinct is to hide (as hobbits do).




252.  The Nazgûl's horses have red eyes

253.  As the Black Rider approaches the hobbits hiding under the tree, there's a flutter and rustle of leaves as the birds and beasts flee... then silence.

254.  The odd-angled nails in the Ringwraiths' horses' hooves look like they were just slammed in any old way.

255.  You can see the blood or sweat running down the Nazgûl's horse's leg (when the hobbits are hiding under the tree root)

256.  The Nazgûl's clothing has frayed edges, but you can still see the fine embroidery. Sauron's were frayed as well.

257.  The Nazgûl horse snorts when the Nazgûl is smelling for the Ring... they are in sync somehow.

258.  A few seconds after the deadly silence and the black rider in the hobbits' first encounter, notice the mist that rolls in.

259.  The trunk of the tree where the hobbits hide has a huge, heart-shaped knothole. It covers the whole side of the trunk.

260.  Frodo only sees the feet and hand of the Ringwraith when hiding under the tree roots.

261.  When the first Black Rider appears and zeros in on the Ring, the insects emerge and flee from the dirt and wood.

262.  Merry throws the bag of precious mushrooms to distract the Ringwraith.

263.  The Nazgûl leaps at great speed to follow the sound of the bag of mushrooms that Merry throws.

264.  After they escape the Black Rider from under the tree and a dazed Frodo holds the Ring and looks at it, it's the only time it's seen from his perspective. The rest of the time when he holds it out in his hand, it's seen from other's perspective/angle. Frodo is shocked as he perceives the Ring's influence over him. He's starting to realize the deeper danger.

265.  Another carrot sighting: in the woods after nightfall, jus before someone says "Anything?" and Frodo replies “Nothing," Merry is silhouetted for a moment, and you can see the leafy tops STILL sticking out of his pocketsesss.

266.  Merry very quickly puts together that the black rider is after something, or someone... and he challenges Frodo with that question. Frodo's afraid to answer (keep it secret...). Without hesitation, Merry understands that he has to help Sam and Frodo leave the Shire and instantly comes up with an escape route.

267.  When the Black Rider's horse jumps out at the hobbits, Frodo is actually keeping it busy while the others get away and run to the ferry. Then he follows. The Rider tries to cut him off, but he easily slips by once the others are clear and call out to him to RUN!

268.  Running to the ferry, Sam vaults and clears the fence as easily as Merry & Pippin even though he's carrying three times the weight in gear!

269.  Frodo cries for them to "GO!" as he runs, intending to jump free of the Rider.

270.  There are lamps lit at the Ferryman's cabin, but he's nowhere to be found.

271.  As the hobbits ride the ferry, you can see the dock and lamp on the other side of the river.




272.  There are two windows in the door at Bree, one for humans, one for hobbits.

273.  As they go through the gate, Merry & Pippin whisper to each other… comments about ale?

274.  PJ's cameo in Bree, he burps in our face, and he's eating a carrot (more carrots!).

275.  Peter's cameo... he was at hobbit's eye view... which means he was a Breeland hobbit

276.  When the hobbits first enter the Prancing Pony, Frodo looks over at Merry who encouragingly nods at Frodo to go ahead and inquire about Gandalf.

277.  As they enter the Prancing Pony, Merry and Pippin look like they're ready to party while Sam looks suspiciously around and Frodo is nervous.

278.  Sam is watching everyone around them from the moment they entered the Pony.  He even noticed 'that fellow' who'd been watching them since they arrived.

279.  Strider’s boots are muddy as he sits at the Prancing Pony with his legs stretched out... just as described in the book.

280.  Strider is smoking his pipe, his eyes glow from the embers.

281.  At Bree there is a squinty-eyed man (southerner?) discussing the hobbits with another man (Bill Ferny?)

282.  Merry makes the most darling, affirmative "mmm!" in response to Pip asking if it comes in pints. Merry's lips are immersed in the deep foam of the ale.

283.  The mugs the hobbits are holding are huge compared to their Hobbiton crockery (more to a pint in Bree?).

284.  Frodo was resisting the Ring's call to put it on (was taking a lot longer than under the tree where Sam stopped him), so instead the Ring used the opportunity of his fall to go onto his finger and reveal itself (which the Nazgûl were immediately aware of).

285.  When Pippin rushes over for his pint, the man standing next to him pats him on the back in welcome! (first time other than Barliman you see someone pleasant to the hobbits).

286.  Someone must have asked Pippin if he knew any Baggins for him to point out Frodo. Butterbur has a surprised look on his face since Frodo just introduced himself as Mr. Underhill (recognized the name?).

287.  Barliman's cat, seen as Frodo rushes to stop Pippin from blurting out his name, might be a tiny allusion by PJ to the ostler's cat in the song, which takes place at that point in the story in the book.  There's also a ferret being held by someone.

288.  The flaming eye looks like it’s engulfing the shadowy figures of the people as it approaches Frodo.

289.  Just before the Hobbits burst into the room, Frodo’s eyes flick toward the door - he heard them coming.

290.  Sam uses the name Longshanks when he challenges Strider.

291.  Pippin is holding a stool for a weapon when they burst in on Strider (HWF- Hobbit Wrestling Federation), Merry's threateningly holding candelabra, and Sam is bare-fisted… but still the most threatening!  His fists are like hammers!

292.  Strider is wearing the Ring of Barahir on his left hand and a hand guard on his right hand.

293.  When Strider is with the hobbits at the Prancing Pony during the Ringwraith's attack, he leaves on his cloak and holds his sword ready for battle or a quick getaway.  Frodo also has his coat on (not cloak) and is sitting up with Strider while Sam, Merry and Pippin are sleeping.

294.  Pippin smacks his lips as he sleeps. Still thinking of food (midnightsies?).

295.  There are chamber pots under the beds in the Prancing Pony.

296.  The hobbits’ bundles of clothes/bags are at the foot of the bed where they're all sleeping.

297.  Strider snarls slightly when he's telling the hobbits who the wraiths are "They are the Nazgûl..."




298.  **When the hobbits are following Aragorn discussing whether or not to trust him, Frodo keeps his hands shoved in his pocketsesss.

299.  **Strider looks upset when the hobbits are talking about him as they follow him into the wild (exiled King even being judged by the hobbits).

300.  When Strider is leading the hobbits to Rivendell, it's raining in one scene. In a close up, we see him pulling his coat closer around him and then in the next scene we see a far away view of them walking. I can see rain against the trees.  There's snow about, too.  It's cold out there!

301.  Pippin's second breakfast comment comes from Bilbo's second breakfast in The Hobbit and elevenses from A Long Expected Party.

302.  Strider tosses apples to the hobbits when they can’t stop for second breakfast. Even though he won’t let them stop, he still sympathizes enough to supply them with food.

303.  Pippin is looking around trying to figure out where that apple came from (staggering ever so slightly)

304.  Frodo steps in cold, mushy ground after repacking Bill. Not a pleasant walk, fresher.

305.  **Strider has a deer slung over shoulder as he comes to camp on the Midgewater Marshes...taking care of the hobbits.

306.  **You can hear the hobbits whispering together as Strider comes up behind them.

307.  Bill is startled when Strider drops the deer.

308.  In the Midgewater Marshes, when Aragorn says, "She gave her love to Beren, a mortal", keep an ear out on the background noise.  You'll hear two calls from a bird.  This is a Morepork, a native New Zealand owl.

309.  **Frodo knows Strider is singing about a woman.

310.  **Strider looks up at the stars after talking to Frodo, as if he is seeking his own Evenstar.

311.  Sauron begins to speak to Saruman with the black speech, but changes to the common tongue.

312.  When Saruman is receiving instructions from Sauron through the palantir, Sauron tells Saruman to build him an Army "worthy of Mordor," Saruman seems tormented and disheveled afterwards.

313.  When the trees are being torn down at Isengard, they groan and cry, perhaps a clue as to what the Ents will sound like. (Hoom haroom )




314.  When they arrive at Amon Sûl, you can see Strider standing on the outcrop from a distance.

315.  Merry eats yet another apple when they're on Weathertop (you have to look carefully early in the scene.)

316.  Hobbits had never handled, let alone used, a sword before Aragorn gave them their blades at Weathertop.

317.  Frodo is the one who seems to understand more than the rest that they will probably need the swords, Merry looks like a kid with a new toy, Sam looks a wee bit confused, and Pippin, well, hey, he's Pippin... but he looks a little worried.

318.  Only a hobbit would light a fire and cook a feast of food while hiding from Black Riders.

319.  As Frodo wakes, you can hear Merry whisper, "My tomato's burst."

320.  Sam is eating out of a mini pot with a wooden spoon, the same items he will use for herbs and stewed rabbit.

321.  Pippin's face lights up and he nods enthusiastically when Merry tells Frodo what's cooking.

322.  Sam's got a plate of food ready for Frodo for when he wakes up, and is still holding it and his own pot when they run over to look down on the wraiths approaching Weathertop.

323.  Frodo (Elijah) puts out the campfire with his bare foot!

324.  With Strider gone, Frodo takes charge when the wraiths are about to attack.  He draws his sword and gets the hobbits moving! "Go!" and they all run to the top of Amon Sûl.

325.  Sam is not overwhelmed by the presence of the Black Riders at Weathertop. He strikes at them first.

326.  The Nazgûl hold their swords in front of their faces when advancing on the hobbits on Weathertop. It’s the same way Elendil held Narsil in the prologue and the way Aragorn holds it when he fights the Uruk-hai towards the end of the film.  Probably PJ's way of showing they were all of the same race of men.

327.  The Ring calls to the Ringwraiths saying "Ashi" -- translation "the One"- when Frodo draws out the Ring.

328.  When Frodo is on the ground trying to slide away from the wraiths, he's stopped when he comes up against a fallen statue (the same type of statue that is found elsewhere at Weathertop and at Parth Galen).

329.  Frodo resists the Wraith and the Ring when he pulls away as the Wraith reaches for the Ring "No!"  He's GOT to be experiencing pressure from both. Very tough hobbit!

330.  When Frodo has put the Ring on and the Wraith is reaching down to take it from his hand, it looks like Frodo's hand is distorting... becoming almost skeletal when he looks at it and cries, "No!"

331.  The Ring gets larger and starts to move around a little bit on Frodo's finger, as if it's getting larger so it can fall off his finger, much as it did to get away from Gollum.

332.  Twice Aragorn/Strider physically jumps between Frodo and his attackers. Here and when the cave troll attacks in Moria.

333.  Aragorn's main weapon on Weathertop is fire.  He defeats 4 of the 5 wraiths with fire and scares the 5th off via swordfight

334.  Sam runs right through Aragorn's fight with the Wraiths (ducking as one swings its sword) to get to Frodo.  Merry and Pippin also make their way to Frodo.

335.  Aragorn does not yet wield Narsil--the handle of his sword looks different than Elendil's, or the broken one in Rivendell.

336.  Strider throws the torch at the last Nazgûl, the torch actually goes into the face of the Black Rider's hood as it's setting him on fire.

337.  There was blood on Frodo's cape and jacket on Weathertop as the hobbits are leaning over him.

338.  The Morgul blade disintegrates and vanishes just as in the book.

339.  There are white hands on the doors in Saruman's throne room worked into the design of the doors.

340.  At Isengard, the Orcs slipped in a comment to Saruman about the trees being strong and having deep roots. The same orc is Saruman's assistant in at least three scenes (he has a line of nasal-bridge rings down his face): in the "We have work to do" scene, in the tree-ripping down scene, and in the Lurtz birth scene--it's the same orc-dude in all three.

341.  There are sort of baby 'cooing' or 'crying' noises in the background as Lurtz is 'born'.




342.  After the battle of Weathertop and Frodo has been stabbed by the Black Rider, they are found resting in a forested area.  The stones behind them are the trolls that Bilbo, Gandalf and the Dwarves turned to stone from The Hobbit (the story Bilbo was telling the hobbit children at his party)

343.  When lying on the ground by the stone trolls, Frodo seems to react when Aragorn says to Pippin, "He’ll soon become a wraith like them."  Frodo’s gasps and his cries sound like the wraiths, and they seem to respond to his cries in kind.  "They're close."  (Perhaps it's setting the poison to work more.)

344.  Merry helps Strider stand guard on lookout for the Wraiths holding a brand of fire.

345.  Pippin and Sam stay near Frodo, but Merry moves to Frodo's side when Sam leaves to look for athelas.

346.  Sam runs into the dark to look for athelas to save Frodo when the wraiths have just screeched and they are all so frightened. He is so brave and dedicated.

347.  Apparently an Elf can sneak up on a Ranger.  Aragorn doesn't see Arwen coming, and she catches him off guard.

348.  As we first see Arwen, the choir seems to sing the name "Tinúviel" in a long drawn out way.

349.  As Arwen approaches Frodo, he sees her as the wraiths see her (because he’s becoming one of them as he fades from the poison of the Morgul blade). She appears to him as she does in the Blessed Realm glowing and dressed in white. Everyone else sees her as she appears in Middle-earth, dressed in grey.

350.  Arwen and the Wraiths are the only things Frodo seems to be able to see... he's fading and falling into the Shadow World.

351.  Strider applies a poultice (from chewing on the athelas) to Frodo's wound.

352.  Arwen rides the same horse that Glorfindel did in the book… Asfaloth.

353.  When Arwen is leaving with Frodo, she leans forward and quietly says, "Noro lim, Asfaloth."  The horse snickers and shakes his head slightly in response.

354.  Aragorn looks anxiously as Arwen rides away, because it’s not just that Frodo’s in danger… he’s sent his beloved off alone knowing the Wraiths will do their best to stop them.

355.  Arwen rides Asfaloth full tilt cutting through the trees, and then she calls to him when the Wraith reaches for Frodo and he redoubles his speed and tears away!

356.  Arwen gets that cut on her face from a tree-branch riding from the Nazgûl, and in every shot thereafter, it is plainly visible.

357.  During the chase to the 'Ford', there were only eight Ringwraiths chasing Arwen. The ninth tries to cut her off at the Ford.

358.  Arwen baits the Black Riders to get them to enter the water.

359.  When Arwen chants to the river and it rises up, there are figures of the white horses in the foam crashing over the Wraiths!  Asfaloth is still in the water, but doesn't get swept away.  He doesn't even get wet.

360.  Arwen had her father's blade from the Last Alliance. It does not have a haft (the crossbar above the hilt)

361.  Frodo collapses when the Black Riders are washed away. Does he collapse because they're, basically, collapsed?

362.  After crossing the ford, as Arwen lays Frodo on the river's edge, he's gasping for breath and his eyes are almost black.  He's succumbing to the poison and is fading. He stops breathing after struggling for the last few gasps of breath.

363.  Arwen's lines about "What grace is given me" are being sung in English in the background during that scene.




364.  Fading, Frodo sees the blurred archways passing above him when he’s being carried into Rivendell (Arwen's grace keeping him alive).

365.  At either side of Frodo's sick bed in Rivendell there are flowers or herbs suspended in bundles; medications, cups and whatnot on the table; a vase of pink roses; and the statue/headboard of Frodo’s sickbed has a shawl around her arms (and looks a bit like Galadriel).

366.  When Frodo awakens in Rivendell, he's swimming in the bedclothes. They're way too big for a hobbit.

367.  Someone has put the Ring on a chain around Frodo's neck (as in the book).

368.  Frodo is surprisingly clear-headed after he wakes up. He immediately asks, "What happened, Gandalf? Why didn't you meet us?"

369.  Atop the tower of Orthanc, there are a couple of bowls of food that Saruman had provided for "his guest."

370.  The patterns on the floor of Isengard match the patterns on the top where Gandalf's held captive.

371.  Gandalf talks to the moth, who leaves him and begins spying on Saruman--hence the reason Gandalf knows about the breeding of the half-orcs. I also assume the moth talked to Gwaihir and arranged Gandalf's rescue (or maybe Radagast?)...or was the moth sent by Radagast in the first place?

372.  The moth is fluttering in the background behind Saruman just as Gandalf is about to step off the edge of the tower.

373.  Gwaihir approaches Orthanc as quietly as the moth, then screeches in defiance just before catching Gandalf!

374.  You can see the tiny image of Saruman standing on top of Orthanc as Gandalf flies away.

375.  There's not noticeable way of accessing the top of Orthanc (i.e. trap door, staircase).

376.  Gwaihir flies in the dark (nearing sunrise) to help Gandalf. Eagles don't normally fly at night. Then as the sun rises, it's on his left (heading south to Edoras).

377.  Frodo's laugh as he sees Sam in Rivendell is delightful, and he looks close to tears while talking with Elrond.  In turn Elrond has a look of fatherly relief when he sees Frodo awake.

378.  The embroidery on Elrond’s clothing is in the same style as the architecture of Rivendell.

379.  There are Celtic-like knots in Elrond's hair




380.  In the first wide valley shot of Rivendell, we see someone riding a horse in the bottom right corner.

381.  Frodo is still pale and washed-out looking when he's reunited with his friends and Bilbo.

382.  When we see Bilbo in Rivendell, not only is the hair on his head white, the hair on his feet is too!

383.  Bilbo's clothing is still in the style of the Shire. However, the material of his waistcoat is now "elvish" silky shantung-like stuff. He wore a red vest when he found the Ring and during his party.

384.  The bench that Bilbo sat on was appropriately too large for him.

385.  When Frodo looks at the Red Book, he says, "This is wonderful" because he’s never seen it before - unlike in the book.

386.  Gandalf's name appears in Bilbo's book (across from the drawing of the Shire).

387.  Bilbo's age in book (133) that Frodo's written.   If so, that would give an interesting clue as to how much time actually did pass between Bilbo's birthday party and Gandalf's return to the Shire to tell Frodo about the true nature of the Ring.

388.  The names of the dwarves in Thorin's company (the Hobbit) can be seen when Frodo is flipping through Bilbo's book in Rivendell. They're listed in the left margin.

389.  As Sam is packing in Rivendell, queries "what have I forgotten" (referencing rope from books).

390.  Frodo doesn't realize he can go home until Sam says they've "done what they set out to do," and now they can go "off 'ome."

391.  When Frodo briefly holds out the Ring, it has no effect WHATSOEVER on Sam.

392.  In the beginning, Frodo is just as Gandalf described him to Butterbur in the book - a perky chap with red cheeks (etc).  But after Weathertop, he is pale, with the beginnings of the "elf-glow."

393.  Gandalf walks a little stiffly and with an aged gait when talking with Elrond and throughout the film (Can’t wait to see how Gandalf the White carries himself).

394.  In Rivendell when Elrond walks back into the main room followed by Gandalf (after the "men are weak" comment), you can see the table has plates and the remainder of a meal still on it.  Apparently they were in the library having a bit of an after-dinner drink and smoke when Boromir arrives.

395.  The quill pens in the various places match their surroundings.  Black in Orthanc, mixed white and "stripey" in Rivendell, Barliman Butterbur's quill is frayed at the edges, stripey feathers in Minas Tirith.

396.  Crystal or clear glasses are only seen at Orthanc and in Rivendell... everywhere else uses crockery.

397.  One of the Rivendell buildings (maybe the Hall of Fire?) has a dragon motif. There is a dragon head front and along the top of the roofline it looks like vertebrae.  Another building has a bird head.

398.  In Rivendell after Elrond says, "The Ring cannot stay here," Gandalf turns away, despondently gazing into the distance from a balcony. Then his expression changes slightly, he stares harder then looks almost optimistic.
The scene cuts to the arrival of Boromir, Legolas and Gimli. Gandalf takes comfort from noting their arrival.

399.  Boromir’s horse rides up seeming heavy, weighted by it rider and gear (medallions, bridle, etc). Legolas’ horse trots up very light and quick.

400.  The white tree is on the decorative reins of Boromir’s horse.

401.  Boromir wears chain mail (and this makes one think about Boromir's background - the man wears a mail shirt, and a heavy leather vest, and carries a shield. Think he's been through a lot?)

402.  Is the Dwarf walking beside Gimli when the Council members are arriving at Rivendell Gloin?

403.  Elrond and Gandalf don’t consider hobbits as a possible race to look to for help (only Men and Dwarves).

404.  Leaning on the wall next to the mural is Aiglos, Gil-galad's spear.

405.  **Gilraen's tomb actually says "Gilraen" in the Sindarin, in the Tehtar mode.

406.  **The line below is Gilraen's name is about giving hope to the Dúnedain and keeping no hope for herself.  In the top section - the saying is actually "Ónen i-estel Edain, ú-chebin estel anim" in tengwar -  "I gave hope to Men, I kept no hope for myself."

407.  **You can see the reflection of Gilraen's statue in Aragorn's eyes as he sadly gazes at her image.

408.  Rivendell is very open with leaves strewn about and the sound of birds throughout the rooms.




409.  Aragorn is drawn to Narsil even in solitude (when he's reading).

410.  Aragorn's book is "The Lay of Leithian," which is the tale of Lúthien and Beren that Aragorn sings to himself in the marshes.

411.  Boromir is examining the shards of Narsil when he nicks himself. The line, "it's still sharp," was wasted on most of the audience.  (Sean Bean played Richard Sharpe in the "Sharpe's Rifles" series)

412.  Boromir drops Narsil and Aragorn picks it up. It's probably the first time Aragorn's touched it (in the book, he carries it with him) and shows great reverence.

413.  When Boromir walks away from Aragorn and Narsil, he looks like he's putting his cut finger in his mouth, but it's his right hand that he lifts to his face, not the left index finger which he cut.

414.  Narsil is broken into five shards. Including the hilt, there are a total of six pieces.

415.  The statue bearing the Narsil shards has on its 'pin' the White Tree.

416.  The shield holding the shards of Narsil is like the one used by the Elves at the Last Alliance (probably from that battle).

417.  After replacing the shaft, Aragorn places his hand over his heart in reverence and backs away.

418.  That amazing sound at the very beginning of Fellowship when the New Line logo appears plays again when Arwen is walking up behind Aragorn after he replaces Narsil's hilt as she says, "Why do you fear the past?"

419.  There are little pearly beads embroidered on Arwen's white dress - the one she's wearing in the love scene w/Aragorn. Galadriel has the same beadwork on her dress.

420.  The beautiful detail in the floor tiles, wood work, furniture, architecture in Rivendell is earthy and natural.

421.  When Arwen and Aragorn's song has begun and we see a wide shot of Rivendell, you can see Aragorn and Arwen meeting on the bridge way off in the distance.

422.  Just before we see Aragorn and Arwen on the bridge, and we have that wide shot of Rivendell, you can see two Elves standing on a balcony, talking, as we pan over.

423.  During the romantic Arwen-Aragorn scene, we see that the necklace is clearly looped around Arwen's neck. Then, moments later, not only is this jewelry removed while Arwen and Aragorn are exchanging looks of love, but it's sneaked into Aragorn's hand quite neatly almost without him noticing -- something we know by the astonished glance Aragorn gives the prize in his palm. 

424.  There is intricate braiding in Gimli's beard: The beard reflected a concern and care for the culture of the race as reflected in Tolkien's work.

425.  Gimli's helmet and armor has a very similar design to the architecture of Moria (the whole dwarf theme).




426.  The shrine holding the shards of Narsil is up behind Aragorn during the Council of Elrond.

427.  There are twenty-two members at the Council.

428.  Aragorn and Legolas are the only Fellowship members at the Council not wearing traveling clothes.

429.  While Elrond is talking he says "You will unite" and the camera shows Aragorn.  Then Elrond says "Or you will fall" and the camera shows Boromir.

430.  The Ring has a low-decibel ringing sound when Frodo places it on the pedestal at Elrond's Council (as it did at Bag End)

431.  Frodo looks relieved after placing the Ring on the pedestal at the Council...freely giving it up and believing he's done his part and can now go home.

432.  **Boromir seems to be distracted and drawn to the Ring as he tries to describe his dream.

433.  The Gondor theme plays during the Council of Elrond when Boromir makes his speech.

434.  Aragorn can’t sit quietly in a chair… he’s sprawled out and fidgety! (A man of action!)

435.  The Gondor theme is playing in the Council scene during the part where Legolas says who Aragorn really is.

436.  When Boromir says, "...Gondor needs no king." and sits down, the men on either side of him look sternly straight ahead as if not to acknowledge Aragorn.

437.  The men between Legolas and the dwarfs openly gape at Aragorn when his identity is revealed. Aragorn looks down as if in submission to their rejection.

438.  The Ring hisses when Elrond says, "The Ring must be destroyed."

439.  Only Frodo can hear the Ring at the Council as soon as it is threatened by what Elrond says.

440.  Gimli grabs the axe of the dwarf sitting next to him to try and destroy the Ring.

441.  When Gimli strikes the Ring with the axe, Aragorn throws his arm up over his face, as if he's trying to shield himself.

442.  When Gimli hits the Ring with his axe, it hasn't even been moved let along damaged.

443.  There’s already a connection between Frodo and the Ring. He freely gives it up at the council, but when Gimli attacks it… Frodo’s been affected, too (much to his distress).

444.  Frodo and Sam listen to Boromir's description of Mordor. Information they'll end up relying on quite heavily.

445.  Look at the bridge behind Frodo (on the close-up shots)... steam is rising from it.

446.  **The Ring seems to have a more literal pulling power, as Boromir is drawn towards it, as he says Isildur's Bane and as Gandalf starts to chant the Black Speech it seems to snap everyone out of their trance.

447.  When Gandalf is reciting the ringspell, you can hear the voice of Sauron and his dark laugh at the end (just like it happens in RotK after Sméagol killed Déagol!).

448.  **There seems to be an evil crackle in the air as the black speech ends. Gandalf is quite tired and strained after speaking it.

449.  The Ring calls out in Black Speech at the Council: "Ash nazg durbatulûk, ash nazg gimbatul, ash nazg thrakatulûk, agh burzum-ishi krimpatul" as it is taking control and stirring the argument and dissention among the council members.

450.  When Gimli says, "Never trust an Elf!" -- a spittle comes flying out of his mouth.

451.  Frodo, Aragorn, Elrond, Erestor and the elf seated with them are the only ones who don't participate (or are incited) in the argument about the Ring in the shouting match at the Council.

452.  Only time the Ring reflects something other than its surroundings is during the Council of Elrond when everyone is arguing and flames consume the Council.

453.  Legolas is holding back his elf companions after Gimli insults him during the Council of Elrond argument.

454.  Figwit can speak! Well, argue anyway. Ok, so we can’t hear him. But he’s one of the first to jump to his feet when the Council erupts in argument, and a moment later we see him arguing vehemently with someone. Methinks he must be uttering words of incredible wisdom and insight. Wish he wasn’t such a hothead, though.

455.  Frodo's face is streaked with sweat at the Council of Elrond when the Ring is speaking to him and stirring everyone up.

456.  Gandalf's has a look of anxiety when Frodo offers to take the Ring to Mordor, and Aragorn looks surprised (knowing what Frodo's been through already).

457.  Aragorn's decision to join the Fellowship marks the end of his self-imposed exile.

458.  The looks that pass between Elrond and Gandalf through the whole council reflect reactions to the previous conversations. Boromir proving Elrond’s opinion of men and Aragorn supports Gandalf’s.

459.  When the Fellowship is formed at the end of it's breaking apart at Parth Galen, Aragorn gets down on one knee before Frodo. And not just to talk to a short person, but as a gesture of honor. The first time he does it is at the council of Elrond to swear his protection. The final time is to confirm that promise before he sends him away. It's a wonderful example of the humility with which Aragorn chooses to come into his kingdom.

460.  When Gandalf approaches Frodo saying he'll help him bear this burden, the two Elves nearest Frodo slightly bow in courtesy of Gandalf and back away.

461.  Legolas shoots a disapproving look when Gimli joins the Fellowship.

462.  Boromir's delivery of his final words, as he walks over to join the others who've volunteered to accompany Frodo.  When he says "If this is indeed the will of the Council" there's a sardonic look on his face, and his voice matches that "indeed!" and he is looking at the Council at large - clearly he doesn't agree with the decision to destroy the Ring. He then he drops his gaze to look directly at Frodo and says, in a gentler tone of voice and with complete sincerity, "then Gondor will see it done."

463.  As the Fellowship is declared by Elrond, Sam and Boromir are the only two who don't look very happy about it.

464.  Pippin repeats a line in two movies.  He says "Where are we going?"  Each time he says it, it is after a lengthy discussion, at which he is present, about exactly where he is going.  In FotR, it's at the end of the Council of Elrond, and in RotK, it's right after Gandalf turns to him and says, "I ride for Minas Tirith - and I won't be going alone."   In the next scene as they walk to the stable, Pippin asks Merry "Where are we going?"




465.  At Rivendell, while Bilbo is giving Frodo Sting and the mithril coat, there is a brief shot of Legolas coming down some stairs to meet the other members of the Fellowship.  Sam is adjusting the saddle on Bill the pony, while Merry and Pip are to his left, and Boromir is standing on the right!

466.  Sting and Narsil are the only weapons referred to by name.

467.  **When Aragorn and Arwen are speaking and Aragorn tells Arwen "it was a dream," you can see members of the Fellowship waiting with Bill.

468.  **Legolas and Aragorn put their hands on their hearts as Elrond says: 'no oath nor bond is laid...' in the Departure of the Fellowship.

469.  **When leaving Rivendell and Frodo asks Gandalf which direction to go, Gandalf rests his hand on Frodo's left shoulder to quietly direct him as he says left.  Frodo doesn't know which way to go because he was unconscious when he came to Rivendell.

470.  There's a gathering of Elves/men on the balcony watching the Fellowship as it leaves Rivendell (mentioned in book).

471.  The bridge which the Fellowship cross when departing Rivendell, has NO railings.

472.  The fletching of Aragorn’s arrows looks black

473.  Legolas carries his knives in sheaths on his back (behind his shoulder blades instead of at his waist). That way he can grab them with the same motion he uses for drawing arrows.

474.  Sam is cooking for Frodo and serving him as he would have at Bag End and did at Weathertop.

475.  Merry tosses his apple to Aragorn when ready to swordplay with Boromir.

476.  Boromir's sword tip is broader than Aragorn's sword.

477.  Uncharacteristically, Strider puts his sword aside while watching Boromir teach Merry and Pippin to sword fight.  He’s relaxed and is smoking his pipe.

478.  **When he starts practicing, Merry tosses his apple to Aragorn which he catches and holds for the hobbit.

479.  During the sword practice, Boromir is speaking out numbers as he performs the various maneuvers. These numbers correspond to the positions used in fencing, and which are used in fencing practice.

480.  During Merry & Pippin's sword lesson, it's the only time you see Aragorn, Boromir and Frodo laughing together.

481.  When Gimli first suggests to go through the mines of Moria, (you know, the Hobbits are fighting Boromir) there is a rock formation in the background of where Gandalf is sitting... it looks just like a bull walrus... kinda in the same way a cloud could look like a bull walrus…

482.  Boromir's love for the halflings: this is shown when he is training Merry and Pippin and wrestling with them on the ground.  It makes his sacrifice for them at the end that much stronger. This is also demonstrated when he asks Aragorn to allow them time to mourn after the events of Moria.

483.  Pippin has a surprised look on his face when Boromir's sword grazes his hand.... then Merry yells "for the Shire!" and Merry and he attack (just at Frodo does in Moria in the book)

484.  **Merry & Pippin assault Aragorn "in hobbit-fashion" when he tries to break up their wrestling match with Boromir.

485.  **When Boromir is teaching Merry and Pippin swordplay and Aragorn wades in and is promptly flipped on his back, Merry's apple rolls by his head.

486.  Gandalf's hair is tied back when resting on the rocks while Gimli's is laid loose.

487.  Merry and Pippin can be heard screaming in the back when Boromir grabs them after they threw themselves at him screaming, "For the Shire!"  "Aaah!  He's got my arm...he's got my arm.. aaah."

488.  The first thing Boromir thinks of when the crebain flies towards them is making sure Merry and Pippin are hidden.

489.  Aragorn cries out to Sam and Frodo "take cover!"

490.  Frodo leaves his plate on the rock when he jumps down to gather his things to hide from the crebain. I'll bet Sam picked it up!

491.  Other than Frodo, the Ring only calls to the men of the Fellowship. The hobbits, Legolas, Gimli nor Gandalf show any interest in it. Gandalf is exposed to it, but never is drawn to take it.

492.  On the pass: Aragorn's hand is on his sword, ready to fight Boromir. After Boromir gives Frodo the Ring back you see Aragorn slowly release his grip on the sword.

493.  Boromir and Aragorn are carrying the hobbits through the snows of Caradhras (as in the book).  Boromir has Merry and Pippin; Aragorn has Frodo and Sam.

494.  On the Redhorn Pass - Legolas trots lightly upon the snow's surface while the rest of the Fellowship are slogging through deep snow.

495.  When the Fellowship is climbing up the Misty Mountains, and they hear Saruman chants "Cuiva nwalca Carnirassë! Nai yarvaxëa rasselya taltuva ñotto-carinnar!" which is Quenya for, "Wake up cruel Redhorn! May your blood-stained horn fall upon the enemy-heads!" Sourced from: G-i-P.

496.  When Gandalf perches himself on the edge of the cliff to counter Saruman's workings, you'll notice a close shot on Frodo, who's clutching his cloak close to his face, but also watching Gandalf over it rather intently. His expression is curious, wondering, and perhaps even slightly fearful, because this is the first time he's seeing Gandalf perform any huge, serious magic.

497.  Gandalf is calling the mountain to sleep.

498.  Legolas grabs Gandalf and pulls him against the wall just as the snow and rocks fall.

499.  Legolas reaches into the snow and pulls Gimli out of the drift where he's buried.

500.  Aragorn's arm shoots up out of the snow, then he uncovers Frodo and Sam.

501.  Boromir shows his love for the hobbits when encourages Gandalf to leave Caradhras by saying "this will be the death of the hobbits!"



502.  The wolves are howling from across the lake as the Fellowship tries to enter Moria.

503.  **As the Fellowship walks along the wall looking for the entrance to Moria, Gimli is knocking on the rock with is axe the whole way.

504.  The ithildin image on the doors of Moria is Tolkien’s own illustration for the book (also his work seen in Saruman’s book).

505.  At the gate of Moria, Gandalf looked up... then we see the full moon... If you know something about astronomy, you may notice that the south pole of the moon was up, while the north pole was down, which proves that the movie was indeed shot in the southern hemisphere.

506.  Holly trees are present on ether side of the doors of Moria.

507.  The sleeves under Gandalf's cloak can be pulled down to cover his hands (has thumb holes).

508.  Frodo uses 'Strider' and 'Aragorn' interchangeably, while Sam calls him Strider and Merry calls him Aragorn.

509.  Legolas is always standing at attention (on alert) with his bow in hand. He never freakin' blinks! I think I have caught him blinking twice.  That is awesome for a keen-eyed Elf!

510.  The Wood Elf is standing under the tree as Gandalf tries to decipher the password.

511.  Gandalf places a crystal from his pouch on the top of his staff and blows on it to light the way

512.  Legolas studies the arrowheads to determine which enemy fought in the mines.

513.  The Watcher in the Water music resembles old Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea movie music.

514.  The Watcher grabs Frodo first by the right leg then by the left leg, then later the cave troll does the same thing. Then Frodo has to "RUN."  That's gotta hurt!

515.  Frodo has drawn Sting as he's being dragged to the water by the Watcher... but Sam runs up and frees him from its grip.

516.  Legolas shoots the tentacle that has covered Frodo's face (dangerously close to hitting Frodo! Great shot, Legolas!)

517.  When Legolas fires the bow at the Watcher's head, it narrowly misses Boromir's head.

518.  When Frodo drops into Boromir's arms after he falls from the Watcher's grasp, Boromir yells "LEGOLAS!!" and then Gandalf yells "INTO THE MINES!" and then Aragorn yells "INTO THE CAVE!!" in the split second before Legolas shoots the Watcher in the eye (posted because many were confused with this).

519.  Frodo is not only caught by Boromir from the Watcher, but also when he and Aragorn have been trapped on the staircase and they finally jump off - Boromir catches Frodo then as well. Seems to me that Boromir does a little more Ring-bearer catching than is good for him.

520.  Legolas and Boromir help Frodo into the mines after escaping the Watcher in the Water as Strider ushers the other hobbits in front of him.




521.  As the Fellowship begin their "4-day journey" through Moria, and are climbing the first stairs by the light of Gandalf's staff, there is an unlit a torch hanging in a bracket to the right of the stairs.  It is exactly like the one that Aragorn is carrying later (in the Mithril scene), so maybe that's where he got it from!

522.  Just before Gandalf moves to the vein of Mithril in Moria, the Fellowship move up a winding stair to get to it. Watch Aragorn at the rear--he has his hand on Pippin's back just to make sure he doesn't fall as he climbs the steps.

523.  When Pippin is afraid, he holds hands with Merry. I've seen this twice: When he slips on the stairs when they first enter Moria, and when he jumps out of hiding at Amon Hen.

524.  Gollum actually makes the gollum sound as he leaps out of the camera's sight in Moria... he says "gollum" twice throughout the whole movie.

525.  Gollum's hands look normal when he finds the Ring in the Anduin, but are more distorted, and grey-blue when seen in Moria--an effect of ring-bearing?  UPDATE:  We learn it's Déagol who finds the Ring (as in the book).

526.  The men seem to stick together, as do the hobbits; which leaves Gimli and Legolas alone to form a unique bond.

527.  As dirty and scroungy as everyone else gets on the long journey, Legolas is always pristine.

528.  Gimli chants or prays in dwarvish while kneeling at Balin's tomb.

529.  The Dwarf journal Gandalf reads from at the tomb is hacked, cut and has blood stains and leafs or pages falling out of it just as described in the book. It has writing in both Dwarvish and Elvish runes, just as in the Book of Mazarbul.

530.  There is a "G" rune on Gandalf's staff. You can see it when Pippin is holding it in Moria by the well.

531.  Boromir and Merry are the supportive ones in the film. Merry pats Gimli on the shoulder at Parth Galen, looks at Pippin/Sam when they're despondent; Boromir places his hand on Gimli’s shoulder at Balin’s tomb and supports him after escaping Moria.

532.  When Pippin is holding Gandalf's hat in Moria as he's reading the dwarf diary, you can see a repair stitching on it near Pippin's fingers.

533.  During the noise of the skeleton falling in the well, everyone is looking around except Merry, who's looking over to Pippin (he feels for his friend).

534.  Boromir lets out an exasperated sigh after the noise fades from Pippin's mistake in Moria ends.

535.  If you look at the two arrows that hit the door to Balin's Tomb in Moria, you'll notice that they are fletched with hair...dwarf-hair I'm assuming, since it doesn’t appear to be the same color and/or texture as orc hair.

536.  Boromir is very skilled with his sword (twirls it with his hands before battle in Moria and when instructing Merry & Pippin)

537.  Gandalf loses his hat when he throws it down before battling the orcs and cave troll in Moria. It's the last we see of it.

538.  In Moria each of the hobbits have a different expression, as they stand ready for battle.  Merry appears to be thinking "All right, let me at 'em," Pippin looks terrified, Frodo looks scared but determined, and Sam looks cautious.

539.  Pippin is the first to charge the orcs.

540.  When the hobbits draw their swords, Sam looks nervously at Frodo… bracing himself.

541.  "Sting" glows when orcs are near.

542.  During the first battle in Moria - there is no music, for the whole first half of the battle

543.  Sam pulls a hobbity tactic by diving under the Cave Troll instead of trying to run.

544.  Listen for the Cave Troll's 'mace' as it hits the floor just after Sam escapes--it really reverberates and it's a fantastic sound effect!

545.  **The cave troll corners Sam against a wall and is about to step on him; however, he's prevented from doing so by Boromir and Aragorn, who grab onto his neck-chain and haul him backwards.

546.  When Aragorn grabs the troll's neck-chain and haul him backwards, the chain is caught against the arrow in his shoulder -- and snaps it off!  

547.  **When Boromir gets knocked into the wall, he apparently drops his sword, which Aragorn throws and kills an Orc, saving Boromir's life.

548.  **Gandalf is the only one not attacked by the cave troll (that we see).

549.  Sam reverts to a weapon he can relate to... his cooking pan. He uses both his sword and pan like Gandalf uses is sword and staff.

550.  Legolas never misses… period.

551.  The cave-troll wildly swings his hammer and kills two of the orcs on his "team"--one of whom is the one who leads him on his chain.

552.  Just as Gimli is about to be bludgeoned by the Cave Troll, Legolas shoots TWO arrows at the same time from his bow and saves Gimli (doubleshot!)

553.  Merry and Pippin threw stones at the cave troll in Moria and at the Uruk-hai at Parth Galen.

554.  You can see where the Ring has fallen out of Frodo's shirt as he tries to revive Aragorn.

555.  Frodo stabs the Cave Troll at least twice... he's not a passive victim in that fight.

556.  **Frodo tries to slip by the cave troll like he did eluding the Black Rider at Bucklebury Ferry… but doesn't make it.

557.  You can see the arrow sticking out of the top back of the cave troll’s head where Legolas has shot him through the mouth (there was a lot of debate on this).

558.   When Aragorn says "That spear would have skewed a wild boar," you can see the side of his cheek is black and blue from an actual injury from when Viggo went surfing with the hobbits.

559.  The hall from which they enter the Chamber of Mazarbul is not the same one which they exit through. It appears, from the direction of the shaft of light, that they are at right angles to one another. They exit through a huge hole in the wall.  The shaft of light is revealed when they ran out.

560.  The Orcs in the books are never fully described - are they hairy or scaly or both?  Jackson's Orcs are individually very different, which gives the viewer a lot of latitude in deciding what an Orc looks like.




561.  When running from the orcs in Khazad-dûm, Frodo’s shirt is still open from exposing the mithril shirt! (good detail)

562.  Running out of the Chamber of Mazarbul, Sam keeps his hand on Frodo’s back.

563.  You can hear the words "Khazâd ai-menu" during the dwarvish chanting in Moria in the movie.

564.  Right before the shot of the Orcs crawling down the ceiling in Moria, Legolas looks upwards towards the ceiling.

565.  When the Orcs run away from the Balrog.  Gimli looks pleased and amused, as if his "prowess" had scared them all away.

566.  The Orcs in Moria have large eyes compared to the Orcs that Saruman uses. The reason the Moria orcs have larger eyes than the Isengard Orcs is that they live in the dark, and evolved that way--also part of the reason why they cannot stand the light as well.

567.  When running through the mines away from the Balrog, while everyone else appears to be running at full speed, Legolas looks like he's jogging. This is true in other places where they are forced to run away.

568.  When they are running down the stairs in Moria just before the collapsing bridge/stairway, instead of going around the corner from one flight to the other like everyone else, Legolas jumps over the side to the steps below, saving himself from running down four or five steps and Gimli also jumps from lower down.

569.  Legolas is so sure-footed. As he hops up on the rock to watch the crebain, he's just as graceful as he always is. When he jumps off his horse in Rivendell, when he jumps the stairs in Khazad-dûm... he land firmly and never waivers. Very cat-like.

570.  Legolas makes sure Gandalf was the first one (next to him) to cross the gap in the stairs at Khazad-dûm.

571.  Legolas pulls Gandalf back from the edge during the avalanche on Caradhras, he pulls Aragorn further inside the gates of Moria when the shower of rocks comes down over the entrance, he pulls Boromir back from the precipice in Moria, and he pulls Gimli up by his beard on the crumbling staircase.

572.  None of Legolas' targets move around much once they're hit. They just drop!

573.  In Khazad-dûm, Legolas shoots an arrow with so much force it sails across a wide abyss, pierces through an orcs skull and embeds in the stone pillar.

574.  Legolas and Aragorn take turns shooting arrows.  The first shots fired are: Legolas, Aragorn, Legolas, Aragorn and Legolas again. Then it becomes chaotic.

575.  The Fellowship jumped (or were tossed) from the collapsing stairs in this order: Legolas; Gandalf; Boromir with Merry and Pippin; Sam; Gimli; Aragorn; then Frodo.

576.  Arguably the two most important Fellowship members are the ones stranded on the stairs after Gimli jumps (Aragorn and Frodo).

577.  Gimli worried about his beard... a very dwarvish thing.

578.  When the stairs are collapsing, Aragorn makes certain Frodo is safe before he throws himself up higher on the steps.

579.  If the stairs in Moria had fallen the other way, they'd have been cut off.

580.  Just after the orcs flee when they hear the Balrog and Boromir asks Gandalf what the new devilry is, Legolas lowers his bow and has the same look of terror on his face?  It's exactly as they describe it in the book.  A Balrog is one of the few things Elves fear.

581.  You can hear the footsteps of the Balrog as it approaches the Fellowship after Legolas lowers his bow.

582.  When the four hobbits are running from Farmer Maggot, one by one they bump into each other as they stop at the edge of the drop.  When the last hobbit hits, it sends them over. Then, in Moria, when they are fleeing from the Balrog, one by one they bump into each other as they stop at the edge of the drop (where Boromir loses his torch).  When the last hobbit hits, it *doesn't* sends them over. phew!

583.  When the Fellowship is about to cross the Bridge of Khazad-dûm, the fire in the background IS the Balrog itself.

584.  The Fellowship crossed the Bridge of Khazad-dûm in this order: Aragorn; Boromir; Frodo; Pippin; Merry; Sam; Gimli; Legolas; Gandalf.  Merry passes Pippin after getting across and run to climb the stairs.

585.  Gandalf gets stronger and straighter as he confronts the Balrog and says who he is and commands the Balrog. The light around him gets bigger and brighter.

586.  When fighting the Balrog, Gandalf always glows white when receiving or giving blows.

587.  We're watching Gandalf's battle with the Balrog from Frodo's perspective; from over his shoulder.

588.  When Gandalf strikes the bridge, the Balrog makes a snort of derision. Gandalf casts a spell and apparently nothing happens! *snort* This wizards going to be easy prey. I'll just step out on this bridge and then--- aaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

589.  Aragorn lingers after Gandalf falls and narrowly dodges an arrow shot at his head by the Orcs as Boromir routs everyone to escape from Moria.

590.  You know Gandalf can hear Frodo’s cries as he’s falling.

591.  When the Fellowship escapes Moria, they're struck with the glaring, eye-piercing brightness of the day.

592.  The order of the Fellowship when running from Moria onto the rocks: Pippin; Sam; Merry; Legolas; Gimli; Frodo; Boromir; Aragorn.  Sam passes Pippin and sits on the rocks ahead of them

593.  When they all come out of Moria, watch Gimli.  Boromir has a struggle on his hands as he holds Gimli back because he wants to run back into Moria for Gandalf.  You can see Gimli’s legs trying to run away from Boromir.

594.  Merry watches Sam while holding Pippin after escaping Moria.  He's always empathizing with others in distress.

595.  A common thread in the storyline - that one character falters, and another pulls him through

596.  Legolas has three arrows (perhaps four) in his quiver when the Fellowship exits Moria and enters the woods of Lothlórien.




597.  When the Fellowship set off from Moria to Lothlórien, they pass a small mountain lake feeding a fast flowing stream.  Presumably these are a reference to Mirrormere and the Silverlode.

598.  The brief look of contentment and anticipation flashes across Aragorn's face as he looks toward Lothlórien.

599.  The trees of Lórien seem to clatter and ring when Legolas and Aragorn enter the wood as if to welcome them (the traveler they know and the Wood Elf).

600.  The arrowheads of the Lórien Elves seem to be stylized versions of leaves like the ones seen to the side of Galadriel and Celeborn as they descend to greet the Fellowship.

601.  The Lórien bows are longer than Legolas' Mirkwood bow.

602.  Lothlórien Elves have white feathers for their fletching and Legolas (Mirkwood Elves have brown.)

603.  **When Legolas is talking with Haldir, he's wearing a different outfit than the one he wears in the rest of the story. It also shows in the Mirror of Galadriel image.

604.  Frodo uses his telepathy for the first time with Galadriel (unknowingly using the power of the Ring?) He is almost knocked over when he first receives Galadriel's thoughts as he enters Lórien. He receives telepathic voice from Sauron (but only while wearing the Ring and from the Ring itself).

605.  **When Gimli snarks at Haldir on the flet, he says, "Ishkaqui i durugnul" --  which translates to "A plague on your stiff necks" (from the line in the book: "'A plague on Dwarves and their stiff necks!' said Legolas.").

606.  **Aragorn converses in Elvish pleadingly with the Elves in Lothlórien… bargaining with Haldir to allow Frodo to enter their realm.

607.  **Haldir and the other Lórien elf rangers are wearing the same grey-green weave fabric as the elven-cloaks the Fellowship receive. The usage is different, with some sleeve material and some front-coat area using the same stuff, but there's lots of it in the garments of the elven lookout guys.

608.  **Sam steps in front of Frodo and braces himself when Haldir approaches Frodo on the flet (protecting Frodo).

609.  **While Aragorn is begging Haldir to let them pass through (Haldir isn't happy about this as he senses the evil of the ring), Frodo begins to feel the pressure of the Ring almost, and in his mind, he sees Legolas, Sam, Merry, Pippin, and Gimli physically look at him, and turn away from him, abandon him almost. When Frodo first looks into the Mirror of Galadriel, Frodo sees Legolas, Sam, Merry, Pippin, and Gimli do exactly the same thing.

610.  **Boromir has an injured hand wrapped in white cloth when the Fellowship arrives on Haldir's flet.

611.  **Boromir is the only one who senses Frodo's anxiety and knows what to say when Aragorn is talking to Haldir and the others just look over at Frodo and don't know what to say (which Frodo interprets as blame—the Ring at work?).

612.  When the Fellowship is being led up the stairs to the flet where they await Celeborn and Galadriel, if you look up to the next very large flet, it looks like they're sitting off to the left as an attendant crosses the floor at the top of the stair and approaches them.

613.  Galadriel was as tall as Celeborn, like in the book; 'the Lady no less tall than the Lord'.  Amazing detail!

614.  The floor of the platform where the Fellowship meet Galadriel is decorated with the images of giant mallorn leaves.

615.  When the Fellowship first meet with Galadriel and Celeborn, Galadriel looks at Frodo last out of all the members.  She also looks at Boromir the longest, and he's the only one who can't look her in the eye.

616.  When Galadriel is addressing the Fellowship, she looks at Boromir and knows he'll fail, but she looks at Sam (who doesn't look away) and she seems to know he will be true and the hope of the quest. "Yet hope remains as long as the company is true..." she says as she quietly smiles.

617.  There are sparkles in Galadriel’s eyes while all of the others have one, sharp light reflection. They look like stars and once like daggers.

618.  The shirt which Legolas wears in the "lament for Gandalf" scene is the same one which he usually wears under his jacket.

619.  Boromir's shield is in the scene with Legolas holding the pitcher in Lothlórien.

620.  It appears that Frodo has a "bed" - his blankets, pillows etc. are on some kind of raised platform, rather than on the ground like the other three hobbits. 

621.  Sam's pack can be seen in the background leaning up against Frodo's bed.

622.  **When Sam recites his verse about the fireworks, its effects on Merry and Pippin (after the incident with the dragon) are profound - the grief intensifies on their faces.

623.  **Aragorn thumps Gimli for snoring during the Lament for Gandalf and Sam's reciting a poem on his fireworks.

624.  The lamps in the sleeping area of the hobbits are shaped like water lilies.

625.  Sam's sword is leaning against the end of Frodo's bed.

626.  After Sam recites his poem about Gandalf's fireworks, you can see Frodo's hand on his chest where the Ring would be.

627.  As Aragorn leaves the Pavilion to go talk with Boromir there are several low tables scattered about.  They have jugs and goblets and plates on them - the remains of the meal the Elves had provided for the Fellowship?

628.  Boromir says that she (Galadriel) spoke of hope, but he can't see it.  Sitting next to him, listening, is Aragorn, also known as Estel. The translation of Estel is hope. According to the book Aragorn's mother named him "Hope", meaning the hope of his people.

629.  Aragorn’s has a look of disbelief when Boromir says he’ll take no rest in Lothlórien. Aragorn obviously can’t fathom not being comforted in Lothlórien.

630.  Boromir speaks of his father being a noble man, and his father is played by a man named Noble.

631.  There are tear-tracks on Boromir's face when he's speaking of his father and the "fall of Gondor".

632.  When Boromir starts talking about the White Tower of Ecthelion, he raises his head and looks off into the distance as if seeing it. Behind him, we see Aragorn raise his head with almost a startled expression and look off at exactly the same angle, as if seeing the same thing. Both hold these positions until Boromir turns back to look at Aragorn. It's a beautiful shot.

633.  When Boromir is talking to Aragorn and asks, "Have you ever been called home by the clear ringing of silver trumpets," Boromir's voice catches on the word home. Aragorn and Boromir also close their eyes in reflection at the same time.

634.  When Boromir says his line about someday, the trumpets of the White City calling home the Lords of Gondor (implying him and Aragorn), an incredible look of conflict crosses Aragorn’s face. He had been looking sympathetic, but when Boromir delivers that line, Aragorn suddenly seems consumed by an internal conflict: pursue the mission of the Quest, or follow Boromir to his (Aragorn’s ancestral city?)




635.  Most of the statues in the Elven realms look female or androgynous. The statues Galadriel passes as she walks down the stairs toward her mirror appear to be statues of herself.

636.  When Galadriel asks Frodo if he wants to look into the mirror, he intuitively knows he'll see something other than his reflection.  When he asks her, "What will I see?" she smiles knowingly then answers him.  Wouldn't any other "normal" hobbit just figure they'd see their own reflection when looking into a mirror?

637.  **In the mirror we again see these images for the "things that were" pictures Frodo sees.

638.  It's clear in the vision of the Shire that Frodo sees in Galadriel's mirror that there are two hobbits in the line that are head and shoulders bigger than the others, and their hair matches Merry and Pippin. Has to be the boys after the Ent draughts.

639.  The door to the Hobbiton mill is (human) rectangular rather than (hobbit) circular. This would tie in with Ted Sandyman's love of technology and rejection of hobbit ways.

640.  Sam and Rosie are chained and being lead to the factory in the mirror's image.

641.  There is smoke rising from Galadriel's mirror after Frodo falls away from it... just like in the book.

642.  Galadriel has set the water pitcher on the ground where it's leaning against the pedestal in front of her.

643.  When Galadriel converts to what she would be as a dark lord, it's the first time Frodo truly realizes the power of the Ring.

644.  As Galadriel is tempted by the Ring and transforms into what she could become should she accept, her fingernails become 3 inch-long talons—illustrating the evil that would accompany her beauty.

645.  Galadriel and Gandalf both grow and cause the light to darken and causes wind to blow towards Frodo and Bilbo (respectively).

646.  When Galadriel "transforms" she appears the same as when the Fellowship first meet her during the line "...not dark but beautiful". During the next line "....and terrible as the dawn...." she transforms fully into her "wraith form" and her voice is overlayed with another. She goes on to say ".....treacherous as the sea......", her sleeves are torn and tattered as if she survived a shipwreck (or like the Wraiths' and Sauron's clothes).  And during the same time her "Wraithform" wears a plated corselet.

647.  Galadriel's look of relief and resignation as she says "...and remain Galadriel.”  It ever so slightly lingers as she turns to Frodo and her face becomes stern when she says, “You are a Ring-bearer, Frodo…” At that moment, he seems condemned.

648.  Frodo instinctively knows he can trust Galadriel and Aragorn to withstand the Ring's influence and he doesn't hide the Ring from them (or pull away) when they're tempted. He knows he can't trust Boromir (asks to borrow the Ring) or Bilbo and keeps it hidden from them.

649.  **Galadriel's Ring is only visible when Frodo is in the scene.  You don't see it on her hand at any other time.  This suggests that only Frodo can see it; which goes with the idea that only keepers of Rings of power can see them when they are being worn.

650.  Frodo communicates through thought/telepathy with Galadriel at the mirror. His power and perception are growing.

651.  **During Galadriel's gift-giving… Sam asks if he could have one of those nice shiny daggers.

652.  All the Fellowship members receive an Elven cloak and brooch.

653.  Sam's Elven brooch is pinned on upside-down by the Elf doing the honours.

654.  **Pippin ate four lembas (the elvish waybread)… burp… Merry doesn't admit to how many he's had, but he does proceed to dig at his teeth with a concerned look on his face.

655.  **Gimli has a wistfully sad look as he thinks of Galadriel.  Legolas smiles with understanding at the Dwarf's conflict.

656.  The only scene where we see Galadriel wearing Nenya (besides the prologue) is when she is waving good-bye to the Fellowship [updated **Galadriel shows Frodo Nenya; the Ring of Adamant]

657.  Saruman is talking to Lurtz in front of the palantir (is Sauron watching?).




658.  Sam shoots a disgusted glance back towards Strider when in the boats are leaving Lórien (he's NOT happy about being in a boat) and has a continued look of irritation while sailing on the River Anduin.

659.  **Legolas is helping with the packing and is walking behind Galadriel and Aragorn as they talk.

660.  **While helping pack the boats to leave Lothlórien, twice Boromir watches Celeborn and Strider as they talk.

661.  **Boromir is tossing provisions into the boat behind Merry & Pippin as they talk about how many lembas wafers they'd eaten.

662.  They keep the boats in the center of the river where the current is strongest, their farthest from shore, and there are fewer obstacles. (Wait! Is that a log drifting behind them?)

663.  The Uruk-hai have the "White Hand" of Saruman painted on their faces.

664.  Legolas is suddenly staring at his left and Lurtz at his right, it seems as if both of them are looking at each other: as two mirrors of the same picture, two extremes: the Elf, and the perfected corruption of the Elf.

665.  As the Fellowship is going down the river, the Hobbits are always sitting one behind the other. As they pass the Argonath, Merry and Pippin are sitting side by side - again showing just how small the Hobbits are meant to be.

666.  You can see where the stone for the great statues was quarried-- it looks like gigantic steps leading down to the river.

667.  Narsil is in the hand of Elendil's figure at the Argonath (in the book, they're holding axes).

668.  There’s a bird's nest in the right eye of the last king we see at the Argonath (complete with baby birds).




669.  When the Fellowship beaches their boats at Amon Hen, Boromir shivers. The call of the Ring, or a premonition of his place of death?

670.  Legolas/Gimli's boat lands first, then Boromir/Merry/Pippin's, then Aragorn/Frodo/Sam's.

671.  Merry pats Gimli on the back/shoulder as he returns and sees that Gimli's riled about something (bet that happened a lot!).  Merry's always so supportive of the others.

672.  As Aragorn is talking to Legolas at Parth Galen, he is repairing his quiver.

673.  The statue at Weathertop is almost identical to the one that overlooks Boromir fighting at Amon Hen, only the one at Weathertop's hands are clasped together and the one at Amon Hen has it's hand open and slightly spread apart (receiving & giving?).

674.  All the statues erected in the realm of Gondor are male.

675.  Frodo scoffs at Boromir when Boromir is trying to persuade him to give him the Ring. Just as Frodo turns to walk away, he makes a scoffing sound and looks away in disgust.  It's a unique response from Frodo, but then again... they're both under the influence, so to speak.

676.  Someone read the Atlas of Middle-earth.  At Amon Hen (vestiges of an ancient, lost civilization), you can clearly see Tol Brandir.

677.  At Amon Hen, the Eye does NOT say Akha - Gum ishi Ashi Gurum... rather, it is merely, Akha - Ashi Gurum. (with correct spellings, of course)

678.  Frodo sees a vision of the army masses of Mordor and he hears black speech and not the common tongue Sauron spoke in Bree.

679.  Frodo has the Ring clutched in his right hand after he falls.

680.  When Aragorn finds Frodo at Amon Hen, he’s anxious and tense wondering where the Ring is - which makes Frodo back away.  But when Frodo asks him, “Can you protect me from yourself?” Aragorn stops in his tracks, and the look on his face is amazing - suddenly deeply introspective. At that moment, he’s not sure. This is the moment of the test that he has been fearing for so long, and he wasn’t expecting it to come right then. But once he starts walking to Frodo again, his face looks peaceful--he passes the test. Then the anguish in Aragorn's face when he rejects the Ring and knows Frodo has to leave.

681.  The Ring calls out to Aragorn upon Amon Hen and uses his kingly name: "Aragorn... Elessar..."

682.  When Aragorn closes Frodo's hands after he's asked him whether he would destroy it, the shot seems to emphasize the fact that Aragorn is already wearing a ring, the Ring of Barahir. As a sign of his lineage the Ring of Barahir could be described as a ring of power, should Aragorn choose to use it.

683.  When Aragorn tells Frodo to run... the corner of Frodo's cloak lifts and curls away as he runs off from the Uruk-hai (does the same thing when falling on the steps in Khazad-dûm.  Nothing of significance, just a lot of us thinks it's very cool!)

684.  You can hear the snap of Frodo's cloak as he runs from the approaching Uruk-hai.

685.  Aragorn yells "Elendil!!" when he jumps from the Seat of Seeing at Amon Hen.

686.  There are two orcs running at Aragorn when Legolas tells Aragorn to go, steps in between Aragorn and the orcs and fires. One orc is right behind the other orc, and the arrow goes through both of them! Then he stabs an orc with his arrow, then fires it, then fires his other arrows so quickly that no one can get within ten feet of him. Excellent!

687.  Legolas has so much control over the force of his shots. He could easily have shot right through the orc Aragorn was struggling with at Amon Hen.

688.  **Legolas has gone from ‘1-2-3’ with his bow during the battle at Amon Hen to ‘4, 5, 6…’ and the 7th he uses to save Aragorn!




689.  Merry & Pippin hide under a tree at Parth Galen as they did in the Shire.

690.  The grey Elven-cloaks do change colour - they're grey on the river, but when Merry and Pippin are hiding from the orcs, they're green. Clever, eh?

691.  Part of the reason Pippin gets so upset when Merry tells him Frodo is leaving is because Pippin had just been listening to Gimli describe what it would be like to walk to Mordor (festering marshlands, etc.).  Merry was off gathering wood and didn't hear.  Sam was listening, too...and he didn't look to happy about it.  Sam also heard Boromir's description at the Council.

692.  Boromir comes out of nowhere to save Merry & Pippin.  Had he been off wandering since his confrontation with Frodo?  He didn't have his shield (left at the camp).  Maybe it would have helped save his life if he'd had it.

693.  Boromir is the only one who calls the hobbits "Little Ones" (although, Frodo refers to hobbits as "Little People" in the title page of Bilbo & his book). What at first seems a very patronizing expression is clearly an endearment by the end.  Boromir is also the only one to tussle hobbit hair as one would do a child.

694.  Lurtz holds his arrow from inside the string instead of outside (holds it backwards).

695.  The Uruk-hai also has fletching that looks like hair (like the Moria Orcs).

696.  As Boromir is overcome protecting the hobbits, there is a statue (it’s the same fashion as the statues at Weathertop) overlooking the Son of Gondor as he's falling. It seems as if he's being overlooked by a forefather.

697.  Boromir's horn is split (cloven in two) after he's hit with the third arrow.

698.  **Merry and Pippin are throwing rocks at the Uruk-hai while Boromir is fighting. You can especially see them after he's taken the first and second arrows. They fought the same way in Moria throwing rocks at the troll. But when Frodo fell, they grabbed their daggers and attacked. Part of hobbit battle tactics. Formidable when aroused.

699.  The expression on the two hobbits' faces as they tried to charge these towering Uruk-hai showed precisely how much their doomed friend meant to them.

700.  When Boromir is facing Lurtz, waiting for that final arrow... most people would close their eyes. Boromir is in pain and despair, yet he's going to face his death.

701.  Boromir is mortally wounded with three arrows in his chest (facing his foes in battle). Isildur's mortally wounded with three arrows in the back (fleeing from foes)

702.  **The dagger Aragorn picks up off the ground at the end is the one given to him by Celeborn.

703.  Aragorn drives his knife completely through Lurtz’s leg. You can see it sticking through the back of his leg.

704.  Aragorn deflects his own knife with his sword when Lurtz pulls it out of his leg and throws it at him [UPDATE: confirmed in an interview with—Viggo really hit the knife away.  In another take, it imbedded into a tree].

705.  Legolas' face when Boromir's dying. He looks just devastated! Again witnessing mortal death.

706.  Aragorn knows exactly what to say to Boromir to ease his fears. His pledge not to let the White City fall, or for their people to fail was also a pledge to himself to follow his destiny.

707.  Boromir’s death was not in vain… he saved the hobbits from the first onslaught of orcs and guided Aragorn to claim his birthright. He bestowed the kingship on Aragorn with his dying words. "My Captain, My King."

708.  Aragorn kissing Boromir's forehead references the book, as in the following quote from TTT book of Faramir, Journey to the Crossroads: "He embraced the hobbits then, after the manner of his people, stooping, and placing his hands upon their shoulders, and kissing their foreheads."  This makes it seem like a cultural thing specific to Gondor and further illustrates the common background between Aragorn and Boromir.

709.  Aragorn symbolizes acceptance as he straps on Boromir's bracers. It also means he's representing Boromir in battle.

710.  After fight scenes in Moria and Amon Hen, the Fellowship have black hands and smudges of black on their faces. Orc blood is black.




711.  In Moria Gandalf says "All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us," but when Frodo is alone on the Anduin remembering Gandalf says, "All you have to decide is what to do with the time given to you."

712.  Sam's pack is already in the boat Frodo takes across the river.

713.  You can see the form of Frodo's boat moving across the light above Sam as he sinks in the river.

714.  Frodo knows how to handle a boat, but, remember, his parents may have "drownded" according to FotR, the book.

715.  When Frodo is helping Sam into the boat, you see tears on Frodo's face... terrified Sam was lost.

716.  In the cornfield, Sam says "Don't you loose him."  In the boat, Sam says "Don't you leave him."

717.  Sam and Frodo don’t take everything packed in the boat as they climb the eastern shore.

718.  The only time Legolas comes close to smiling is right at the end, when Gimli looks at him and shouts "YES!" and they run after Aragorn.  Legolas doesn't smile until Gimli has turned away and started off.

719.  Aragorn only says Merry and Pippin's names once throughout the film... "We will not abandon Merry and Pippin to torment and death."

720.  You can see the river winding down below in the distance as Frodo and Sam climb the rocky mountain at the beginning of Two Towers (when the title appears).

721.  It is not common to see the chain around Frodo's neck. Only on occasion, and they are specific to the action of the film.  We see it in the final scene, as Frodo and Sam overlook the East. Nice. Reminds us of the Ring in the final moment.