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      Welcome to's (TORn's) Observations Lists of                Peter Jackson's film adaptations celebrating J.R.R. Tolkien's                               The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit                                                            

Here lie the Geeky Observation Lists for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Party and The Desolation of Smaug (soon to include The Battle of Five Armies) and for the extended editions of The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, and The Return of the King.  There is also a separate list called "There's Room For A Little More" containing tidbits on the music, calligraphy, costumes, injuries, more observations, gifts for the cast, cameos, homage, etc. 

Since December 2001, the members of TORn have been gathering details from these films and their soundtracks that stand out to us as poignant, book-related, or simply outstanding in their uniqueness.  You'll get the idea as you scan through them.  Some of these observations may seem simplistic or obvious, but these are lists made by enthusiasts who find the minutest details fascinating.  They were started at a time of great excitement and discovery, so be prepared! 

I've also put together an abbreviated set of separate lists gleaned from each of the Geeky Lists that focus on the more fundamental or pragmatic observations for those who want to get to the meat of our insights, as well as a list of the lyrics to the films' songs.  There will eventually be additional lists of the cast and crew, weapons and their inscriptions, and others.  Expect them when you see them!

At the same time we were formulating these lists, our own Magpie was a member of another forum called RTME (Reading Tolkien's Middle-earth) and developed a list called "Foreshadowing and Echoing in the LOTR Movies."  Alas, that forum is no more, but Magpie saved many of their contributions which she has offered to us.  So, it's with great appreciation and support of a kindred forum that I've integrated their observations with our own precluded with the + symbol.

Now that time has passed since the completion of the films and the release of the extended dvds, it's fun to go back and revisit the excitement and discovery!  I encourage and welcome any contributions, suggestions or corrections.

Although it may be a frustration to some, I DO NOT include bloopers, mistakes, inconsistencies, continuity problems or negative/nitpicky items.  After the extraordinary work that went into these films, I don't want to address them.  That's for someone else to do.  These lists are constantly being re-edited or added to.  I will let you know of additions through the "News From Bree" link.

These lists are only meant to be for fun as an outlet for the excitement and passion shared by us all and not intended as a serious representation of TORn and its interpretation of the films.  They're a way of sharing and basking in the glow of J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-earth through the eyes of Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh, and Philippa Boyens. 

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Your humble servant:  grammaboodawg

If items are missing from the Geeky Observations Lists that were once here, it may due to editing (combining with like-observations) or they were chosen for deletion when a closer look by others found the situation to be different, or they've been moved to the list "There's Room For A Little More". 

PLEASE look this over.  If you have  any suggestions to add/edit/delete, feel free to personal message me through TORn's Message Boards if there isn't an active Geeky Observations thread in The Hobbit or LotR Message Boards.  It's very possible for me to miss posts.  I'm afraid I most likely won't spot them if you post them in random threads.   *hangs head*  I don't have enough time to read everything on TORn… so I tend to lurk and skim for observations. 


If you decide to print these lists, I strongly suggest you cut and paste them into a word file and reset the margins/font.  They are very long and will eat your paper and ink!  Thanks everso!