Take a photo with your iPhone and email it in just TWO clicks with goPhoto!

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The built-in iPhone camera app is great, but it takes at least seven clicks to take a photo and then choose to share and email it-- and then you still have to type in an email address and subject line before finally hitting send.  With goPhoto it's just one click to take the photo and one click to send (or cancel)--the email address and subject are pre-filled for you.

Check out our side by side comparison of goPhoto with the built in camera app.

goPhoto is perfect for sending:

  • photos of the kids to relatives
  • photos on the go -- you'll never miss out on the fun, just snap and send
  • yourself a reminder--instead of jotting it down, just take a photo and email it to yourself
  • a copy of a meeting whiteboard to coworkers--especially useful if you have daily status meetings


  • 3 buttons allow for 3 different configurations of addresses and email subjects.
  • Multiple email addresses per button, you can type in addresses or add them from your address book.
  • Configure the size of the attached image (small 300x400, medium 600x800, large 900x1200).
  • Choose to also save the original image to your camera roll (this can be turned off).
  • Image attachment file name includes date and time so the recipient can easily save the photo without worrying about overwriting previous photos.