What and when can you fly with us

We currently have control line to club aerobatics. The field has mown grass runways (big enough for IMAC planes) and a concrete pad in the pits. We have a windsock. Frequency control is via the 'peg on' system and there is a board attached to the windsock pole. There is a concrete table for transmitter impound. Frequency pegs and impound applies to all transmitters, including 2.4GHz of all kinds. While visitors are welcome, the demarcated pit area is restricted to pilots only, unless you are invited by a pilot to enter the area.

We fly regularly on Saturday and Sunday mornings from about 8:30AM (earlier in summer). Occasionally there will be ad hoc flying in the afternoon, especially if it was windy in the morning. There are toilet facilities at a nearby B&B for emergencies.

Since the flying site is on an active airfield a listening watch on the local aircraft frequency (123.5Mhz) is required.


Midas in Port Alfred, Brian Hobbies in Port Elizabeth, and a store or 2 in East London. And don't forget online supplies 'in the country', support local whenever possible

How to find us:

How to contact us

Call the club secretary at 046 6227866 between 18:00 and 20:00.

Club Constitution and Rules

View the GRF Constitution

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Print yourself a membership application form and give it to the committee member for finance.


If you click the '48 hour forecast' link on this page you get a fairly accurate short term forecast. If you check Friday evening for Saturday mornings forecast, most of the time that is the weather that will happen (-: Note that the wind speed and direction indicated on the 'current weather' display is for Port Elizabeth.

On your cell phone with WAP you can link to http://weather24.mobi and get a similar forecast formatted for the mobile device screen. You will have to select the province and the city.