The Hawksland Bogey Race Entry and Indemnity Forms for this year are now available – Click here to download them


Hill Run starting groupThe Hawksland Bogey Race is an open, but limited, series of competitions for non-powered bogies, carties, sidecars, luge and gravity bikes to compete down a closed public roadway at Hawksland village on Sunday 8 July 2018 over a course of approximately 800m and the “King of the Hill” pushbike hill climb; with various other activities including can shy, hoopla, treasure hunt, etc. Refreshments will also be available.

The aim is to provide a fun but safe race day for people of all ages to enter and enjoy. The course includes several features to test the skill and courage of the competitors and the handling of their entry.

It is also hoped to be able to raise funds for three worthwhile charities. The team members of each entry are required to contribute an entry fee and spectators should purchase voting slips to enable them to help in the judging of the Best Fun Bogie Entry.


The hill run competitions take place in the scenic hills of Hawksland village between Lesmahagow and Kirkfieldbank, South Lanarkshire; over a public tarmac road which is being closed for the day to enable the run to take place. The course road runs primarily eastwards from Hawksland farm heading towards Sandilands. The approximate location postcode is ML11 9PZ and the approximate Ordinance Survey reference is 284920,639840.

The hill run competitions take place on Sunday 8 July 2018  between 8.30 and 16.30 when the public road will be closed.
The approximate timings are as follows:

  • between 8.30 and 9.15 scrutineering of the downhill racers takes place
  • between 8.30 and  15.00  judging of the Fun Bogies takes place . There is no limit to the number of voting forms which can be entered
  • from 9.30 till 12.30 and 13.30 till 16.00 Downhill racing for carties, sidecars, bogies and luge takes place .
  • from 12.30 till 13.30 the hill climb for the pushbikes takes place
  • between 11.00 and 14.30 there are activities taking place in the old school playground .

The road will reopen to cattle at 16.00.

Prizes will be presented at the school playground at 16.30.

Hill Run starting group
Why not? The main aim of the day is for people to enjoy themselves and to raise some money for worthwhile charities in the process.

Each class winner will be presented with the class trophy which they will hold till the following year and a cash prize. Prizes for the downhill entry travelling the furthest over the course in each of 5 downhill classes, for fastest hill climb on a pushbike and for Best Fun Bogie Entry as voted for by spectators.
Races classes;
    A) SCA Solo Carties
    B) SCA Sidecars
    C) Fun Bogies
    D) Pushbikes
    E) Street Luge
    F) Gravity Bikes

Various events in the School playground also have prizes for the winners.


The competition is open to all entrants over the age of 5, though numbers of participants are limited by the time available. It is important that those wishing to take part in the bogey race register their interest and pay the appropriate fee to reserve their place as soon as possible.

Spectators are also encouraged and they should purchase voting slips to enable them to help in the judging of the Best Entry. [Available on the day at points of entry to the course.]

It should be noted that one of the viewing areas is in a field and depending on the weather conditions access to and from this area may be over tricky terrain. It is important that suitable footwear is worn if by those wishing to view from this area.


In summary the rules are that all entries must be roadworthy with adequate brakes and steering, no sharp edges, glass or loose parts. The entrants should wear suitable protective clothing, e.g. helmet, gloves, boots. The driver must face forward and be able to see where they are going. All downhill entries must be non-powered, have 3 or more wheels, except for gravity bikes, and have a suitable towing point. Uphill bikes must only be powered by unassisted pedals.

Racing classes;
A) SCA Solo Carties -  B) SCA Sidecars -  C) Fun Bogies -  D) Pushbikes -  E) Street Luge -  F) Gravity Bikes

Classes A, B and F race under Scottish Cartie Association rules and qualify for SCA points based on longest aggregate distance over 3 runs.

 Class C for Fun Bogies with 2 or more riders per bogie racing over 3 runs to achieve their best distance. 

Class D for pushbikes racing uphill twice against the clock to get the fastest time. 

Class E for street luge racing over 3 runs to find the furthest luge run.

Judging of the Fun Bogies takes place at Hawksland Farm. Pushbikes , carties, sidecars, gravity bikes and luge are not eligible for the prize for best Fun Bogie entry. 

The first and third races for bogies, carties, sidecars and luge starts at Hawksland farm and runs to the Beeches. The second of the three runs will be from the Beeches towards Hawksland farm. 

Pushbike hill climb starts at Brae Road end and runs to Hawksland Farm.

All participants must sign a liability waiver before being allowed to participate. In signing the liability waiver, the signees elect to use the track at their own risk and thereby release and forever discharge the organizers and other participants from all liability from injury to person, property that may be received by such entrant and from all claims of said injuries caused by any construction or condition of the course over which the event is held.

During the racing the spectators are not allowed on the course and must be in one of the controlled viewing areas.

Viewing points are set up to enable the spectators to safely view the race. In the interest of safety it is important that the spectators do not wander onto the track when a run is in progress. We do not wish to prevent your enjoyment of the event but it is necessary to strictly enforce this in the interest of the safety of the participants and other spectators. Controlled crossing points are in place to enable movement at restricted times on the permission of the crossing controllers. No persons shall be permitted on the racing surface at any time during green flag conditions.

The full list of rules can be supplied on request / follow link…

Entry Fees 
There are races for 6 classes of entrants; A) SCA Solo Carties -  B) SCA Sidecars -  C) Fun Bogies -  D) Pushbikes -    E) Street Luge -  F) Gravity Bikes.

Entries £20.00 per class A, B, C, E or F entry and £10 per class D entry. Spectator voting forms £2 each.

Application Forms
Application forms can be downloaded in pdf format on-line here. [ Click here to download them ] Alternatively they are available from Stuart Sommerville, The Schoolhouse, Hawksland, Lesmahagow, ML11 9PZ (email;, tel 01555 894479 or 07809 704137) and completed forms should be returned to this address complete with the relevant entry fee. Cheques should be made payable to Stuart Sommerville.

Running Order

A unique number is allocated to all entries and the running order is determined by this number. All entrants assembled in the pre-start paddocks by 9.00 on the day of the race shall be included, but entries which are not in the pre-start paddock by 9.00 can be excluded from taking part in the hill run.

The Course

A detailed map of the Hawksland Hill Run Course is available in pdf format.    Click here to download

The Downhill Start Area

Link to Downhill Start Area

The Course

Link to End of Downhill Run

The School Area

A detailed map of the Hawksland Hill Run School Area is available in pdf format.      Click here to download

Parking in the Hawksland area is limited. People requiring to park their car may be able to park in the school playground provided they are there before 8.30. If they choose to park at this location they are reminded that the opportunities to leave the car park playground during the hill run attempts will be restricted, and will only be possible by arrangement with the Officials.

The results of all of the days racing and best bogie competition will be made known at the end of the day. They will also be published on the Hawksland website at;

Previous Results

In the first year, 2012, the event was held on Easter Sunday with just the one class of entries – Fun Bogies. The winning entry was raced by Jim Struthers and Dougie Jones. The Best Bogie as voted for by the spectators was the Hawksland Fire Engine entered by Diane Sommerville and Sarah Hadfield. Various other prizes were also awarded. The event raised £1,200 split between MacMillan Cancer Care and Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research.

Next year on 7 July 2013, the racing clashed with Andy Murray winning the Wimbledon Tennis final which limited spectator numbers. Despite this those who did attend enjoyed an extended day of racing with 3 more classes added to the event. The winning entries were; Class A SCA Carties was won by “Team Rooket” with Paul Jansen and Ian Rooney from Irvine. Class B – Scottish Cartie Association sidecars was won by Diane Leiper and Antonio Rossini. Class C – fun bogies was won by Brad Jones and Josh Davies. Class D – cycles was won by Neil and Brodie (age 2) Dixon. Best Bogie as voted for by the spectators was entered by Graham Mays and Irene Johnston. The event raised £800 split between MacMillan Cancer Care and Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research.

On 6 July 2014 despite some showers we managed to get all the races in and it was a very enjoyable day. The winning entries were; Class A SCA Carties was won by Team Rooket Nae Cost 2, Paul Janson and Ian Rooney from Irvine, Class B sidecars was won by Blinkin Fast with Struan Stevenson and Callum Wilson, Class C Fun Bogies was won by Cool Runnings with Stuart and Elaine Sommerville, Class D the uphill bike climb was won by Robert Kedie, No class E street Luge entries took part and the Class F SCA Gravity Bikes was won by Team Rooket Nae Cost 3 with Paul Janson. The Best Bogie vote resulted in a win for Pair of Fokkers with Graham Mays and Irene Johnston. The event raised £800 split equally between MacMillan Cancer Care and Leukaemia and Lymphoma research

This year with 5 classes of entry, including the addition of Street Luge, we hope to do even better.

Link to Photos/ Video
Photo album of 2012 Hawksland Hill Run Event

And Finally

The Hawksland Hill Run is being held for the mutual enjoyment of all members of the local and wider community. Bins will be provided at the marshalling paddock at the start of the run and at the old school playground. Please use these bins and keep the village tidy. Whilst we wish everyone to enjoy their day with as few restrictions as possible, it is important that the safety of all entrants and spectators is paramount. All entrants and spectators must comply with the rules and directions of the hill run officials in ensuring the success of the event.

Further Information

For further information about entering or attending the event contact Stuart Sommerville email; or by telephone; 01555 894479 or 07809704137