These are the personal webpages of Graham Chan, a British Chinese creative writer

Anything on these pages may be freely copied or used provided the source is acknowledged.

Rivendell Utd.'s Championship-Winning Season

A parody of The Lord of the Rings from an anti-racism angle. It may amuse Tolkien addicts who are also football fanatics and movie geeks. It should annoy supporters of the British National Party. Read a short extract here.

Short stories

    • Discovery. In Dim Sum: British Chinese Short Stories (Crocus Books, 1997. ISBN 0 946745 56 0) Also broadcast on BBC Radio 4, 28th February 1997.

    • Through a Window. In Cultural Curiosity: Thirteen Stories about the Search for Chinese Roots, edited by Josephine Khu (University of California Press, 2001. ISBN 0-520-22341-1)


    • The Chinese in Britain. Originally published as 'We're being researched!' in Brushstrokes, issue 12, June 1999, pages 4-7.

    • Brushstrokes and British Chinese writing in general. Prepared for the New Moves, Chinese Arts Conference, Victoria and Albert Museum, 18th December 1999.

    • The Politics of Literary Translation - Brushstrokes Magazine. Prepared for the conference on Writing Diasporas - Transnational Imagination, University of Wales Swansea, 20th - 23rd September 2000.

    • Chinese Whispers. Prepared for the opening of the Chinese Whispers Exhibition, Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool, September 2000, subsequently published in Brushstrokes, issue 17, February 2001, pages 4-6. A version also published in Identity Papers: Cross-cultural Writing from the UK (The British Council, 2001. ISBN 086355489X)

    • Another Identity Crisis? Prepared for the conference on Supporting Chinese Artists, Peterborough Museum, Art Gallery and Town Hall, 25th April 2001.



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Note: Brushstrokes magazine ceased publication with issue 28, October 2004. A zip file containing all the published issues can be downloaded free from https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5cojAC_TguBdjNhY0tLODc2U3M/edit?usp=sharing