GRAFT IN with your own private computer, laptop, or phone for FREE 
Online Worship & Interactive Bible Teachings! This Video-Audio technology is for SHARING & LEARNING together, offering many awesome Body benefits!

MOST SABBATHS-Saturdays starting about 3:33 PM Pacific Standard Time (PST). For any additions, cancellations, or changes to "appointed timing" on any dates, please click on "See Calendar Events" sidebar link to the top-left corner of this page.

While we are LIVE Onine:
  1. Simply go to this link:
  2. NO account or login password needed.
  3. CHROME Browser works best!
  4. Will prompt you to "enter any name & email address" to be seen by Host & Group (i.e. Anonymous or as you wish).
  5. May be prompted to turn-on your device Audio and/or Camera (for Video)?
  6. Some devices do require a simple safe software download for Streaming.
  7. Once in our Video Chat Room, type in any LIVE questions and/or comments to be seen by the Host & Group.
  8. Everyone can unmute during Q&A, and capable of screen sharing upon request too!
  9. Experience anything different, please let us know.
  10. Be kind, respectful, and love all others as yourself!  :O)

Audio Only Dial-in number for all within the USA: (605) 472-5678