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Writing Pal


This project develops a new automated intelligent tutoring system that provides interactive and adaptive strategy training that encourages students to use independent writing techniques. The W-Pal will be evaluated with high school students and English teachers from urban and suburban schools in Memphis. The goal is to provide a tool that provides writing strategy instruction via automated technologies, which offer tutoring that mimics human one-on-one tutoring. The W-Pal allows teachers to provide adaptive one-on-one tutoring, not to a few students in the classroom, but to all of the students in the classroom. As such, this research will significantly impact the educational community by providing an automated instructional writing tool that can potentially benefit students across the nation.

PI: Danielle McNamara

Co-PIs: Art Graesser, Phil McCarthy, Loel Kim

Grant Name: The Writing Pal: An Intelligent Tutoring System that Provides Interactive Writing Strategy Training

Grant Number: R305A080589

Funding Agency: Institute of Education Sciences

Dates: 2008-2011

Amount: $2,015,456