MapSource Map Un-installer 

Download MapsUninstaller (366kb zipfile) 

NZ Open GPS Maps Project - MapSource Map Un-installer
Cost: Free
License: GPL License
Conditions: Use at own risk
Source code: In this archive 'mapsuninstaller v2.cod' (version number
may change from time to time)
Compiled with: O'Basic ( Free basic compiler
Following a request from a user on how to remove obsolete or unwanted maps from MapSource without having to go into the registry...

I sat down and plugged together a quick program. 

  • (I'm not a 1337 hax0r so the code is not pretty, and the user interface is 'functional').  It assumes you actually have MapSource installed of course! 
  • Unzip into a new directory - can be anywhere on the pc
  • Launch mapsuninstaller v2.exe (the v2 may change as newer versions are released)  
  • Follow the prompts. Click 'Cancel' at any time to exit.
  • It allows you to select a map set to be removed from MapSource. 
  • It tries to be careful, and creates a backup reg file which can be double clicked to re-install the reg entry that has been removed.

Anyways - normal disclaimer applies to the use of the program - use at your own risk - worst case you will have to re-install the maps you have... I wouldn't expect the worst case to occur though!

NB - keen readers will note I changed the map I was removing in the last screen shot :-) Decided it was too difficult to reinstall the NZ Topo map from CD again (which is somewhere safe)

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