African Numbers  kid's CD (the making of)

SEPTEMBER 2009 As you may have noticed, African Numbers is running late...
However our new CD "Stories From the Alphabet Tree" will be out shortly...really!

A work in progress........

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We're working on the second album in our series of world music Kid's CDs, called "African Numbers". 

I'll publish regular progress updates, as well as the odd MP3 so you can hear the progress for yourself. You can follow the making of "African Numbers" here, or via my "Twitter" profile:

Or add me as a Facebook friend: Graeme Sacks

MP3s (latest MP3s are in red bold italics
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1. "My Day"

2. "Big Numbers"

3. "Collective Nouns"

4. "Three Legged African Pot"

5. "The Big 5" 

      • Version 1 299KB 10 Nov  (VERY BASIC drum groove)

      • Version 2 270KB (added marimba, real bass & guitar)

      • Version 3 290KB (Changed chords, re recorded bass/gtrs)

        Version 4  810KB (With VERY basic guide vcls. Still to come: Lots of   BIG  dreamy backing Vcls, and SFX & record real bass on 6/8 sections)

6. "Taxi" (Count the people getting into the taxi)
  • Version 1 237KB (bass, drums & organ....bass needs some work!)
  • Version 2 321KB (re-did bass, added perc & guitars)
  • Version 3 485KB (same as 2, but with rough guide vocals)

7. "Shepherd boy" (Counting Sheep)
        • Version 1 808KB (VERY ROUGH VCLS! Need to add real bass + few other things)

Comments, suggestions and requests are welcome, and please invite anyone who you think might be interested in joining. Look forward to hearing from you!

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