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The link Final Review WNM Guidelines (Summer 2014)

Must See! Final review videos

Check out Final Reviews videos on our Guest Speaker page:

Here is the main link to the Guest Speakers page:

Drew Briscoe's Final Review Presentation Link:

Sabhat Rakitawan Final Review Presentation Link:

Neha Saigal's Midpoint Review Presentation Link:

Submission Notes

  • DVDs to be delivered in-person to the WNM dept. must be submitted by the due date. These should be dropped off in-person in room 502. 
  • Only the Digital Thesis Book (Final written thesis PDF) is to be uploaded to student Home Page. An updated version of the Digital Thesis Book may be submitted in on date of the Final Review on the updated DVDs.
  • You do not have to upload your Slide Show Presentation or final version of your Concept Video (you will present and turn this in on the day of your Final Review). 
  • You will be able to provide an updated and final versions of all of your Final Review Submission DVDs / materials on the day of your Final Review. (Online Students may mail another set of DVDs post-marked before or up to one week after the date of their Online Final Review).
     ** Don't know where to get your DVDs printed?
Look up DVD printing using an online browser, or try this popular contact:

Digital Revolution
1050 Sansom Street
San Francisco, CA 94111

Final Review Guidelines

(Handbook) (Required)
  • You are required to download and read the Midpoint Review Guidelines (Handbook).
  • You can find the guidelines/handbook on our Graduate Showcase webpage:
  • Look for the column on the right side of the page and list "Guidelines & Templates"
  • Click on the Link: "WNM - Final Review Guidelines (PDF)"

The Final Review Guidelines (Handbook) Includes:

  • Full description of the required submission materials for Final Review
  • Complete submission instructions and deadline
  • Full delivery instructions for both on-campus and online students

Examples of Final Thesis Projects School:

Web Design & New Media Graduate Showcase: 

About the Concept Video

  1. The primary goal is to have a brief explainer video of your Thesis concept for documentation purposes. This will be a great tool for introducing your Thesis concept to prospective employers or clients.
  2. Presenting the concept video during your Final Review Presentation is strictly optionalSome students would rather stick to simply presenting the slideshow and coded project, and that's perfectly alright. 
  3. If you don't want to show the concept video during your Final Review presentation, just turn it in with your Final Review materials as part of your DVD submission.
  4. For full details please attend or review previous recordings of the Final Review Online Chats.
For more information, please check out this 

Here is an example of a great Concept Video: 
Link to the video on Vimeo 

Final Review Online Informational Chat!

Link to the recording from April 4, 2014:

Chat Archives from AAU:              or                               

Note: You are required to watch the Final Review Online Chats. 

Who to contact for Final Reviews

Final Review Coordinator
(415) 618-6297

WNM Administrator
Liz Lantz,
(415) 618-6526

Admin office: 
5th Floor, Room 502
180 New Montgomery St., SF (map)

Final Project Deliverables (DIAGRAM) 

'Typical' Final Project Deliverables ‎(DIAGRAM)‎

Link to the Document

Summer Final Review Chat

Join us for our next Final Review Online Chat! This is an excellent opportunity to get all the information you need AND ask your questions about any, and all things Final Review. 

It's open to all WNM MFA students regardless of your stage in the program. So please attend!

Online Chat Date / Time: 
  • TBD, Summer 2014
You will need these items:
  • A desktop computer, or Laptop
  • Computer speakers or headphones (recommended for a public or noisy setting)
How to join the meeting:
  • At the time of the meeting open your web browser and go to
  • Enter as a guest by typing your name in the guest name field and pressing the Enter Room button
Registration (Optional)
Registration for the Online Chat is NOT required, but if you want to you can register by clicking on this form: 
Trouble accessing the chat? 

Contact: Online Help Desk 
888-431-ARTS (2787) or 415-618-3545

If you can't make the Online Chat:

You can also tune in after-the-fact when we post the link to the recording a week or so after the final review chat.

A list of the previous Online Chats can found here:              or