Travel Reimbursement Application

Page Updated April 2nd, 2013

**The new requirements from Accounts Payable require those students who receive pay from UT to utilize the electronic submission process (see below).  Students who do not receive pay, still need to utilize the paper submission process.

What is the GSA Travel Reimbursement Program? 
  • The GSA travel reimbursement program is designed to provide PARTIAL financial support to UT Graduate Students who travel and attend conference/symposium.
  • This is for out-of-pocket expenses only, P-card charges will not be reimbursed.
Am I eligible for the GSA Travel Reimbursement Program?
  • A new policy of GSA is that your college must be represented in the GSA general assembly for students of that college to be eligible for travel reimbursement.
  • This semester (Fall 2011) will be used as a buffer semester to implement those changes, and this rule will go in effect next semester (Spring 2012).
  • See if your college is currently represented (Click Here)

How much money could I be eligible for?

Students are eligible for reimbursement totaling an amount of money per fiscal year.
  • The University fiscal year includes: July 1, 2012 - June 30, 2013.
  • The total amount of reimbursement students are eligible for is based on the activity of that individual in GSA:
    • $300 per year for an active member
    • $150 per year for a non-active member
*Important Note: Get involved early and plan ahead!!! Active vs. Non-active membership will be determined upon submission of the UT Employee Travel and Reimbursement Form after the return from your trip. Active vs. Non-active membership is individualized so each student is evaluated for activity. No exceptions will be made.  

How do I become an active member?

To become an active member there are 2 different options:

  • Attend 2 GSA General Assembly Meeting (Held Monthly)(Click Here):


  • Volunteer at the Midwest Graduate Research Symposium (MGRS):
    • Information on the MGRS (Click Here)
    • To volunteer: Contact the MGRS volunteers coordinator (Click Here)
*Important Note: Again, active vs. non-active membership is  individualized and will be determined on submission of the UT Employee Travel and Reimbursement Form after the return from your trip. No exceptions will be made.   

Active vs. Non-active member status is assessed from the time of Active Status was awarded.
  • Active status is granted for a 6 month duration after one of the two requirements above are met.  This is designed so that, with proper planning, Active Status can be achieved regardless of your conference/symposium date.  This facilitates conferences which are held at the start of a semester or during the summer.

What types of things can I get reimbursed for?

  • Conference/seminar/symposium registration
  • Travel expenses including:
    • Mileage* (gas receipts must be submitted along with the mileage report. Even though the gas receipts aren’t reimbursable, they will verify that the student actually paid for gas)
    • Airfare
    • Lodging
    • Car Rental
    • Cab Fare
    • Food/drink expenses while at the conference (tips up to 20% are reimbursable.  Food purchases for single day trips are NOT reimbursable)
    • Networking opportunities are not reimbursable.
  • Alcohol will NOT be reimbursable

*Important Note: Gas/fuel receipts are not directly reimbursed through the Employee Travel and Reimbursement Forms. What is allowed is mileage. Students will need to include with their receipts, a printout from Rand McNally’s website (Click Here), stating the mileage from their local address to their destination along with their fuel/gas receipt.  Applicants must provide two gas receipts, one for each direction of travel.  Simply fill up before leaving, at the destination, and upon your return.  This way, the gas receipts will reflect the amount of gas used.

The University of Toledo policies regarding travel expense reimbursements can be found at 

This sounds great! How do I Apply?

1) Before you go on your trip:
  • Fill out the online GSA travel reimbursement application (Click Here)
    • You will receive an email confirming your application was successfully submitted.
    • Being pre-qualified for travel reimbursement money does not guarantee that your trip will be reimbursed. If funds are no longer available, you will be notified.
    • At this point no further action is needed before your trip.

2) After you return from your trip:
  • Within 2 weeks of your trip:
    • Fill out the university Employee Travel and Reimbursement Form (Click Here)
      • The entire top portion of the IRR must be filled out, otherwise the request is denied.
      • A guide to help you properly fill out this form can be found at the bottom of the page as an attachment .
    • Compile all other required documents which are:
      • Original itemized receipts, containing your first and last name (food receipts don't need your name), for any expenses that you seek reimbursement.**
      • Conference acceptance letter.
      • A copy of your abstract if presenting.
      • A copy of the Conference Program.  [In the event of larger Conference Programs, a photocopy of the cover and page listing your presentation is acceptable] **
    • Submit the completed Employee Travel and Reimbursement Form and other required documents to the GSA office (Click Here) or directly to the GSA Treasurer.
    • DO NOT: use inter-office/university mail. There have been multiple issues with lost applications.
    • Congratulations! At this point no further action is needed. Further Details of the process can be found below in Other Information. 

**Important Note: All receipts must have the companies name and address located on it. If multiple people are paying for a single item (i.e. Hotel Room) ask for split billing. Split billing MUST show the amount charged to each person by name.

The conference program must contain the: 1) Logo of the Conference, 2) Dates the Conference was held, 3) Where the Conference was held. If submitting multiple receipts for reimbursement they need to be numbered, along with the corresponding number on the Employee Travel and Reimbursement Form.

3) Electronic Submission Process
  • To ensure students submit proper documentation, all applicants must first submit their forms to the GSA Treasurer, step 2 above.
  • Upon approval, the Treasurer will send you a signed reimbursement form specifying the amount for which you may receive reimbursement.
  • To utilize the electronic submission process, please follow the outlined instructions [DOCUMENT AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE]
  • As the GSA has a strict budget, our outlined procedure varies slightly from that put forth by the UT Accounts Payable department.*
*Note: Applications which exceed the amount approved by the GSA Treasurer will be returned for revision or rejected.

Other Information:
  • If found "double dipping" (defined as asking for reimbursement money for the same exact item from 2 different sources) that graduate student will be banned from the GSA travel reimbursement program for their remaining tenure as a student at UT.
  • If found guilty of double dipping and sanctions are imposed the decision is final.
    • Example: An example would be a student asking for a $50.00 reimbursement from GSA and from their department for one $50.00 expense. This would result in the student receiving $100.00 for one $50.00 expense. This is clear abuse of the system and absolutely will not be tolerated.
  • The travel reimbursement program is a privilege not a right.
  • GSA has the right to decline funding in the case of a student failing to adhere to the travel reimbursement procedure.
  • Students will have 1 chance to resubmit an improper application. If the resubmission also fails to adhere to the travel reimbursement procedure the application will be denied.
  • Applications will not be returned to you once submitted, so please make your own copies.
  • GSA will send out a confirmation email upon receiving your final application package, submitted after your trip. Your application will be reviewed within 14 days by the Travel Reimbursement Committee for approval. You will be contacted via email once the decision has been made.
  • If eligible, GSA may list your name and major on the website for fairness and transparency purpose.
  • Due to the growing popularity of the travel reimbursement program funding may become tight. GSA reserves the right to imposing a hierarchy for applicant selection criteria. This hierarchy will be based on GSA funding availability, Conference attendance status (presenter or visitor), or GSA membership level


If you have any questions about the application process or the status of your application, please feel free to contact the GSA Treasuerer via email or phone. Treasurer contact information can be found by clicking Here

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