2010 Keynote Speaker

Keynote Speaker Biography

The Graduate Student Association is proud to present Rod Winkle as our 2010 Midwest Graduate Research Symposium Keynote Speaker.

Welcome to The Univerisity of Toledo Mr. Winkle.

Rod Winkle, M.S.

 About Mr. Winkle:

"I have been on the "speaking circuit" for over 30 years now, typically speak twelve to fifteen times per year and have worked with independent business owners in every state in the US (except Alaska – and I am working on that).  I have also presented to businesses in China, the UK, Mexico and Germany.  Organizations include National Credit Managers Conferences, Human Resource Conferences, keynotes for National Sales Meetings and hundreds of annual business events.  I have worked with municipalities in various capacities, school systems on strategic planning exercises, facilitated Organization Development interventions with businesses on a myriad of subjects, conducted diagnostic exercises to develop new directions for struggling businesses, provided on-going executive coaching and been very active supporting social service agencies."


Operating "In the Zone"

Rod Winkle – Director of Organization Development and Education

Cooper Tire & Rubber Company



Today, 90% of what we know about how the human mind works has been discovered in the last ten years.  A portion of that research is originating from the growing field of study called “Positive Psychology”.  There's exciting research going on in places like Notre Dame, The University of Pennsylvania, The University of Illinois and The University of Michigan.  At the very base of this work is the essence of 'personal effectiveness' – making sure we have and use the thinking skills necessary to give us our best chance for success!  The reality is that most people don't know the basics of this research and how to use it to their advantage.  They have adapted unhealthy thinking patterns and then they can't understand why things aren't better in their lives.  This program is called Operating "In the Zone" because it's aimed squarely at improving hard results and sharing simple but powerful thinking habits that are guaranteed to improve every aspect of life.  The demands of today's knowledge economy and relentless change mean people face increasingly intense mental and emotional challenges.  With those challenges come increased stress, anxiety, and personal discomfort.  This program teaches people three of the most powerful “secrets” for managing attitude and how to deal more effectively with tough issues in a way that assures healthy thinking and more satisfying life.