Exciting News Regarding Student Health Insurance!!! GSA has partnered with the National Association of Graduate and Professional Students (NAGPS) and United Healthcare Systems to provide UT Students more affordable health insurance options. 
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Q1:         Who is required to have Student Health Insurance?

A1:         Health insurance is mandatory for all undergraduate, graduate, and law students registered for six or more on-campus credit hours, and for all international and medical students registered for one or more credit hours. 


Q2:         Why is there a charge for health insurance on my student account?

A2:         If you are required to have health insurance coverage, then a fee for the less expensive of the two different health insurance plans that the university has contracted for our students has been added to your student account.


Q3:         Do I have to enroll in the student health insurance plan that the university makes available to students? Is there a way to get the health insurance fee removed from my student account?

A3:         If you have comparable insurance with another company, you can waive the health insurance plan available through the university.  In order to get the health insurance fee removed from your student account, you must submit a waiver request through myUT portal by no later than September 30, 2012.


Q4:         When I waive the insurance, how long will it take to come off?

A4:         If you’ve entered all the information correctly and your insurance plan provides coverage that meets the university’s criteria for coverage and is comparable to the plan the university offers, then the insurance fee should be removed from the student account by the next day (in some cases, it may only take a few minutes). If your fee has not come off by the day following submission of your waiver request, please try submitting the waiver again. If still unsuccessful, you will need to contact the Student Medical Insurance office at 419-530-3474.


Q5:         Why is my waiver getting denied?

A5:         The number one reason for a waiver to not be accepted is inaccurate entry of information. Most often this is due to a keyboarding error in entering the student’s name or policy number. Please verify that the information you are entering is correct and try submitting your waiver request a second time. If still unsuccessful, you will need to contact the Student Medical Insurance office at 419-530-3474.


Another reason why some waivers may be initially denied is that your insurance company’s server is temporarily down and thus has not responded back to our health insurance waiver system to verify that you have current coverage. If you are certain you have up-to-date health insurance coverage that covers you in the Toledo area, we ask that you submit your waiver again in 24 hours. If still unsuccessful, you will need to contact the Student Medical Insurance office at 419-530-3474.


The third most common reason for a waiver to be denied is that your plan is no longer active. In that case, you may either renew your plan with your previous company, or decide to enroll in one of the plans offered by the university.


Q6:         What is the difference in the Group number and the Policy number on my insurance card?

A6:         Your insurance card will state your Policy or Contract number – these are the same.  This is the most important part in verifying your insurance in order to approve a waiver.  Your card may also include a Group number but some insurance does not have a Group Number (e.g., Medicaid, Medicare, and Tricare).


Q7:         What health insurance plans are available through the university?

A7:         The University of Toledo offers two Student Health Insurance Plans underwritten by Medical Mutual Insurance Company. You have the choice to enroll in the Plan that best fits your needs.


Information on both plans is available at Health Insurance Plan FAQ by Medical Mutual https://student.medmutual.com/global/forms/FAQ_Student_Plan_2012_(UT)_R6_12.pdf or you can call the Medical Mutual Customer Service number – 1.800.272.6967, visit: https://student.medmutual.com/

or use the link through the MyUT Portal. 


All students mandated to have health insurance (see Q1) are automatically enrolled in and charged for the less expensive plan (Plan 1). Students wishing to upgrade to the Plan 2, which has a higher level of coverage with less out-of-pocket fees for a modest increase in premium, may do so through MyUT portal. The deadline for upgrading to Plan 2 is September 30, 2012. If students do not upgrade before September 30, 2012, they will remain on Plan 1 for the entire year.


Q8:         What will happen if I don’t waive the insurance?

A8:         If you do not waive the insurance then the annual fee/premium for the Medical Mutual Plan 1 will remain on your student account. The insurance coverage for August through December will be assessed in the fall and the fee for insurance coverage for January through August (spring and summer) will be assessed on your spring semester statement. The charge will remain on your account if you do not complete the waiver process by the deadline.


Q9:         What is the deadline to waive, upgrade, or voluntarily enroll in the health insurance plan?

A9:         For the fall, you have until September 30th.  For the spring/summer, you have until January 31, 2013.


Q10:       Do I have to waive my insurance every semester?

A10:       You only need to enter your policy information in the waiver system in the fall semester as long as you stay on the same plan. However, the waiver system will check to verify current coverage for spring/summer semesters, so if you change insurance carriers mid-year or if you are a new student for the spring or summer, you will need to waive online for that semester.  Again, this process is done through your My UT Portal (myut.utoledo.edu).


Q11:       Can I waive the insurance if I have Medicaid or Medicare?

A11:       Yes.


Q12:       Can I waive if I have Veterans Insurance?

A12:       Yes, you should have a card that is from Veterans Affairs.


Q13:       Can I waive the insurance if I am studying abroad and will be obtaining healthcare from the      government where I am studying abroad?

A13:       You might be able to waive the insurance, but you must contact the Student Medical Insurance office at 419-530-3474. For students studying abroad, there is paperwork that is required.


Q14:       If I am studying abroad and have insurance in that country, or if I have insurance for only one semester and have insurance through my country, how would I waive the insurance and can I?

A14:       Please contact the Student Medical Insurance Office, 419-530-3474.

Q15:       What are the coverage dates for each semester?

A15:       Fall – 8/11/12 thru 12/31/12

                Spring/Summer – 1/1/13 thru 8/10/13

                Summer Only (for new students only) – 5/16/13 thru 8/10/13


Q15:       When will I get my insurance card?  Can I get a temporary card form the web until my card arrives? What address will my card be sent to (campus or home address)?

A15:       ID Cards will be sent out on a weekly basis starting the week of Aug 11, 2012. A student can print a temporary ID card and review claims if they register with My Health Plan at: student.medmutual.com.   Insurance cards will be mailed to the student’s “local” address on record with UT.  If they do not have a local address then it will go to permanent, and as a third choice the billing address.


Q16:       May I voluntarily enroll in the health insurance if I am not required to have health insurance?

A16:       Yes, you may voluntarily enroll by contacting the Student Medical Insurance Office at 419-530-3474.

The deadline for voluntary enrollment for fall semester is September 30, 2012.


Q17:       May I add a dependent on my insurance?

A17:       If you are enrolled in one of the health insurance plans offered by the university, you may add dependents to the same plan, but must do so by contacting Medical Mutual and paying them directly for your dependents’ premiums.


Q18:       May I add a dependent if I am not on the insurance?

A18:       No, students are only eligible to enroll dependents if the student is enrolled in a plan.


Q19:       Is there a Dental or Vision plan I can enroll in or is it included with the policy?

A19:       Dental and vision coverage are currently not available through the university.


Q20:       Who should I contact if I have questions regarding pricing, policy, claims not being paid, services or enrollment?

A20:       Please call the Medical Mutual Customer Service number – 1.800.272.6967, visit: https://student.medmutual.com/ or use the link through the MyUT Portal.  DO NOT CALL Medical Mutual for questions regarding waivers – instead, you should contact the Student Medical Insurance Office at 419-530-3474.


Q21:       If I’m having trouble getting an accurate answer from MMO, what can I do?

A21:       Call the Student Health Insurance office at 419.530.3474.

Q22:       What are the costs for insurance?

A22:       Please see chart below…

                                                                                Health Insurance PLAN 1                                                                        







Student Only





Student + Spouse





Student + Child(ren)





Student + Spouse & Child(ren)






                                                Health Insurance PLAN 2







Student Only





Student + Spouse





Student + Child(ren)





Student + Spouse & Child(ren)







Note:  Dependents must be enrolled in the same plan as the student.  Coverage selection (Plan) cannot be changed after the enrollment process


Graduate Student Association,
Jul 26, 2012, 11:41 AM