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April General Assembly Meeting

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    2011-2012 General Assembly

    The Graduate Student Association (GSA) is made up of an executive board and a general assembly. The general assembly is the representative body of GSA which is comprised of graduate students from each area of graduate study. The general assembly brings forth ideas, comments, and concerns from the peers they represent ensuring that the graduate students have a voice in the university they are proudly a part of. The general assembly members for 2011-2012 are:

     Name Department College Phone E-mail
     Michael Bechill Medical Microbiology and Immunology College of Medicine
     (419) 822-7143michael.bechill@rockets.utoledo.edu
     Joshua Waldman Urology

    College of Medicine 
     (419) 957-7725joshua.waldman@rockets.utoledo.edu
     Walter Anderson Mechanical, Industrial, and Manufacturing Engineering College of Engineering
     (567) 246-9258walter.b.anderson@gmail.com
     Xinyi MenCurriculum and Instruction

      College of Education (419) 290-1761xinyi.men@rockets.utoledo.edu
     Jacquelyn Cearfoss Medicinal & Biological ChemistryCollege of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science (330) 787-3193jcearfo@rockets.utoledo.edu
     Rachael Jetson Medicinal & Biological Chemistry College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science (419) 530-1923rachael.jetson@rockets.utoledo.edu
     Laura Scroggs English Language and Literature Languages, Literature and Social Sciences (419) 340-7682laura.scroggs@rockets.utoledo.edu
     Sam MarcellinoLaw
    College of Law
    (614) 783-5891sam.marcellino@gmail.com
     David LeggatMedicine
    College of Medicine 
     (313) 575-6531
     Paul RolandPhysics and AstronomyCollege of Natural Science & Mathematics
    (810) 580-1646
     Qingnian Goh Kinesiology

    Health Science and Human Service 
     (419) 530-5955

     Aaron ShawKinesiology
    Health Science and Human Service  (419) 340-0692
    Kellie Plasman

     Curriculum and InstructionCollege of Education (724) 747-9483
    Tiffany Hairston

     Counselor Education & School Psychology Languages, Literature and Social Sciences (419) 215-1151tiffany.hairston@rockets.utoledo.edu
    Steven Thomas 

    Foundations of Education
     College of Education (419) 377-9787
    Monica McKnight

      Patient Advocacy Health Science and Human Service  (304) 544-0632monica.chandler@rockets.utoldeo.edu
    Aparna Sahu

     Psychology Languages, Literature and Social Sciences (419) 530 5963
    Cory Goe

     Law College of Law  (216) 926-7618cory.goe@gmail.com
    Jennifer Sieracki

     Environmental Sciences College of Natural Science & Mathematics  (419) 530-8378jennifer.sieracki@utoledo.edu
    Bhupendra Paudyal Mathematics  College of Natural Science & Mathematics (567) 288-3003bhupendra.paudyal@rockets.utoledo.edu
    Kyunghee Lee

    Medicinal & Biological Chemistry College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science (567) 868-7044kyunghee.lee@rockets.utoledo.edu