Committees play an essential role in GSA advancing the interests of the students represented and creating rounded professionals at the University of Toledo. They are a chance for GSA members to work with each other, and side by side with administration toward bettering graduate life. As of now three committees have been established to meet this aforementioned goal.

The 2012-2013 Committees are now forming!

 Professional Development  Travel Reimbursements  GSA Public Relations  Social Events
 Kellie Plasmin  Paul Roland  Joelynn Laux  Tamara Smith
Tina Agarwal Nick Bryan Open Erin Harper
Michael Fitch Open Open Monica McKnight
Nick Bryan Open Open Open
Open Open Open Open
Open Open Open Open
Open Open Open Open

Not only does GSA serve on internal committees. We also represent the student body on a wide range of university committees. These include:

University Committee
 Primary GSA Representative
 Secondary GSA Representative
Graduate Council Josh Waldman
Monica McKnight
Graduate Council Executive Committee Josh Waldman
Academic Standings Committee Josh Waldman
Curriculum Committee Monica McKnight
University Council
Josh Waldman Monica McKnight
University Council  Executive Committee Josh Waldman

 Graduate Student Affairs Committee
 Michael Fitch
Leslie Nealy
 Michelle Roley
Mark Seibert
Student Health Services Advisory Committee Meghan Brown Buck Link
Student Activities Committee

Gaurav Mehta


Student Health Insurance Committee Buck Link Meghan Brown
Student Advisory Board Aaron Shaw Shinichiro Sugiura
 LLSS Technology Committee  Terry L. Kindig  Karen Gallagher

Important Committee Links:
OSI: Policies & Handbooks