Video Blog

2014 Spring
Maya created this amazing video! This video summarized M^3R(Mike, Max, Maya, Raj)'s crowdsourcing project last year. In addition, big thanks to Max and Priya who prepared materials for our press release.

CSE599K1 Final Project Video - BIG BIG thanks to Karl Koscher & Elevator engineers who made this project possible.

2013 Fall (TA)

2012 Spring
My first robot video in gradschool

2012 Winter (By Willy&Dev)
Our BioE crews were doing very interesting stuff.  My task was moving the ball (black dot) to a target (a corner highlighted with blue lines) using BCI and joystick simultaneously!

2011 Fall (TA)
CSE481 - I've had a great opportunity to interact with wonderful students

2011 Summer (by Matt Bryan)
Impressive work done by Matt Bryan during his first summer research

2010 Summer

2010 Winter
Vocal Joystick application to ACT hand

My first interaction with HOAP3