Gradotour 2017

Welcome  to our Radltour!
 June 15th through June 17th 2017

Iris, age 70, retired and retired bicyclist
Heide, younger and much powerful
Road bike tour along the "Alpe Adria Bike trail" - VFG-1 (Italy)

There is no time to stall.

We fade away too young - so much left undone

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Enjoy my blog and the pictures.

Good luck to our followers!

1st day:

with the train to Tarvisio, Enter the Alpe-Adria-Bike trail, also known as VFG-1.

About 100 kilometers to ride to Udine

Note: the trail is under construction. Until Carnia the trail is perfect. After Carnia... questionable. More a project as a trail.

But worth to go!

Whoever checks out this page should not ride as we did...!

We have been riding down the shorter route, but far too much on busy traffic roads.

The bike trail leaves the "normal" South route about Carnia, There it changes the way down to Udine detouring West...

night at Udine, hotel Ramandolo. Very much recommendable. Moderate price and excellent food. And a full board breakfast.

day riding distance: 100 kilometers

our hotel
walk throughout historic Udine
dinner in historic Udine after a long day ride
so wonderful iron work - Italians are artists
so glad to be here
Remember the lucky times

we met an experienced biker: (solar loading station for smart phone, rear light and more...)

2nd day:

Riding from Udine to Grado, via Palmanova.

In case you had a night at Udine, the shortest way down South is to hit the city of Palmanova on SP 352. Take care to find the right exit of the city... The city has an historic wall with arches on each side, what means, each exit looks the same. But a lot of signs direct towards Grado.

Right after the freeway entrance cross section starts the bicycle trail again (left hand side). It starts with a short ride on gravel. To avoid this, take one of the next roads to the left and head for Cervignano del Friuli. Here you are on side roads and most the time on a paved trail until Grado.

Night: Hotel Capri.

Day distance: about 65 kilometers

 at the bridge the "secret" entrance of the bike trail starts
 Palmanova, ancient city wall and arch
 riding on calm side roads after Palmanova
 again the trail - just before Aquileia
 Aquileia archaeological site
passing by an old monastery

Grado pictures:

bike path in the city next to lagoon
our hotel at Grado
no worry - just for the photo
the Grado Island pedestrian bridge

3rd day:

Riding from Grado to Udine, all the way back and again via Palmanova.

Now the bicycle trail is best known.

Leaving Grado at 09:00, arriving Udine central train station at 12:00.

So good we had our bike bags with us... Because first: the train station does not ticketing Int'l tickets for bicycles (...and train conductors get you off train with a lot of noise...). Second: we have taken a bus to Villach. Even bus drivers do not accept bicycles. But once it is packed, it is just a piece of luggage and accepted)

We have seen so many stranded bicyclists.

Again: take a folded bike bag with you!

Going home by bus to Villach: leave Udine 13:15 right in front of the Udine's train station. Arriving Villach 14:30.

Train to Vienna: leaving Villach 15.03, arriving Vienna 19:30

Riding distance of the day: 65 kilometers (Grado to Udine)

good by Grado
Udine central railroad station