Third Annual Graduate Student Forum Preliminary Schedule
Friday, May 10, 2013 at the Center for the Arts and the Lerner College of Business and Economics

 10:30am - 11:00am: Poster Setup in the Center for the Arts
 11:00am - 11:30am: Registration and Light Lunch in the Center for the Arts
 11:30am - 12:00pm: Welcome and Poster Teasers in the Gore Recital Hall at the Center for the Arts
 12:15pm - 1:05pm: Presentation Session 1 in Lerner College of Business and Economics
 Panel 1: Urban Affairs and Public Policy, Preservation Studies, and Material Culture
Tracy Mann Urban Affairs and Public Policy Barriers and Facilitators to the Identification and Diagnosis of Autism in Delaware
Jared Cummer Urban Affairs and Pulic Policy Ministerial Immigration: The Long-term Impacts for Canada
Edward Smith Urban Affairs and Public Policy EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program as an Economic Development Strategy
David Karas Urban Affairs and Public Policy Public Administration and the Mass Media: An Analysis of Watchdog Journalism in Romania
Marina Dobronovskaya Preservation Studies The Material Culture of Stalinism, the City of Novgorod, Urban Reconstruction, and Historic Preservation in the Soviet Union after World War II (1943-1955)
Alexander Ames American Material Culture Paging Doctor Freud: Reassessing Applications of Psychoanalysis and Clinical Psychology to Historical Scholarship
 Panel 2: Biology
Matthew Weitzman Biology Single Molecule Dynamics of the Rho GTPase Spatial Cycle
Carrie Barnum Biology Whole Genome Transcript Profiling Analysis of Tdrd7 Null Mouse Mutant Lens
Mallika Pathania Yan Wang, David Schieblin, and Melinda Duncan Biology The Role of Fibronectin in Fibrotic Posterior Capsule Opacification
Archanadevi Siddam Biology CELF1 Deficiency Disrupts Lens Development and Causes Cataract
Padma Srinivasan Andris Kronbergs, Randall L. Duncan, and Catherine Kim-Safran Biology Regulation of Subchondral Bone Induced Osteoarthritis by T-type Voltage Sensistive Calcium Channel
1:15pm - 2:05pm: Presentation Session 2 in Lerner College of Business and Economics
 Panel 3: Material Science and Biomechanics and Movement Science
Xinran Zhou Material Science and Engineering Self-Assembled Lateral Quantum Dot Molecules
Dan Yang Material Science and Engineering Porosity and Pore Interconnectivity Characterization and Understanding Using Positron Annihilation Lifetime Spectroscopy, Ellipsometric Porosimetry and X-Ray Reflectivity
Kyle Winfree Biomechanics and Movement Science Parkinsonian Gait characterization and a Vibratory Intervention
Mohamed Bah Material Science and Engineering Characterization and Study of Core-shell Manganese Oxide Nanoparticles Fabricated by Inert Gas Condensation Technique
R. Tyler Richardson Biomechanics and Movement Science Knee Osteoarthritis Results in Kinematic and Kinetic Interlimb Asymmetry During Gait
Axel Moore David L. Burris, PhD Biomedical Engineering Effect of Location on the Local Interstitial Lubrication Response of Cartilage in the Bovine Stifle Joint
 Panel 4: Food Science, Marine Policy, and Wildlife Ecology
Qing Wang Animal and Food Sciences Effectiveness of Calcium Hypochlorite on Bacterial and Viral Contamination of Alfalfa Seeds
Solny Adalsteinsson Wildlife Ecology Understanding Tickborne Disease Ecology in Urban Forest Fragments
Wenqing Xu Food Science Decontamination of Escherichia Coli O157:H7 on Green Onions Using Pulsed Light (PL) and PL-Surfactant-Sanitizer Combintions
Regina McCormack Marine Policy The Effect of Electicity Production on Fish Populations: An Economic Analysis
Sarah Markland Food Science Investigation of Biocontrol and Plant Response to Reduce Interactions of Enteric Pathogens on Leafy Greens
Patrick Spanninger Food Science The Effects of Contaminated Irrigation Water on Bacterial Persistence and Transmission of Coliforms on Tomatoes
 2:15pm - 3:05pm: Presentation Session 3 in Lerner College of Business and Economics
 Panel 5: Education, Human Development and Family Studies, Linguistics, Geography, and Art
Kathy vod Duyke Education Students' Autonomy, Agency, and Emergent Learning Interests in Two Open Democratic Schools
Megan Barolet-Fogarty Human Development and Family Studies The Impact of Immigration on Latino Families
Sandie Petrie Art Formative Identity: Gender Construction through Adolesence, and How We Are Who We Are
Stephen Tippett Educational Leadership Study Abroad in the 21st Century
Catherine Pulupa Linguistics Effects of Classroom Instruction on Second Language Phonology Acquisition
Chelsea Leiper Geography Co-Creating an Alternative: The Moral Economy of Producer and Consumer Motivations for Participating in Farmers' Markets in Delaware
 Panel 6: Health Sciences, Psychology, and Biomechanics and Movement Science
Arun Asok K. Bernard, T.L. Roth, J.B. Rosen, and M. Dozier Psychology Parental Responsiveness Moderates the Association Between Early-Life Stress and Reduced Telomere Length
Robbi Alexander Ronald R. Castaldo Nursing Utilization of Qualitative Methodologies in Addressing the Institute of Medicine (IOM) Future of Nursing Report Recommendations
Kristen Thomas Biomechanics and Movement Science General Linear Models for Estimating Static Scapular Orientation in Children with Brachial Plexus Palsy
Diane Bradley Nursing Mental Health Screening in Public Housing for Urban Older Adults
John Guers Applied Physiology Age and Endothelial Dysfunction
Evan Matthews KAPP High Dietary Sodium Reduces Flow Mediated Dilation Similarly in Humans with Salt Sensitive and Salt Resistant Blood Pressure
 3:15pm - 4:05pm: Presentation Session 4 in Lerner College of Business and Economics
 Panel 7: Engineering
Jie Fu Mechanical Engineering Adaptive Planning in Unknown Environments with Grammatical Inference
Rosalina Gonzalez Engineering Fate of Munitions Constituents in the Environment
Sepideh Eshragh Civil Engineering Roundabouts Evaluation in the Event of Evacuation: A Hypothetical Urban Subnetwork in Delaware
Sara Patterson Civil Engineering Complete Streets Effects on Transportation
Joseph Stanzione Chemical Engineering Lignin-Derived-High-Performance Composite Resins
 Panel 8: Economics, Computer Information Science, Mathematics, and Political Science
Javad Eskandarikhoee Economics The Patent Litigation Explosion
Qiaosong Wang Computer and Information Science Introducing My Work at the DARPA Robotic Challenge
Alison Marzocchi Mathematics Education The Development of Underrepresented Students' Mathematics Identities Through Participating in College Outreach
Justin de Leon Political Science and International Relations (In)dignity via (Mis)representation: Politics, Discourse, and the Arts
Ranjan Santra Economics Unsupervised Regime Discovery and Improved Forecasting in Finance and Macroeconomics
 4:15pm - 5:05pm: Presentation Session 5 in Lerner College of Business and Economics
 Panel 9: Disasters Studies, Applied Economics and Statistics, and Environmental Soil Chemistry
Christopher Main CEOE Investigating Associations between Harmful Algal Bloom Species and Vibrion in the Delaware Inland Bays
Danielle Nagele Disaster Science and Management Public Perception and Decision-Making During Tornadoes
Jennifer Egan Applied Economics and Statistics Nutrient Trading and Monitoring in the Chesapeake Bay
Lauren Clay Alex Greer Disaster Science and Management Disaster Mental Health Response: A Case Study of the Xenia Tornadoes of 1974
Matt Siebecker Environmental Soil Chemistry Real Time Precipitation of Transition Metals on Clay Minerals
 Panel 10: Physics and Psychology
Inci Ruzybayev Physics Optimization of Titania Photoanode by Co-Doping with Nitrogen and Carbon for Visible Light Sensitization
Roy Murray Physics Tungsten Oxide Contacts for Organic Solar Cells
Dandan Chen School Psychology School Engagement as Mediator Between School Climate and Achievement
Ariel Williamson Clinical Psychology Evaluating a Community-Based Intervention with At-Risk Immigrant Latino Families
Jeff Tessein Physics and Astronomy Acceleration of Energetic Particles in the Turbulent Solar Wind
 5:15pm - 6:00pm: Poster Presentation Session in the Center for the Arts Lobby
Allison Rice Urban Affairs Subsidized Artist Housing and Community Revitalization: The Case of Shipley Artist Lofts
Shuching Ou Chemistry Free Energetics of Guanidinium and Methyl Guanidinium Cations at Aqueous Liquid-Vapor Interface
Brooks Emerick Mathematical Sciences Modeling the Wnt pathway in the human colonic crypt
Mohamed Hassanin Eletrical Engineering Analog Joint Source Channel Coding over Non-Linear Channels
Robert Hulbert Kinesiology and Applied Physiology Analysis of Trapeziometacarpal Joint Motion using Multiple Measurement Techniques
Sha Bai Chemistry and Biochemistry Total Synthesis of (-)-Morphine
Di Cui Chemistry Study of spanning water networks of hydration water in crowded protein solutions
Yue Wang Animal Sciences Comparison of vRNA and cRNA based reporters for detection of influenza infection
Rory Tedrick Nursing History of nursing through stamps
Rachel Linstead-Goldsmith Julia O'HanlonSchool of Public Policy and Administration Delaware’s Senior Center Grant-in-Aid Funding Formula: An Assessment Tool for Legislative Decision-Making
Smriti Agrawal Biological Sciences Deficiency of small MAF family transcription factors MafG and MafK causes cataract
Wafaa Khalifah Human Development and Family Studies Arab Muslim Refugees in the United States: New World, New Challenges
Christina Allen Nursing Implementing a Rapid Medical Evaluation (RME) Model to Improve Patient Flow through the Emergency Department
Joseph Brodie Marine Studies Use of a mesoscale atmospheric model to evaluate power loss in wind farms due to wake effects
R. Tyler Richardson Biomechanics and Movement Science Assessment of Musculoskeletal Models of the Upper Extremity
Reem Aleissa Education Saudi Women’s Education Under the Influence of Their Male Chaperones
Mary Schorse Geography Do REDD+ Safeguards Provide an Adequate Framework for Social and Biological Impact Assessment?
Justin David Biology Gramicidin-based nanopores induce cellular energy depletion and cell death in renal cell carcinoma
Christine Hadfield Music The Effect of Repertoire on the Singing Achievement of Second Grade Students
Hannah Fraser Music Education Motivations and Instructional Preferences of High School Guitar Students: A Mixed Methods Study
Han Zhang    Kevin Dicker, Xian Xu, Joseph Fox, and Xinqiao Jia Chemistry Designing Hyaluronic Acid-Based Hydrogel Employing Bioorthnogonal Tetrazine Ligation
 Mackenzie Lauro    Amy Schaefer        Chemistry and Biochemistry                            Probling the Interactions of the Intracellular Innate Immune Protein Nod2
 6:00pm - 7:00pm: Food and Beverage Reception in the Center for the Arts Lobby