Sugar and White Flour

Even my children have learned that I think it is enemy number one !


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The devil in diets is not red but white ( sugar & flour )

The worst thing you can say about a food when you are trying to diet is that it increases your appetite. Both sugar and white flour make you crave more and more of them. That is why some restaurants sneek sugar into their french fires. The other thing that makes sugar and white flour so bad is they have relativley little nutritional value, unlike fruits and vegtables and healthy proteins that give you critical nutrients and energy.

Even though I am not a nutrionist, dietician or doctor I can give you the best proof that these things are bad for you. Take them out of your diet for two days and on the third morning you will notice a clearer head and more energy than before. White flour turns into a paste that is almost like glue in your stomach, it wil slow you doen and sap your energy.