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Test's always brought out the best in me, because I wanted to get good grades. In fact there was a diet that also graded how I was measuring up to their standard. This caused me to plan my diet in advance and really be very careful about what I ate. This diet had some rules that made it hard for me to complete it with success. However I did learn a lot about nutrition from that diet, as I learned much from the many diets I have tried. The following rules are my best of the best diet principles that when adhered to are certain to result in significant weight loss .So here is my diet wisdom:

Score nine points for each item completed succesfully :

1. Did not eat any white flour or processed sugar ( unless item is below 50 calories per serving and the sugar is  just one component of item)

2. Carbohydrates came only from raw vegtables

3. Carbohydrates came only from cooked or raw vegtables

4. Carbohydrates that are non vegtable are fruits or none

5. Carbohydrates that are from flour are whole wheat or none

6. Limit calories to 1600 calories per day ( men ) - 1300 ( women)

7. Physical exercise of any movement - walking, ping pong, bicycle          or anything else for twenty minutes

8. Meals split up into 4 or 5 times per day

9. Keep a journal of what you ate

10. Concentrate on chewing food at least 15 - 20 times or more

11. Stop eating anything with calories after 8 PM

12. Meditate, EFT, Self-hypnosis,  concetrate on weight loss goals,or keep a journal 

13. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day

14. Stop eating when almost full


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