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Why so many diets do not work

Each diet worked for a while, every time I thought this was it - finally ! The ultimate diet, for a week or two. But really how long can you live on just protein or carbs or raw fruit or raw anything or eat the same thing over and over. Then it happens the end of the diet and the beginning of the binge. Usually whatever was lost comes back with interest.

 The funny thing is every diet did have it's logic and reasons why it worked and it did. However life is not black and white and neither is eating and dieting. The truth is everything is really a range of reality never being on either extreme. So what would really work ? Accepting ourselves that we are not 100% angels ( I hope not because then life would not be much fun ! ) and that if we even accomplish a little consistently and do not give in to that all or nothing mentality we can accomplish a lot. So lets try to get that A+ but love and accept ourselves even when we score a C but did not give in to that multi day binge.

If you would like a copy of my spreadhseet - I will send it to you for free - and you do not even need any software to use it - it works on Google Docs and Spreadsheets. You can contact me via email