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Rules number two through four adress the concept that you can lose a lot of weight by simply replacing bad carbs with good carbs. So wheras rule number one told us the worst carbs are sugars and white flour there are still gradiations on what is the best carbs to eat. It is clear to me that the best carbs come from raw vegtable sources. This means that they are nutritionally dense. I will not even begin to try to exlain that concept - however the best source for a great explanation is Dr Furhman and his book Eat to Live. Though he says that both fruits and vegtables are nutritionally dense. Since vegtables are generally much lower in calories then they are even more dense than fruits. I really beleive that a raw fuit and vegtable diet is very very healthy. The question is do we have the environment ( yes I am surrounded by a family ) to keep it up.

Quote about Nutrient Dense Food:


Dr. Fuhrman’s key to success:

health = nutrients / calories

When the ratio of nutrients to calories in the food you eat is high, fat melts away. The more nutrient-dense food you consume, the more you are satisfied with fewer calories, and less you crave fat and high-calorie foods. The entire time, you are never hungry and eating a healthy, balanced diet. The results are amazing. Eat To Live is the anti-fad diet, and it will never go out-of-style. When you eat for nutritional excellence, you never have to go on another diet again!"