Mini Poster Project - Independent vs Dependent Variable

posted Dec 18, 2012, 5:46 AM by Mary Jackson   [ updated Dec 18, 2012, 12:15 PM ]
This project is due the Second Day we return from the holiday.  Break:

Step 1


Explore the following links to define the words "independent variable" and "dependent variable."

View at least 2 links before writing down a definition for each in your notes.







Step 2

Step 2 - Examples

Click a few of the following links to learn about examples of independent and dependent variables.

From the links, choose 3 examples for each type of variable and record them in your notes.





Step 3 - Show what you know!

Mini-Poster Project: Independent vs. Dependent Variables


WHAT: Make a mini-poster (8.5" by 11" that uses pictures to show the difference between a dependent and independent variable.  You will be graded using the rubric found below in the attachments.

WHY: To show mastery of this important information in order to better understand functions.


HOW: Find or think up an example of a dependent and independent variable (use the list below to start).  Your mini-poster must have: 2 pictures, one to illustrate each variable (drawn or printed out from the Internet (get permission to print!)), a title, labels for "dependent variable" and "independent variable", and a caption that says:

______________________ depends on _______________________.
your dependent variable                                your independent variable



EXAMPLES: (example poster) - yours should be better than this!

Choose one of these, or make your own!



Cell phone bill

Minutes used

How far you can drive

The amount of gas you have

Your Six Weeks grade

The number of assignments you turned in

How much money you earn

The hours you work

Cost of a speeding ticket

How many miles you went over the speed limit

Time it takes to drive somewhere

How fast you drive

Result of a football game

Who scores more points

How much air conditioning you use


Total calories and fat

Number of burgers

Opportunities for high-paying jobs

How much education you have