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American History

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| Accessible ArchivesAmerican Notes-Travels in America 1750-1920 | Animated Atlas | Biographies from Civil War to the Present | Boundaries of the Contiguous US from 1650-1900's | America's Story | Awesome Stories-see Mrs. Smith for password | Best of History | Comparative Costs: The Early 19th Century and Today Lesson | Digital History | DocsTeach |Freedom-A History of US | Google U.S. Government Search | Greater Boston History Project | Growth of a Nation Animated Atlas Movie | Historic Maps | History Matters | Library of Congress | | Massachusetts Historical Society | Matthew Brady Civil War Photos | National Archives Digital Vaults |  National Archives | Our Documents | Picturing America | Picturing Modern America | Social Studies Lesson Plans | History in Song | Songs from American History | PBS_The Freedom of Us | Schoolhouse Rock History Lyrics | Timeline Sites up to 1790 | U. S. Timeline |Digital History | African American Migration | Footnote Original Documents | Atlas of Historical County Boundaries | PBS A History of US Webisodes |  | Primary Resources by state |  

Primary Sources WikiSearch for Primary Sources | Infotopia
Primary Access has movie narratives based on primary sources. Primary Access is an online tool that allows students and teachers to combine text, visual, and sound elements, which are then combined to convey information about their chosen historical event or time frame. A library of Primary Access movies is available through a catalog by historical time period. Have students choose a historical event or time frame to research and synthesize their information through a Primary Access movie.
Norman B. Leventhal Map Center | online access to the 200,00 maps & 5,00 atlases at the Boston Public Library, zoom in to inspect details of early maps
By state from the Library of Congress
 Four centuries and over 90 million war records from NARA dating from Jamestown through the Viet Nam War, 37 million images, Civil War pension records and more. Also, immigration records, census data and birth, marriage and death records

Digital Public Library of America
The Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) is an online collection of millions of photographs, maps, sounds, manuscripts, books, and more accessible anytime, anywhere, for anyone. DPLA materials come from museums, archives, and libraries across the United States, and provides primary source examples of our American Heritage and human history. With DPLA, users can explore resources by topic, map, format, timeline, or exhibition. With a free account, items can be saved to lists and shared with others. Grades 6-12. 
Tip: DPLA's programming interface and open data promote transformative use by designers and developers. Look for amazing tools and programs built by the DPLA’s partners that will turn in to indispensable resources for your students and staff.

The U.S. National Archives Experience Digital Vaults offers students a good introduction to discovering and working with primary source materials. Rather than turning kids loose on millions of records in the National Archives, Digital Vaults focuses on a curated collection of 1,200 items. Within the site, there are activities designed to help students discover important connections between primary sources. Pathways Challenges provides quizzes that ask kids to analyze a specific resource and then find the related document within the collection. Teachers and students can create their own quizzes or take advantage of the pre-made challenges. 

The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History | The Gilder Lehrman Institute offers a growing variety of resources to assist teachers and students. The Institute has pioneered new models of history schools and programs, with proven success in improving academic achievement. It offers professional development opportunities for educators, provides documents and exercises for classroom use, and encourages excellence in student writing with essay prizes.
Historical Scene Investigation, hosted by the University of William & Mary School of Education, provides a good model for primary source-based classroom activities, presenting historical cases for students to crack. Each case presents kids with clues to analyze in order to form a conclusion to each investigation. The clues come in the form of primary documents and images and include secondary sources. HSI provides students with “case files” in which they can record the evidence they find in the historical content. At the conclusion of their inquiries, kids must answer questions and decide if the case should be closed or if more sleuthing is necessary. If the pre-made activities don’t fit your curriculum, use the model to create your own historical scene investigations with your own resources.
Immigration to the U.S., 1789-1930 (Harvard site) | Harvard University's Open Collections Program has launched " Immigration to the United States, 1789-1930," a web-based collection of approximately 1,800 books and pamphlets, 6,000 photographs, 200 maps, and 13,000 pages from manuscript and archival collections selected from Harvard's library, archives and museums. The collection is available to Internet users everywhere. By incorporating diaries, biographies and other writings capturing diverse experiences, the collected material provides a window into the lives of ordinary immigrants. In addition to thousands of items now accessible, the collection includes contextual information on immigration and quantitative data. 
History Websites by period
Massachusetts Digitized Primary Source Collections | he documentary heritage of Massachusetts is essentially intact from its founding, and much rich information and documentation exists. Throughout the Commonwealth, repositories house irreplaceable collections of books and private and public documents that serve as a rich resource for researchers involved in local, state, regional, national, and international studies. Library staffs in public and academic libraries and in other repositories have long collected materials that document their immediate and adjoining locales as well as focusing on specific collecting areas. Although much of this material is monographs and pamphlets, a significant portion is manuscript material (personal and organizational papers), photographs, posters, ticket stubs, broadsides, etc.
Stages of a Historical Research Project This would be useful to give students at the planning stage of a research assignment. 
The History Lab Build your own lessons with primary sources at this interactive site.
History Toolkit This links on this site are useful for specifics such as graveyards, deeds, diaries, oral histories etc.
Historical Google Videos approximately 250 video clips that are about 10 minutes in lengththat have been made available from NARA (National Archives) and they can be played directly online through your computer
Primary Sources Lesson Framework This site has good criteria for selection of primary sources to be used such as reading level, ideas for lessons and assessments.
Smithsonian Source Resources for Teaching American History The site is divided into three main sections: Teaching with Primary Sources, Historical Topics, and Primary Sources. Five teaching strategies for using primary sources in the classroom, such as Jigsaw and Graphic Organizers, are featured in the first section. The historical topics include: Civil Rights, Colonial America, Native American Society, Transportation, Invention, and Westward Expansion. Each topic includes several lesson plans that are organized by grade level and use primary documents to engage students in learning history. The teacher-developed, standards-based lesson plans include links to the documents, vocabulary, activities, assessments, handouts, and extension activities. Also included is a thematic video to go along with each topic and DBQs (Documents and Questions) that can be used independently of the lesson plan. 
NARA Digital Vaults is an amazing new way to view and "collect Primary sources!
NARA Great analysis worksheets available on this site!
NARA Teaching with Documents Lesson plans by era
NYPL Digital Collections | Digital Commonwealth | 
Maryland Historical Society Great analysis worksheets available on this site!
OpenVault provides online access to unique and historically important content produced by public television station WGBH for individual and classroom learning. The ever-expanding site contains video excerpts, searchable transcripts, a select number of complete interviews for purchase, and resource management tools.
The World Digital Library is a database of more than 7,000 primary source documents and images from around the world. Sponsored by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, WDL can be searched by date, era, country, continent, topic, and type of resource. Search tools and content descriptions are available in seven languages. And roughly half of WDL’s resources, in my estimation, consist of historical maps and images. Students can also search the database by clicking through the map on its homepage. Use the Historical Scene Investigation or Pathways Challenge model to develop activities for your students to complete when they visit the World Digital Library.
PrimarySourceLearning | 
Helping educators quickly find and use primary sources related to specific curriculum standards with Best Instructional Practices for all subjects.
How to Read a 200-year old Document and other FAQs Good write-up and explanations for students about primary sources.

American Journeys-Eyewitness Accounts of Early American Exploration & Settlement | A Biography of America | American Memory Collection Finder Search | American Memory Activities to become Familiar | America's Freedom Documents | Core Documents of U.S. Democracy | Cornell's Making of America Digital Library of Primary Sources | Declaring Independence: Drafting the Documents Antebellum-Reconstruction Periods Primary Documents | Civil War Images | Digital Treasures Central Massachusetts | Documenting the American South | Early America | History First Hand (Using Primary Resources) | How to Use Primary Sources | Living History Farms | Making of America | NARA Digital Classroom  | Past Portal-Colonial Williamsburg's Portal to American History | Primary Sources on the Web | Primary Sources on the Web | Repositories of Primary Sources | Social Issues Digital Collection (NW US) | Turn of the Centuries Exhibit | Understanding Primary Sources Lesson: The Erie Canal | US & World History Primary Sources on the Web | US Historical Documents | Our Documents | Primary Source Investigation-Children of Yesteryear |Photo Gallery-Children of Yesteryear | Primary Sources on the Web | Primary Source | Memorial Hall Museum-American Centuries Views from New England | NPS Teaching with Historic Places | Picturing Modern America | Repositories of Primary Sources | The Writings of George Washington from the Original Manuscript Sources | Primary Source Learning: Discover, Learn, and Teach with Historical Documents* | 

1. How and why were the thirteen colonies founded?
2. Why was there an American Revolution?
3. What freedoms took root during theAmerican Revolution?
4. What revolutionary changes are occurring today in our homes, schools, town, state, etc.?

Colonial Era

The American Revolution | American | America's Library | American Revolution | Dear America | American Revolution | American Revolution Links | The American Revolution | Birth of a New Nation Links | Book2Web Readings | Boston Massacre-Anonymous Account | Boston Tea Party Essay | Boston Tea Party | Boston Tea Party | Dartmouth, The Boston Tea Party Ship | Choosing Revolution Field Trip | The Coming of the American Revolution-Mass | Coming of Independence | Cornwallis Describes his Defeat at Yorktown Early America | Frontier Forts |George III's Letter of loss of America | Highlights of the AR | Historical Text Archive | Enslaved  | History Place | Growth & Empire | History Central | Historical Fiction | Interactive Crossword Puzzle | A Journey towards Freedom | Infopedia | Jump Back in Time PBS Liberty! The American Revolution | Interactive Game | Liberty's Kids | Little Known Facts | Loyalty or Liberty? Web Adventure | Mapping Revolutionary Boston-Interactive Map | Maps & Charts | Mission US | The Native American Role in the American Revolution Lesson PlanOld Ironsides-ask media specialist for video also Reliving the American Revolution | Revolutionary America | Spy Letters of the American Revolution | Stamp Act | Stamp Act | Stamp ActThe Stamp Act & The Beginning of Political ActivismTimeline | Timeline | Timeline  | US | Word Searches | Virtual Marching Tour | You Be the Historian  | 54th Regiment
American Revolution Acts  | Stamp Act | Townsend Act
American Revolution Battles  | Battle of Bunker Hill | Bunker Hill |Bunker Hill | Lexington & Concord | Letter by Paul Revere describing events |   Battle of Saratoga | Battle of Ticonderoga | Historic Valley Forge | Valley Forge-Who Served Here? | Historic Valley Forge | Valley Forge Natl Park |
 Valley ForgeDiary of a Surgeon at VF | Diary of a Major at Yorktown | Battle of Yorktown

American Revolution Field Trip | Revolutionary Web Tour | Web Adventure | The British are Coming! 
American Revolution Hotlists AR Links | Links | AR Sites  | Links | Links | Reference Resources | Research Resources | Research & Reference Sources |  Sources & Themes | 
American Revolution Lessons or Units 15 Lesson Unit 
American Revolution Maps | Maps and Charts | Maps & Charts | Rare Maps 
American Revolution Films (short)  | Early America Series | Molly Pitcher | Paul Revere* | The Shot Heard Round the World* 
American Revolution Music |  Folk Music |
American Revolutionary Period People | Abigail Adams | Abigail Adams | Correspondence between Abigail & John | John Adams | 
John Adams |John Adams | John Adams | John Adams | PBS on the Adams | John Adams | Mass Historical Society/Adams Sam Adams | Sam Adams | Papers of the Winthrops & Adams Families | Sam Adams | Ethan Allan | Ethan Allen | Amazing Women | Battlefield Heroes | Benedict Arnold | Crispus AttucksBenjamin Banneker | Benjamin Banneker | Biographies | Franklin-Tercentenary | Ben Franklin | Ben Franklin | Ben Franklin | The Electric Franklin |Ben Franklin | American Epic-Ben F. | Alexander HamiltonAlexander Hamilton | All Things HamiltonAlexander Hamilton | Alexander Hamilton | Alexander Hamilton | The DuelJohn Hancock | John Hancock | Patrick Henry | Patrick Henry | A Day in the Life of Thomas Jefferson | Jefferson | Thomas Jefferson | Thomas Jefferson Archives | John Paul Jones | Henry Knox | Henry Knox Henry Knox | Marquis de Lafayette | Marquis de Lafayette | Sybil Ludington | Sybil Ludington |  Frances Marion | Francis Marion | Thomas Paine | Paul Revere animated slideshow | Paul Revere's Ride audio & map | Paul Revere's account of the events of April 18, 1775 | Paul Revere Virtual Museum and Teacher's Guide | Paul Revere House | Paul Revere Heritage site for more in-depth study | P.R. crossword puzzle | P.R. Lesson Plan | Betsy Ross | Betsy Ross House | Betsy Ross | Betsy Ross | Betsy Ross | Betsy Ross Did She or didn't She? | How B.R. Became Famous | Peter Salem | Deborah Sampson | Martha Washington | Phillis Wheatley | see below for George Washington 
American Revolution Timelines | Continental Congress & Constitution Timeline 
American Revolution Treasure Hunts Scavenger Hunt |  Revolutionary War Scavenger Hunt | Internet Scavenger Hunt | 
American Revolution WebQuests Loyalty or Liberty? | Washington, Philadelphia & Boston WebQuest |  Founding of the 13 Original Colonies WebQuest | The Battle of the Battlefields Webquest | The Road to Independence | A Revolutionary WebQuest | You Can't Have Our Money, King George WebQuest | 
see also below under "U.S. Government" 
Boston Massacre Archiving Early America | A.R. Persuaders | John Adams & the Boston Massacre | Perspectives on the Boston Massacre
Boston Tea Party  | Tea Party 
Colonies | 13 Colonies Map | 13 Originals | The Original 13 States | Quakers  | Colonial Occupations Search Engine
Declaration of Independence  | Charters of Freedom | Declaring Independence | PBS Liberty!|  Drafting the Documents | Timetable | Text | Declaration & Your Rights Lesson | New System of Government |  User's Guide to the Declaration of Independence | Jefferson's Account & The Signers & a Tour of Graff House 
French & Indian Wars |  French & Indian War | French & Indian Wars | 
George Washington | The Life of George Washington | George Washington Papers | The Papers of GW | Geo Wash Picture Gallery | Valley Forge |Bio | The Real Face Of... | GW Bio | Geo. Wash: A National Treasure | Rediscovering George Washington | The Writings of George Washington from the Original Manuscript Sources | Meet George Washington | G.W. A National Treasure | G.W. White | G.W. Mt. Vernon
Middle Passage What was the Middle Passage? | The Middle Passage | The Middle Passage

Aroon Burr and Alexander Hamilton | Duel at Dawn | PBS-The Duel | Aaron Burr & his Wife |  Aaron Burr Arrested for Treason |

1. What is government?
2. How do the three branches of government protect democracy?
3. How has our government evolved and how does it continue to evolve?
4. What are the rights and responsibilities between the individual, various groups, and the government?

Order in the court. Hail to the chief! Roll call…yea or nay… iCivics is game, activity and resource filled Web site, founded by Justice, Sandra Day O’Conner to help young people of all ages learn about branches of government, citizenship, separation of powers, media influences on government, the budget, and the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Games can be accessed by topic or playing time. In addition to games and webquests, iCivics provides lesson plans with supporting resources for teachers. Grades 3-12. Tip: Combine curricular learning with service learning by challenging students to participate in the iCivics Impact Project.

Articles of Confederation The Articles of Confederation | Articles of Confederation | Articles of Confederation Lesson Plan | Articles of Confederation 
Bill of Rights  | Charters of Freedom | Bill of Rights Primary Sources The Bill of Rights | Bill of Rights Institute | Nat'l Costitution Center
Branches of the Government  | Branches of the Govt | Branches of Govt Webquest | Branches of the Government 
Congress  | Congress for Kids | CongressLink | Learn about Congress: Interactive Learning Modules | Thomas (Congress) | | Early Congresses |Congressional Pictorial Index | Congresspedia
Constitution NARA | Charters of Freedom | Teaching w/ Documents: U.S. Constitution Workshop | The Constitution | The Constitution | The Constitution | The Creation of the Constitution | Our Documents | Constitution Lesson Plan | We the People | Internet Scavenger Hunt | US | Page 1 | 2 | 3 | Glossary | Lesson Plans | Lesson Plans | Class Constitution Lesson | Lesson Planning Article | Resources | Interactive US Constitution | National Constitution Center: Interactive Constitution | Archiving Early America |
Declaration of Independence | Charters of Freedom | America's Freedom Documents | Declaring Independence: Drafting the Documents | PBS Liberty! | U.S. see also above under "American Revolution"
House of Representatives House of Representatives | 
Laws | How Laws are Made | 
President Executive Branch | Presidential Papers | White House  | White House for Kids | The American Presidency-Teacher Materials | see also "Current Events" page under President's Day in Feb.
Senate U.S. Senate | Contacting Senators 
Supreme Court The History of the Supreme Court | Twelve Milestone Cases | US Supreme Court | Supreme Court Washington Post 
U.S. Government Ben's Guide to Government | DirectgovKids | | Govt Primer | Dept. of Justice | Kids Democracy Projecy | PBS Election Headquarters  | US Treasury | US Legislative Branch  | Electoral College | Outline of American Government | Equal Rights Amendment | USA.Gov | US Symbols Lesson  | US Capitol Virtual Tour | Type of Government Game | Civics Online | Leaders Lesson Plan | PBS Kids Democracy Project | Student Research Links | Informational & Research Sites | Milestone Documents | This Nation | 

Change & Expansion 
1. Why did people move west?
2. How did weather and seasons affect the pioneers' travels?
3. What events led to the expansion and growth of the United States?

Alamo | The Alamo | Alamo | Remember the Alamo 
Donner Party | Donner Party-John Sutter sends Help | 
Ghost Towns | Ghost Town Gallery | Ghost Towns of NE Washington 
Gold Rush | The Gold Rush | Gold Rush Sites | Gold Rush! California's Untold Stories | Discovery by Sutter | Gold Fever | California Gold Rush and Statehood
Jefferson  | Monticello 
Lewis & Clark/Oregon Trail | Discovering Lewis & Clark: Louisiana Purchase | Lewis & Clark | The Oregon Trail | Bicentennial Exhibition | Follow in the Footsteps of Lewis & Clark | Louis & Clark PBS  | Go West with Lewis & Clark | Historic Steps of Lewis & Clark | Oregon Trail | Oregon Trail WebQuest | Emigrant Road-Oregon Trail Adventure | Lewis & Clark Lessons | Discovering Lewis & Clark | Oregon Trail Lesson | Field Trip |Lewis & Clark | Lewis & Clark as Naturalists | Lewis & Clark's Historic Trail | Jefferson's West | Lewis & Clark Online | Time Magazine L & C Bicentennial | Nat Geo L & C | More Online Resources | Oregon Trail
Louisiana Purchase | Louisiana Purchase sites and videos from SurfnetKids | Discovering Lewis & Clark: Louisiana Purchase | Legislative Timeline | Treaty | Louisiana Purchase | 
Pony Express | History | National Park Service | The First Ride | Pony Express Rider 1861
Transcontinental Railroad | Transcontinental Railroad | Transcontinental RR Photographic Museum & Game | Transcontinental RR Lesson 
Webquests Adventure Into the Unknown: A Webquest on the L & C Expedition | Wagons West-Oregon Trail The Oregon Trail 
Westward Movement | Growth of a Nation | Westward Movement (ency Britannica) | History.comHistoryNetMuseum of Westward Expansion | Legends of America Photos Go West | The American West |Awesome Stories-see Mrs. Smith for password | SparkNotes |  The West | Conestoga Wagon | Dakota Experience | Frontier House | Old West Links | Davy Crockett (Alamo) | The Journey of the Core of Discovery | Western Expansion & Reform | Pony Express | The West  | Westward Movement |Western Expansion-Africans in America | Barbed Wire | Barbed Wire | American Buffalo | Pioneers ThinkQuest | Historic Atlas Resources |Homestead Act of 1862 | The Move West Links | The Old West | Pioneers & Westward Expansion | Westward Expansion | Frontier House |Westward We Go Unit | US Territorial Maps | The Westward Movement Lessons | The Canadian West | Westward Expansion | The West | The First American West: The Ohio River Valley, 1750-1820 | Trails to Utah & the Pacific | Utah Digital Newspapers from 19th century | Lesson Planning | 
Women of the West | Annie Oakley | Women Pioneers | Women Pioneers in California | Famous Cowgirls 
see also Grade 4 Native American Sites

1. Why do people immigrate?
2. How do immigrants become American while maintaining their own ethnic culture?
3. Why is the Industrial Revolution considered a revolution ?
4. How did the immigrants contribute to the creation of inventions which enhance the growth and development of the Industrial Revolution?
American Epic 

Immigration American Immigration Overview | America: The Great Melting Pot | American Immigration Overview | American Architecture 1800's |American Family Immigration History Center | Americans in the Raw Photos | American Memory Immigration | Ancestry Database | Changing Face of America | Children's Books on Immigration | Citizenship Quiz | Coming to America ThinkQuest | Faraway Home | From One Life to Another |Glossary of Immigration Term | Great American Potluck | Grout Museum Excursion-students in grades 4-8 are transformed into historians as they explore primary source photographs, letters and artifacts related to the themes of immigration and agriculture-based industrialization in the heartlandGuide to Immigration Records & Ships Passenger Lists | History of European Immigration | The Immigrant Journey | Immigration | The Immigration Experience | Immigration to the U.S., 1789-1930 (Harvard site) | Immigrant Experience Lesson Plan | Immigration Introduction AmMem | Immigrant Experience Pathway | The Immigrant Experience Web Quest |  Immigration to the US | Immigration Interviews | Immigration Links | Immigration: Stories of Yesterday & Today | Immigration History & Resource Center | Immigration Museum Online | Immigration:Research, Organize & Present |Immigration & Naturalization Service | Immigration: Stories of Yesterday & Today | Immigration to the US ThinkQuest | Immigration Treasure HuntIn America | In Search of the American Dream | Inside an American Factory The Irish in American: Long Journey Home | Irish Immigration Center | Liberty State Park | Lower East Side Tenement Museum | Mosaic of Immigrants to American: Foundation of a Multicultural Society | The New Americans | Operation Immigration | The Tenement Museum | Timeline of Immigration | Turn of the Century America in Photographs | Turn of Century Photos | US Historical Census Data Browser 
Child Labor The Story of My Cotton Dress
Chinese Immigration 
Angel Island Immigration Station | Angel | Angel Island Immigration Station | Becoming American: The Chinese Experience (PBS) | The Chinese in California | Gold Mountain Chinese Immigration Webquest | Angel Island Lesson Plan | Chinese Immigration to San Francisco 
Ellis Island | Ellis Island Passenger Arrivals | Ellis Island Online Exhibit | Photographs NPL | Photographs | Immigration & Ellis Island | Historic Overview | Ellis Island Wall of Honor | Interactive Tour from Scholastic | ThinkQuest-An Immigrant's Journey | Forgotten Ellis Island Show | LOC Images | Ducksters
Erie Canal | HomepageMuseum | Journey Through History | A Brief History | Canal History | Ohio & Erie Canal Lesson 
Industrial Revolution | Wake Up America Webisode-7 segments | Rise of Industrial America 1876-1900 | Ancient Inventions | Child Labor in America | Info Page | Cotton Times (British ID) | Eli Whitney | Eli Whitney Museum & Workshop | Great Inventors of the Industrial Rev.Online UnitGreat Inventor's Quiz | Hargreave's Spinning Jenny | History of Invention | Industrial Revolution | Industrial Revolution | Industrial Revolution Information | Industrial Revolution | Industrial Revolution Links | Inside an American Factory | Inventors & Inventions | Invention Resources |Inventor's Workshop  | Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire | Industrial Revolution Links | Women in the Industrial Revolution | Industrial Supremacy |Idea Finder | Samuel Slater | Textile Industry | Watt's Rotary Steam Engine | 1900 Farm | What in the World is That? Ingenious Inventions Throughout History | Chinese Inventions Unit
Labor  | Child Labor | Child Labor in America | History Curriculum 
Mills  | Recruiting Poster | Independent Mill Girl Letter | The Story of My Cotton Dress | Harriet Robinson |Account of a Visitor to Lowell-1836 | Lowell National Historic Park | Mary Paul Letters | Questions to Ponder About Lowell Mill Girls | Samuel Slater | Timetable of the Lowell Mills | The Textile System | Building America's Industrial Revolution: The Boott Cotton Mills of Lowell, Massachusetts-Teaching with Historic Places Lesson Plan
Pictures | John Kay's Flying Shuttle | Young Girl in Factory I | II | III | Children in Factory | Boys in Mill | Girls in Mill 
Transportation and Travel | Crossword Puzzle 
Webquests Invention of the Millenium Webquest | Industrial Revolution WebQuest

Jim Crow History | Emmett Till

1. What caused the Civil War?
2. How could both the North and South claim to be justified in fighting the war?
3. How can an individual influence the course of history?
4. Is civil unrest occurring today in our country and the world?

Civil War Who am I? | Civil War 150 | A Civil War Soldier in the Wild Cat Regiment | A Nation Divided | A War Gone Deadly | American Civil War Homepage | Beyond Face Value | Blue & Gray for Boys & Girls | Boys in the Civil War | Child Soldiers | Civil War | Civil War | The Civil WarCivil War @ Smithsonian | Civil War Chronology | Civil |  Civil Site | Civil | Civil War Food | Food | Civil War Generals | The Civil War Homepage | The Civil War | Civil War Lesson Plan | Civil War Literature | Civil War Web Unit | Home of the American Civil War | Civil War Collection | Civil War & Govt. Jeopardy | The Civil War for Kids | Civil War Link | Civil War Images | Civil War Traveler | Coloring Pages | The Coming of the Civil War | Fort Pickens & the Outbreak of the Civil War | Fort Sumter | The Gettysburg Address |Jump Back in Time | Guthrie Civil War Letters | Letters Home from an Iowa Soldier | Letters of Calvin Shedd-The Civil War in Florida: Letters of a New Hampshire Soldier | Civil War Treasures | Civil War | The Historical NY Times-Civil War Years | Massachusetts 54th | Matthew Brady Civil War Photos | Monitor Virtual Tour | USS Monitor | The 19th Century World | Timeline | US Civil War Center | US Colored Troops | The Valley of the Shadow | Civil War Maps | Civil War Photos | Civil War History | Personal Journal Lesson | Soldiers & Sailors System Database | Timelin |Resources | USS Monitor
Abraham Lincoln The Lincoln Log: A Daily Chronology of the Life of AL  | One Life | Lincoln Online | Abraham Lincoln | Abraham Lincoln Timeline | Abraham Lincoln Quotes | Abe Lincoln Treasure Hunt | Gettysburg Address | The Time of the Lincolns | Abraham Lincoln Pages @ LC |Abraham Lincoln | Brief Biography | Abraham & Mary Todd Lincoln | Assassination | 
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Cornell's Digital Earth | Great Circle Calculator | see also "Reference" page under atlas

Old Sturbridge Village Field Trip Homepage 


Simple Machines & Rube Goldberg Design Challenge
1. How do simple machines and how do they make work easier?
2. How can simple machines combine to make more complex machines?
3. How did simple machines evolve to influence the Industrial Revolution and my way of life?
4. How do Newton's Laws, #1 and #2 apply to simple machines?

Inclined Plane Inclined Plane Worksheet | Inclined Plane Movie | 
Inventions Cyber Telephone Museum | The Elements of Machines | Gadget Anatomy | Hall of Fame Inventor Profiles | Inventions | Inventor's Workshop Lesson | Museum of Ancient Inventions  | Museum of Ancient Inventions | Inventor's Toolbox | Beyond 2000 Predictions | Rube Goldberg |Rube Goldberg Invention Convention | US Patent & Trademark Office | US Patent & Trademark Office Kid's Page 
Levers  | Levers |
Newton's Laws Newton's Three Laws 
Pulleys Pulleys | Pulley Pulls | 
Rube Goldberg | Rube | Video | Examples | Who was Rube Goldberg? | More Videos | 
Screw | The Screw 
Simple Machines
 | Simple MachinesAnimations | Dirtmeister's Science Reporter's Simple Machines | Edheads | Franklin Institute | Gadget Anatomy | How Stuff WorksinQuiry Almanac | Marvelous Machines  | Professor Beaker's Learning Labs Simple Machine WebQuest | Simple Machine Thinkquest | Simple Machine Lesson | Simple Machine Sites | Simple Machine Sites | Simple Machines | Simple Machine Experiments | Machines | Investigate & Report on Simple Machines | Simple Machine Activities | SmartBoard Activities | Lesson Plans & Activities | More lessons & resources | Simple Machines Game

Vertebrates & Invertebrates
1. How do animals differ from each other?
2. How does an animal's structure help it to survive?
3. How does a change in the environment affect an animal species?

Invertebrates  | Alien Stingers | AquaFacts | Invertebrates-use the search box | Invertebrates-scroll down to see the invertebrates | Invertebrates-click on animals, then invertebrates under "Science" | InvertebratesInvertebrates | Invertebrates | Invertebrates | Invertebrates | Jellies | Crustaceans | Marine Flatworms |Jellies | Hermit Crabs | Horseshoe Crabs | Corals | Scorpions | Myriad World of Invertebrates | Junglewalk-see Invertebrates on lower left side of page | Octopus | Picture Guide to Marine Invertebrates | Marine Snails Webquest | Scorpions | The Virtual Ocean | The Echinoids (Sea Urchins) |Snails | Snails & Slugs | Squids | Bucket Buddies Online Project | Earthworms | Reef Life | Fossils-scroll down to Invertebrate Fossils at bottom of page |
Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute
-click on "animal"
Vertebrates |  Intro to the Vertebrates | Vertebrate Animals Hotlist |  Vertebrate Index |
Webquests | Vertebrates WebQuest | Exploring the Environment-Coral Reef Module

Weather & Climate - Year of Science Weather 2009 videos and more!
New June 2010 Climate Change lessons, podcasts and much more-be sure to check this resource out!

Weather Glossary | How Stuff Works What is Weather? | The Weather Game | 
Weather | Edheads | SciJinks Weather Laboratory | Atmospheric Pressure | Climatologist's Toolbox |  Encyclopedia of the Atmospheric Environment |Infoplease Facts | National Severe Storms Laboratory | Reading Weather Maps Satellite images of Weather | Weather Topics | Weather or Not |Doppler Sites | Weather Dude | NASA Investigating Weather | Storm Chasing | Weather Center | World Climate | Weather Maps | Biomes |   World Weather | US Climate Map | Weather Almanac  | Snow | Weather Averages & Records | Weather Encyclopedia | Extreme Weather & Climate EventsRadar Forecasting | Weather Cams | Weather Wiz Kids | Wild Weather | Dan's Wild Wild Weather | 
Clouds | Cloud Boutique | Cloud Unit | Cloud Webquest | Home-made Clouds | How are Clouds Named? | WeatherWizKids | Dan's Wild Wild Weather 
Current Weather Accuweather CNN Weather by Zip Code Needham | USAToday Weather Live Weather Images World Weather World The Weather Channel Wunderground Weather Bonk-live Cams
Cyclones Definition
Drought Information Drought Monitor | Paleoclimatology 
El Nino 
El Nino | El Nino/La Nina 
Infoplease Facts | Storm Encyclopedia-scroll down to Flooding topics | WeatherWizKids
USA Today Forecast Intellicast Franklin's Forecast 
Global Warming | Climate Classroom | 
Cool Cities | 
 | Hurricanes | Hurricanes | Hurricanes | Hurricanes | Hurricanes, Typhoons & Tropical Cyclones Hurricane Field Trip | Hurricane Hunters | Hurricane Names | Hurricane Warnings | Tracking a Hurricane | Inside a Hurricane | Understanding Hurricanes Lesson | Kidstorm |WeatherWizKidsAccuweather Tracker Infoplease Facts Storm Encyclopedia-scroll down to Hurricane topics | Dan's Wild Wild Weather 
Lessons Making a Weather Station | Weather Activities Bay Kids Weather Page Severe Weather Unit Weather Gone Wild Thinkquest | Weather Watch Interactive Project w/ other classrooms Edheads Weather Classroom Measuring the Rainfall What's the Weather? Experiments Weather Forces Weather Eye Lessons Weather Scope: An Investigative Study of Weather & Climate 
Lightning | Thunder & Lightning | Lightning & Thunder cont'd | 
WeatherWizKids | Dan's Wild Wild Weather 
Nor'easters | Definition | How Stuff Works | Storm Encyclopedia | Storm-E
Infoplease Facts Storm Encyclopedia-scroll down to thunderstorm topics 
 | WeatherWizKids | FEMA Tornadoes | The Tornado Project | Kidstorm | Twister | NOAA Tornadoes | Tornado Safety | Infoplease Facts |Storm Encyclopedia-scroll down to Tornado topics
Weather Webquests | Cyberbee Weather Watch | Weather | In the Eye of the Storm WebQuest | Hurricane WebQuest | Hurricane WebQuest |Wonderful World of Weather 

Wind Chill Wind Chill Factor Wind Chill | All about Wind Chill

Weight & Mass | Do you Weigh more on a Carpet?

Matter AntiMatter | Chem4Kids | DK Matter |  Matter WebQuest Matter | Matter WebQuest | Phases of Matter | Properties of Matter | What is a Solid, a liquid and a gas? | What is Matter? | What is Matter? | What's the Matter? | Solids

Literacy ABCya!
Science | Yellow Jackie Mystery
 | Shelving Game | National Geographic Kids | Games VoiceThread | 
Media Literacy Lesson | Web Site Evaluation

Scientific Method | Questions & Answers 

1. How is a rocket affected by Newton's third Law of Motion?
2. How does flight affect our lives now and how will it affect us in the future?

Flight | Milestones of Flight
Paper airplanes 
Paper Airplane Lesson to demonstrate Bernoulli's Principle | Build the Best Paper Airplane in the World | Paper Airplane Web Quest | Paper Airplanes & the Methods of Science | Fun Paper Airplanes to download | Links | 
Rockets & Moving Objects
 | Airplanes | Be a Spacecraft Engineer | Beginner's Guide to Rockets | Beginner's Guide to Model Aeronautics Beginners Guide to Propulsion | Human Space Flight | Gravity & Newton | Lesson Plans for Teaching Flight |  Newton's Three Laws | Falling Bodies | Fly Rockets | Goddard | Math Space Odyssey | Model | Momentum | Multistage Rockets | NASA Quest | Rocket Web Sites | Model Rockets |Rocketry for Educators | Project Apollo | Space Shuttle Scavenger Hunt | How Space Shuttles Work | Space Shuttle Countdown | Satellite Tracking |International Space Station | Newton World | Space Shuttle History | The Wonders of Flight | Flight School | Forces in Flight | Forces of Flight |Flight Curriculum Unit | Forces & Motion | Airplanes | Space Shuttle Designs | Battle of the X-Planes | Timeline of Rocket History | von Braun |Water rockets | Wright Brothers


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