Welcome to Canadian History!

Teachers: Ms. Boulton (Plunkett)  Room - 306 

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Extra Help: By appointment before/after school or lunch
Email contact: julie.plunkett@yrdsb.ca 

Welcome to Grade 10 History!  The study of History reflects our desire to understand the past and make sense of the present.  It is also linked to our love of stories.  Through history, we explore tales of love, courage, deception, betrayal, heroism and tragedy.  These stories are compelling; encouraging critical reflection of political, economic and social issues.  When we study history, we become not only storytellers, but also detectives - we must sift through a variety of sources and critically evaluate information to understand our past.  The six concepts of historical thinking – historical significance, cause and consequence, continuity and change, historical perspectives, evidence and the ethical dimension – underpin thinking and learning in all history courses in the Canadian and world studies program.  

Together, we will explore social, economic, political developments and events and their impact on the lives of different groups in Canada since 1914.  We will examine the role of conflict and cooperation in Canadian society, Canada's evolving role within the global community, and the impact of various individuals, organizations, and events on Canadian identity, citizenship and heritage.  We will develop the ability to apply the concepts of historical thinking and the historical inquiry process, including the interpretation and analysis of evidence , when investigating key issues and events in Canadian history since 1914. 

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