Note: This site is still under construction as it is being moved (and improved upon) from its former location. Please visit that link if any of the pages to the left are still missing.

There are a lot of "applying to graduate school" websites out there, but when I was applying to graduate school I didn't feel like the other sites were particularly thorough. Many other sites offer advice about how to ask for letters of recommendation and how to write your application essay. What these sites do not prepare you for is the organizational nightmare that is applying to graduate school, or the intensive research required in drawing up a list of schools to apply to.

I created the first version of this site in 2005 to help provide applicants with more detailed information about the process. Since then, the website has received millions of hits, and I meet people all of the time who tell me in person that their applications benefited from it. Additional rare features of this website include downloads, information on coordinating applications with a significant other, perspectives from the admissions committee, and how to apply for a popular fellowship in the sciences (NSF).

The following provides a brief introduction to each page:
  • Preparation & Background: go here to see what you need to do to prepare for graduate school while in college.
  • Deciding Where to Apply: once you know you want to attend graduate school, go to this page to decide how to make the list of schools you'd like to apply to.
  • Application Timeline: here is a guide of what you should do when so that you can accomplish all of your goals, prepare the best possible application, and stay on track.
  • Application Essays: this page helps you tackle the most daunting part of the application--the statement of purpose. There is also information on the "personal statement" required by some schools, and how it differs from the statement of purpose.
  • GRE: learn about the graduate record examination test and what it means for your application.
  • Letters of Recommendation: this page will help you decide who to ask for letters of recommendation and also how to ask so that the letters will do you the most good.
  • Notifications and Decisions: if you're lucky enough to have lots of choices by the end of the process, this page will help you decide how to choose.
  • The "Two Body" Problem: If you are trying to co-ordinate your application process with your significant other, this page is for you.
  • The Insider's View: Learn about the admissions process from the inside, as well as how to avoid common mistakes made by applicants.
  • Downloads: Go to this page for example application essays, documents that will help organize you and your letter writers, and an e-mail template for contacting professors.
  • Links: From here, visit other pages that also offer helpful advice.
  • NSF Application: If you are applying to graduate school in the sciences or social sciences, you should consider applying for the national science foundation graduate research fellowship as well. This page is geared towards helping you with that application.
  • Consultations: I can provide you with private consultation advice about your application for a fee.
  • About the author: Learn about me and why I made this site.

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