Pointers and Resources

CSE 571 Graduate AI at ASU 

            In the box that appears, you can type a text followed by a question:
               * The text is "X and Y and ... and Z are in the room". X, Y, Z etc.
                can be (1) proper names that LCC's tool (LFT) recognizes as such, or
               (2) phrases such as "three students", "two kids", etc. In this case, the
               numbers should be in letters (due to a LFT limitation), between one and
               nine, and the class of people can be "people", "professors", "kids",
               "students" ("children" is also supported by our system, but about three
               days ago LFT's began translating incorrectly sentences containing that
               word, when I noticed they added a SR to the translation).

              * The question is of the form "How many people (students/professors/etc.)
               are in the room?". Notice that, if there are no elements of that class
               in the room, then you will get no answer, rather than "0" (this can be
               changed easily, but I haven't had a chance to get to it yet).

               When you click "Run", the web server retrieves the logic form from
               LCC (this takes a while), translates it to A-Prolog, reasons about
               it, and shows the result.

               The system also supports some questions dynamic domains, such as "X
               and Y and ... died [in the accident]. How many ... are dead?" and "X
               and Y and ... entered the room. How many ... are in the room
               [now]?". (The parts in brackets denote words that you may or may not