Artificial Intelligence

Spring 2007, ASU 

14362 CSE 571, 1:40-2:55 PM, MW BYAC 190 


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Day & Time: MW 1:40PM-2:55PM
Room: BYAC190
Instructor: Chitta Baral.

Office: Brickyard 572

Office hours: TW 3:05 PM - 4:00 PM


May 04 2007: Project - You need to demo your project to Luis or me, hand in all the files and write a short (2-3 page is ok, more is fine) report on the project regarding issues particular to your project. (What changes in the language of the puzzle story you had to make. Why? Anything interesting that you came acrosss. etc.)

April 30 2007: P-log motivation and slides

April 25 2007: Causality slides

April 21 2007: Added links to causality related papers.

Upcoming deadlines: March 28th (Homework 4: 4 puzzles coded in Smodels), April 2nd (Test), April 9th (small project on RTE pairs)

March 7 2007: Homework 3. (RTE3 test data set) (good examples; bad examples)

March 7 2007: Project 1 added.

Feb 15 2007: Homework2 added.

Feb 12 2007: Homework1. Due  2/15/07 at 11 PM. Email homework to Look at the example pairs in the RTE3 datasets and pick 3 example pairs that involve some reasoning. Analyze those examples in the style given in the Example1 document.

Feb 12 2007: A detailed example of a simple system is being posted. ATM architecture illustration. Example1. Example2.

Jan 22 2007: Added a bit of content to the Class Notes and Slides page; Pointers and resources page updated.

Jan 17 2007, 4:39 PM: I checked about the program. The Java GUI that I was using has a problem that I have asked my student to fix. However one can use the windows based GUI and that works fine.

Jan 16 2007: "Course Philosophy" added. "Syllabus and Grading" added. More details Coming soon.