1. T:   The drug that slows down or halts Alzheimir's disease is expensive.
   H:  Alzhemeir's disease is treated using drugs.
   Answer: YES
  (problem specific analysis:   Connecting "drug that slows downs or
halts X" with "drug treats X".
   Generalization:  Connecting an action and   an indirect reference to
that action by mentioning its effect.
    "treat" is an action. its effects are "slows down or halt."
   In T instead of saying "drug that treats" the statement refers to
"treat" through its effect "slows down or halts".
   further issue:   "drug" is an agent that does the action "treat")

2. Yoko Ono unveiled a bronze statue of her late husband John Lenon.
   Yoko Ono is John Lenon's widow.
   Answer: YES
   (problem specific analysis: connecting "late husband" with "widow".
    The action dying, when married to Yoko Ono, makes John Lenon a Late
    The same action makes Yoko Ono widow of John Lenon.
    Generalization:  An action "a" may have effect  "f" and "g."
   If "f" is observed and we can explain by saying "a" happened then we
should be
   able to conclude that "g" is also true.)

3. I was in Shapiro's office in century city.
   Shapiro works in century city.
   (problem specific: Connecting "works in" and office. The action
"works in" is normally done
                in an "office."
    generalization: actions have associated properties that hold when
the action is being executed.
     If the "associated property" is observed then one can infer
(through abduction) about the action.)
   %% I am probably over analyzing this one.

4. John is the president of Iran
   John is a citizen of Iran.
   ( example specific: president => citizen
                              to be president one has to be citizen and
                              and while being president one can not
lose citizenship
    generalization:  actions have prerequisites and conditions that
hold when the action is being executed.
                           From the effect of the action, one can
conclude about the action being executed and hence
                           the preconditions being true. here the
action is "becoming a president" with the  effect  "be president"
                           The prerequisite is the condition of "being
a citizen".