Serge Gracovetsky, Ph.D

Selected research and publications

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1 - A revised version (2008) of the original Spinal Engine book which I wrote in 1988 (267 pages format 8.5 x 11).

2 - The book " Non Invasive assessment Of Spinal Function" written in June 2010 has 276 pages.
 3 - A 2.4 gigabytes DVD containing hundreds of original slides and movies that I presented in various conferences from Korea 1997 to Washington 2015 as well as several movies and original documents of interest for the researcher on the function of the spine.

This DVD contains a five modules seminar (367 slides) together with a 21,724 words descriptive notes of each slides in a 59 pages document.

4 - This is the user manual for the motion analysis system that permits the assessment of spinal function.
5 - Some references used in the work.
6 - "Is the lumbodoral fascia necessary ?". This 31 minutes conference given at the Harvard Medical School was part of the First Fascia Research Congress held on October 3-5 2007. It has been uploaded on YouTube in 3 parts:
 7- "Non Invasive Assessment of The Spine". This 35 minutes video discusses the theory of the spinal engine and the measurement of spinal function. It has been uploaded to YouTube in one segment:

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