Grace supports various missions, including:
LHF translates Lutheran materials (i.e. catechisms) for Lutherans around the world.

Issues, Etc. Radio Program
Rev. Todd Wilken hosts this Lutheran Talk show "for the thinking Christian". 
Topics include Lutheran theology as well as social topics of interest to conservative Christians.

Lutheran Braille Workers
Grace is home to a Braille Work Center (The first in Wisconsin). 
Groups from our congregation and others have used this center to produce materials for the Blind.

Rev. Roland Meyle
Currently our "Dimes for Missions" recipient, Pastor Meyle serves as a semi-retired missionary to Kazakhstan.

    "What is Dimes for Missions?"  Click here to find out.

South Wisconsin District LCMS
Through our support of the local district, we indirectly support numerous mission activities.  See the SWD website for more information.

Racine Lutheran High School
Our local Lutheran High School, Grace is an association member with about a dozen other local congregations.

Tom Chryst,
Mar 1, 2010, 8:50 AM