(Frequently Asked Questions)

Sized as inserts to your weekly church bulletin. 

Most are based on FAQs from the LCMS website, some are abbreviated to fit the space, and some are originally written by Pastor Tom Chryst, former Associate Pastor of Grace.

Organ Donation, Guardian Angels?

The "Sprinkle" Method?

Why 7 candles?  Re-baptism?

Come, Lord Jesus?

Personality in Heaven?

"The day I was saved"?  Jewish belief in Hell?

Role of Elders?

Changing Women's Roles?  Sunday or Sabbath?

In, With, and Under?

Baptism and Trinitarian Formula?  Is Jonah Fiction?

Sinning in our Sleep? Chimes During Lord's Prayer?

Forgiveness for Ongoing Sin?

Money in the Plate - 2 Kingdoms?  Sinning in Heaven?

Yahweh the Only Name for God? All Sins Equal?

Talking with Children about Death?

Why so Many Denominations?



Demonic Posession of Believers?

"Trespasses" in the Lord's Prayer?

Elders and Divorce?

6-Day Creation and LCMS membership?

Tattoos?  Emeritus? Do Embryos have souls?

Clergy Performed Wedding?  Communion at Weddings?


Funeral Pall?  Fasting?

3 Year Lectionary?

Baptismal Shell?

Origins of "Conclusion" to Lord's Prayer?

Embryonic Soul?  Christian Science?  Fasting?

Working Mothers?

AA and the 12-Step Process?

Limited Atonement?

Will I get a Virus from the Common Cup?

Was Christ Sinless on the Cross?

Angel of the Lord = Michael = Christ?

Interfaith Marriage?  Children's Souls?

Lazarus?  RU-486?

Immaculate Conception?

The Trinity?  The Date of Jesus' Birth?

Feng Shui?

Lay Baptism?

Baptising a Baby whose Parents aren't Members?


The Devil in Hell?  John the Baptist, Elijah, Reincarnation?

War in the Middle East?

Resurrected Christ in the Sacrament?

Mennonites?  Unclean Foods?

Why Join a Congregation?


Top 10 Church Names?  "Left Behind" Series?

Rite of Baptism?  New Heaven/New Earth?


Non-Creedal Churches?

All the Company of Heaven?

The Date of Christmas?  (From WELS site)


Bride of Christ?  Saints?




The Creeds?