Board of Elders

November 2017

         Greetings from Board of Elders!

“A change, would do you good, I think a change, would do you good,” not exactly a revolutionary quote, but the refrain to Sheryl Crow’s song is most apropos considering the status of Grace Lutheran Church.  In case you missed it, Pastor Crane was installed as the new pastor in the middle of September as Pastor Poppe retired after serving Grace for over 30 years.  As the Call Committee was reminded often, there is a period of mourning that the individual members and the Church as a whole will experience with Pastor Poppe’s retirement, which members are currently in or recently recovered from. 


The flip side of that coin is that Pastor Crane brings in a different perspective from being in the ministry for 10 years and I am sure there will be changes forthcoming or that you may have already experienced in his month and a half of serving Grace.  While some of those changes may be behind the scenes, others may be subtle enough to be unrecognizable and still others may be a little bit larger. 


With the elevator project also on the horizon, I wanted to spend this space addressing that these changes are being made for the continued growth and spiritual health of the church.  Although there may be brief inconveniences or disagreements, let’s not lose focus on the reason that we, as members of Grace, come to church on Sunday: To hear the Word of God, be forgiven of sins through Jesus’ death on the cross through the Sacrament of Holy Communion, and marked as a child of God through the Sacrament of Baptism.  At the end of the day, all other disagreements are made trivial in comparison. 


Almost exactly 500 years ago to the day, Martin Luther thought that “a change would do you good,” and we now are celebrating that change as the Reformation, which proves that some changes are made for the better.  Let’s continue to support Pastor Crane and others trying to lead those changes.


David Wait – Board of Elders