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On the Practice of Close(d) Communion:

Our congregation's "Communion Statement" (printed each week in the bulletin):

Guests and Holy Communion:
Holy Communion is a gift Christ gives to His Church. In it, He offers His true Body and Blood, in, with and under the bread and wine. When received in faith, it brings forgiveness, new life and salvation. Holy Communion is also a statement of our unity in Christ (community). Those who receive the Lord’s Supper at Grace Lutheran Church are baptized Christians who have been instructed in and publicly confess the Evangelical Lutheran faith. 
For this reason, only members of our congregation or sister congregations of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod are ordinarily communed at this altar. If you have any questions regarding the doctrine of Close Communion, please talk to the pastor before or after the service.

An excellent collection of articles and links regarding closed communion is available here, at the website of our sister congregation, St. Paul's, Kingsville, MD.


On "Every-Sunday Communion":

Grace's Resolution to Introduce Every-Sunday Communion (.doc)

Regarding Worship:

Children in the Divine Service (Pamphlet) (.pdf)

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See also our collection of FAQs, sized for printing as bulletin inserts

Self Examination and Reflection (using the Ten Commandments)

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