Spiked Punch

by Michael Dylan Welch, David Ash, Christine Nelson, Joy Hendrickson, Vicki McCullough, and Merilyn Peruniak


Written 17 May 2009 at Sun Sui Wah Seafood Restaurant in Vancouver, British Columbia, at the close of the Haiku Canada weekend at the University of British Columbia. First published in Frogpond 33:2, Spring/Summer, 2010, page 45.



seventh-inning stretch

the proposal again

on the Jumbotron                                                                Michael


            rehearsal dinner toast

            his father forgets her name                                    David


murmurs from the matrons

the bride enters

eight months gone                                                              Christine


            the ringbearer

            drops the ring                                                          Joy


children drink spiked punch

while adults do

the chicken dance                                                               Vicki


            in lipstick on the limo

            JUST MARRED                                                          Merilyn