First published in The Duck’s Wake (Potomac, Maryland: privately published, 1996), and then published in Frogpond XIX:1, May 1996, page 37. Written 31 March to 20 April 1995, via email between Potomac, Maryland and Foster City, California.




touching the wind-worn name

of her son                                                                           Jeff


        wafted by the breeze . . .

        sprinkler spray                                                          Michael


a prayer in the rain

and then another

blossom from the plum                                                Jeff


a rusted bucket

by the groundskeeper’s shed

. . . a passing cloud                                                           Michael


        pollen fills a rift

        in the gravestone                                                     Jeff


birdsong fades

into the cherry’s scent . . .

she reaches for my hand                                              Michael