About Us
"Whosoever will may come."

What visitors usually notice is the warmth and friendliness of the people who attend our weekly services.
One feels the comfortable relation of family when they visit our congregation. It is a family not built on blood relations, but one that has been forged from the common desire that we have to learn more of the purposes that God has for our lives.

We are striving to become the kind of church described in the Bible - a church where the sermons can be understood, people can feel free to worship God from their hearts, where friends care about one another, where answers to prayer are regularly seen, and where hurting people find help.

So regardless of how much or little you know about the things of God, you can become a part of this family—a part of God’s great family.

Mission Statement

Reveal the love, truth and hope found in the Gospel of Jesus Christ – Through His words and our actions.

 Our Vision

Grace Community Church exists as a family of believers that recognizes God’s only true Son, Jesus Christ, as their Lord and Savior.  As Christ’s disciples, we seek to learn God’s purpose, worship His Kingship, serve others and equip all whom God sends, in unity and love.  As a body, we assemble to worship in a casual setting that encourages honesty in our relationship with God and each other.  We seek to serve our congregation and community by eliminating social, racial and denominational boundaries.  This can only be achieved by focusing on our similarities, taught through sound biblical doctrines and exemplifying the love of Jesus Christ.  As a life-giving church, we strengthen God’s people through meaningful ministries that affect lives and activate each member’s God-given gifts.

Grace Community Church seeks the guidance of the Holy Spirit in all endeavors and exists to serve God through:worship in response to encountering God, equipping people with God’s Word, building friendships that unite people, and serving others with our God-given abilities.

As the Lord brings this vision to pass, Grace Community Church will remain true to Cumberland Presbyterian doctrine of “whosoever will, may come.”  Grace will enlarge her family through the birth of daughter churches.

 Our History

The genesis of Grace Community Church goes back to early 1999 when Grace Presbytery of the Cumberland Presbyterian church purchased land in Millbrook Alabama and hired church planter Chuck Hood to plant a church that would serve the Millbrook, Prattville and Montgomery area.

Grace Community church began in early December as a fellowship and met at a rented storefront on Highway 14 not far from the land owned by the church. A second storefront was added not long after to accommodate the growing number of members and to support childcare for children during worship. Before beginning construction on the facility where the congregation presently meets, a third store front was needed.

Construction for the first phase building began in July 2002 and was completed in December 2003. The congregation has been increasing in size slowly but steadily—from Pastor Hood and his family that had gathered in the shopping center to the current attendance of around 150 members.

People are typically attracted to the “come as you are” philosophy of the church, which applies to outward appearance as well as a person’s spiritual condition. They also enjoy the contemporary feel of the worship services. Perhaps the greatest draw to the church is the friendliness and genuineness of the people.

There are a growing number of ministries that help members and newcomers express their God given gifts as they serve others as well as helping them feel better connected to the church body. Some of these ministries include: Ministry to children, youth and student ministry, Men’s and Women’s ministries, volunteers in finance administration, and publications. GCC also takes pride in planning many exciting social and fellowship events.