Wherever two or three are gathered together to my name, there am I in the midst of them
-The Lord Jesus

Visit us on Sunday at the
Aloha Grange Hall

(enter thru the side door from Alexander Street)

"The Lord's Supper" at 9:30 am
Bible Study / Sunday School at 11:00

Grace and Truth Gathering is a group of Christian believers that gets together to worship and study God's word every Sunday in Aloha, Oregon.

We gather "to the name of the Lord." That is, we meet around Christ alone and not a favorite place, doctrine, or teacher saying "I am of Paul" or "I am of Apollos". (1 Cor. 1:12)

Here we have a small gathering but we do not wish to be separated from our brothers and sisters in Christ since there is "one spirit and one body" of believers.

In accordance with this belief, the group here is only a small part of a worldwide network of believers meeting the way we do-- trying our best to remain consistent with the New Testament teaching.

For more information on our beliefs or links to other gatherings we are associated with, please explore the "About Us" section.