Based upon the Biblical tale about a boy and a dog, a magic fish, a girl who's got a demon in love with her, and the Angel who comes to their rescue. Told in richly poetic language, highly dramatic, funny and profound,it's suitable for audiences of all ages.

Two Brothers 

One brother is rich and selfish, the other is poor and noble-hearted.  When the poor brother helps a little swallow with a broken leg, he's rewarded in an extraordinary manner.  What's growing inside those giant pumpkins anyway...?  A tale of brotherly love and hate from ancient Korea. Based on the Pansori tale 'Heungbu and Nolbu', this first appeared in Horizon Review.

Two Martyr Plays: Agnes and Lawrence  


'The exquisite workmanship and extraordinary imagination of author Grace Andreacchi are resoundingly showcased in these plays. Andreacchi unites the traditions of the Medieval mystery play, the beautiful form and style of classical drama (particularly in her use of the chorus), and the stories of these beloved saints.' - Dappled Things

These may be performed separatedly as one-act dramas, or together for a longer programme.  


A twelve-year-old girl is ordered to marry a young man of her family's choosing.  But Agnes has other ideas - she is already secretly betrothed to the lover she prefers, and she's willing to die for him. 



Christians are being hunted down and killed by the Roman authorities.  The Bishop of Rome is arrested, but not before he has time to entrust the entire church treasury to a young, untried deacon.  When the Emperor orders him to hand it over on pain of death, what will he do?