A large collection of short stories, varied in theme and tone - below a few of the more recent are highlighted. A full list can be found by following the links Stories A - S and Stories T - Z.

The Fox Princess

'There was once a fox princess who lived deep in the deepest part of the forest, where the shadows are long and green and the footsteps of men are never heard...'

The Girl with a Pony

'Her face is partly in shadow, and she looks directly at the camera with the deadest eyes I have ever seen.'

My Portuguese Letters

'The time I reached my hand through the grate – you carried it to your lips, then slipped one of the fingers into your mouth and suddenly bit down hard, bit till the blood came...'

Mary's Tale

'He came softly into the room, so softly that at first I did not even notice him....'

The Princess Trigona and Her Lover

'What is she looking for, naked before the mirror, her finger at the base of her throat, her other hand spread like the leaves of a clinging plant upon one egg-white breast?'

Tiny But Perfectly Formed

Inspired by Japanese story-telling, short shorts are are short stories that are as short as possible.

Don Juan of Seville

'No harem is complete without la Fornarina. I suppose it is the flour that keeps their skin so very white. You are wondering how I kept them all happy. Ah, but that would be telling...'