Give me your hand and time

Resist not

All is mine

Christ in gentleness

Eternal kiss




Light by which we live

Our one true remedy to fear

Virtue’s crystal spring

Eden’s first, last abiding thing.




Hell is the everyday the

Awful stink of it

Tears flesh and renders hearts

Endless misery




Little bud newly made

In that sweet mould

Forever new

Each time the first




Do not ask why -

Every  man has his hour

And this is yours

Take hold of it

He is waiting




If only I

Could tell you

How this

Love has taken me apart

If I could

Explain how it has

Broken my

Every last breath

Destroyed hope and heart

In a manner so

Cunning poisonous sweet slow –

How was I to know?




Still and bright

Into the space

Left by

Endless chatter

Now at last it

Comes with the

Evening light


Thanks to Billy Mills at the Guardian for the suggestion!