Agnes - St. Agnes by Domenichino 

Almost Dead in Venice - Angel, original artwork © by Zalens (gift to the author)

A Partial Anatomy - Part of a Wing, Albrecht Dürer

A Small White Dog - photo by Scion Cho cc on flickr.com

Brother and Sister - Photo by Julia Margaret Cameron

Deliverance - Angel, by William Blake (1757-1827)

Don Juan of Seville - Illustration by Kay Nielsen (1886 - 1957) for 'The Man Who Never Laughed'

Envy - Illustration by Virginia Sterrett (1900-1931) for Old French Fairy Tales

Fans and Foes - Reviews - Illustration by Edmund Dulac, photo of Lake Bled by Mirci, cc

For Children - Child Reading by Jessie Wilcox Smith

Found Poetry, Red Winged Blackbird by Ron Knight, CC

From a Writer's Diary - Errant Butterfly, by Bruce Guenter, 

Goodbye to Berlin - Berlin 163 by Klara.Kristina cc on flickr.com

Good Wine - The Jewish Bride [detail], Rembrandt van Rijn (1606-1669)

Heart Poems - Wax Venus, Specola Anatomical Museum, Photo by Lucarelli

Home Page - Calla Lily by Tony Seneadza, Studio Antwan - CC license

Ikebana - Shunga, after Eizan, 1931

Lawrence - Head of a Youth by Leonardo da Vinci

Little Poems for Children - original illustrations © by Viktoria Samoilova, used with permission

Mary's Tale - Madonna of the Annunciation, Antonello di Messina 

Mere Christianity - Icon of Our Lady of Kazan, 16th century

My Little Pony - photo by Lisa Brewster, cc on flickr

My Portuguese Letters - Portait of a Nun, Sofonisba Angiussola, 1551

New Lamps for Old - Flower from the series '100 Chrysanthemums' by Keika Hasegawa, c. 1892-1905

Notes on the Lake District - All drawings by John Ruskin

On the Train to Vladivostock - Moonlight by Ilya Repin, 1896

Paper Flowers - public domain image from pdphoto.org

Poetry and Fear - The Mystic Nativity (detail),Sandro Botticelli, decorations , 19th C Japanese woodcuts

Puzzle Poems - Aborginal Puzzle, by Michael Coghlan, CC

Raphael and Tobias - Angel of the Annunciation, detail of a fresco in the Chiastro San Marco, Fra Angelico, c.1437-1446

Ravenswood - Stealers of Light (frontispiece) by Edmund Dulac

Scarabocchio - Head of Medusa, Arnold Böcklin, chapter headings , 19th C Japanese woodcuts, drawing of Goethe by J.H.W. Tischbein, rose by pdphoto.org, nautilus by C.C. Jones, Union College, Schenectady, N.Y., mosaic cc by spaceodissey at flickr.com, portrait of a girl by Rosalba Carrera, portrait of Goethe by Georg Melchior Kraus, Goethe in the campagna by Tischbein, ‘Mephiostofeles’ by Delacroix, angiogram of hand – public domain, Farbenkreis by Goethe, all other images public domain

Seeing Angels, Angel by Andrea del Verocchio

Sesame and Roses - Margaret Macdonald, The Heart of the Rose, 1902

Sic et Non - The Pensive Gargoyle by The Norse, cc 

Talitha, Cumi - Porcelain Beauty by Jeromy Shepherd, cc

That Old Demon Fritz - Lucifer's Fall, Gustave Doré

The Ants - Photo by John Hanon, CC

The Birdcage - Crane, Hiroshige

The Black Swan - Storm at the Mouth of the Grand Canal by JMW Turner, small image decoration - public domain

The First Stone - Lorenzo Lotto (c. 1480-1556) Christ and the Woman Taken in Adultery

The Fox Princess - 'Frodo' by Peter Trimming, CC

The Girl with a Pony - Photo by Julia Margaret Cameron

The God - photograph by grinwithoutacat on flickr.com, A Glimpse of Eternity

The Golden Dolphins - The Princess in the Forest, John Bauer

The Other Son -  Serpent in fig tree. Roman fresco (3rd style) from the Casa del Frutteto (I 9, 5) in Pompeii.

The Princess Trigona and Her Lover - James McNeill Whistler, Arrangement in black no. 5: Lady Meux

The Prodigy, Michelangelo, detail of a fresco in the Sistine Chapel, Ezekiel

Two Brothers - Swallows Diving, Totoya Hokkei

Two Poems for John Ruskin - Photo by Julia Margaret Cameron, drawings - one by John Ruskin and one by W. G. Collingwood (?). 

Videos and Podcasts - Watercolour sketch for late 19th/ early 20th C Japanese toy designs 

White Lilacs - photograph from public domain pictures