God's Grace Along the Way

~ A collection of  poetry and other writings ~


"Peace to You Whose Hearts Are Troubled"

tune hyfrydol

“Peace to you whose hearts are troubled

Now when doubts besiege your mind.

See my hands and feet; Yes, touch me!

Flesh and blood is what you’ll find!”

Jesus spoke these words in greeting

To His friends without delay

In the room where they were hiding

On His resurrection day.

Peace today, O Lord, You bring us

When our troubled hearts would break.

When we sorrow over loved ones

Grant us comfort for Your sake.

Flesh and blood is what You promise

Those who follow in Your way,

Yes! in You we are united

For that resurrection day!

“Everything must be accomplished,

Written of the Christ, the Lord,

In the Psalms and in the Prophets

And by Moses in the Law.

You will give a faithful witness

Of My suffering and My death.

You will preach to all the nations

How I rose again to life.”

Jesus, You have sent Your Spirit,

God the Father’s promised pow’r,

To prepare us for our witness

To the world in this last hour!

Now we pray that for our mission

You will keep us in Your peace;

For our sins grant us remission;

Now let strife and discord cease!

Gilbert Franke; Copyright (c) 2006.

Death is Defeated

Easter Eucharist

Death is defeated! See the curse of sin

Crushed in a battle we could never win!

Jesus, the Victor, overcame our foes.

On the third morning triumphant He rose!

He was the Victim; now He serves as Priest.

All that He sacrificed becomes our feast.

Come eat His Body, risen from the dead,

And drink the life-giving Blood that He shed.

Death was the ransom Jesus came to pay!

Now to His glory joyful people say:

“Come see His mercy all across the land;

We live our thanks giving praise to the Lamb.”

-- Gilbert A. Franke, 1/23/2012

(Rev 3/16/2013)