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posted May 18, 2013, 5:21 PM by grable elbarg   [ updated May 29, 2013, 1:22 PM ]

Recipe Book with Filtering and History

Version 2.1.1 Released on May 29 2013

Lists all available Recipes created by the game and loaded Mods.
Filtering is done through Item TypesMods and Required Item.

To open it:
Click the little book icon next to the hotbar or the new slot in the inventory.
Pressing F5 (depending on the override) opens the Recipe Book as well.
Or place a crafted Recipe Book in the world and click it.

Using it:
        Clicking any item with MB1 will set it as a Required Item filter (meaning only recipes needing this item will show up).
        Clicking any item with SHIFT+MB1 will craft a single item and put it in your hand if the inventory is up, or drop it otherwise.
        Clicking and holding any item with SHIFT+MB2 will craft multiple items.

Using the History:
Any changes made to the filtering will add it to the history, and the icons in the upper right will light up GREEN appropriately.
Clicking Recipe Book_PrevArrowON.png or Recipe Book_NextArrowON.png will move where you are in the history and Recipe Book_HomeON.png resets all filters to the defaults (and deletes the entire history as well) .

GUI Extras:
A new Icon next to the hotbar, for easy access to the recipe book.
A new Slot next to the Trash Slot, which looks up recipes requiring any item dropped on it.
(can also be clicked to toggle the recipe book)

No Cheat Override:
Disables spawing of items, unless the player has the required items in their inventory and they are near the right Crafting stations.
Allso allows only crafting of recipes, not any item.

Included Items:

Recipe Book
that behaves like ordinary books, but opens the Recipe Book when clicked in the world.

Thanks to:
RussLeeIV and Mod Settings which i stole the gui from ;)
Shockah and Final Cheat Menu 2 for some item detection code.

Added new setting cfg_show_crafting_stations (for required crafting stations tooltip).
Fixed length of some of the setting names not fitting in with Mod Settings gui (old settings will get reset).
Changed Available Mode to respect cfg_needs_crafting_stations.
Fixed saving when creating new characters
Added new settings cfg_drop_items_before_spawning and cfg_drop_maxed_stacks.
Changed the way item spawning was handled, especially the held item.
Removed debug code stealing the K and L keys.
Fixed recipe search filtering always using live data.
Fixed page/item counter starting at 0 instead of 1.
 v2.0.8Added a search box that filters recipes by name.
Added new settings cfg_live_search_refresh and cfg_deselect_search_on_enter for the new searchbox.
Added new setting cfg_need_book_to_open for a mini adventure mode.
Added a cap of 30 characters to items in the mod menu.
Fixed loading of enums using the wrong values if new settings were added.
 v2.0.7Fixed only listing mods that had ModWorld defined.
Fixed crafting stations not being checked correctly.
Fixed item crafting not eating the correct amount of materials from multiple stacks.
 v2.0.5Added new setting cfg_hide_orig_recipes to hide the original recipes list.
Added right mouse button behavior for faster crafting.
Added explicit item drop when hands are full.
Fixed item crafting not respecting stacks.
Fixed item crafting overwriting items in the hand.
 v2.0.3Added new setting cfg_show_spawn_messages.
Fixed Large Mode not initializing correctly on game start.
 v2.0.2Added saving & loading of settings and the item thats in the filter slot. (saved with player)
 v2.0.1Fixed gui always displaying in non sync mode.
Added new setting cfg_close_book_on_inv_close.
Added new setting cfg_sync_with_inv that overrides the other visebility settings when enabled.
Fixed updating AdjTiles before player exists.
Fixed available mode sometimes not showing recipes that doesnt requiring any tiles.
 v1.9Added new settings cfg_free_item_crafting and cfg_can_create_any_item for more crafting control in default mode.
Fixed recipes being rejected for having no crafting station.
Fixed crafting not respecting item crafting settings in default mode.
 v1.8Added Available recipes button, that shows the same recipies the default one would when activated.
Added coloring of required item count if its missing from players inventory.
Added a Large Mode for moar recipes! will only activate if the screen is larger than 800x600.
Added own graphic for Recipe Area and better support for skinning.
Added checks for nearby crafting stations for NoCheat mode.
Added new setting cfg_large_gui_mode to disable large mode.
Added new setting cfg_needs_crafting_stations.
Added new setting cfg_live_avail_refresh for live updating of recipes.
Fixed item tooltips displaying even when obscured by menus.
Fixed CraftRecipe() not checking multiple stacks before giving up.
Fixed item rendering again, there was some alpha issues on some of them.
 v1.7Added a No Cheat override, that only allows crafting of recipes and only if the required items are present.
 v1.6Fixed stuck mouse bug, made Initialize() and its callees rebuild all data it needs.
 v1.5Fixed mouse interaction, added mousewheel scroll for pages and it now respects the AutoPause setting.
 v1.4Added a slot to the inventory that toggles the recipe book and filtering by dropped item.
Allso fixed item rendering with correct colors and tightened up the ui input.
 V1.3Fixed a few issues with the dropdown menu overlapping, and some general cleanup.
 v1.2Replaced usage of InterfaceObj with customo grahpics
 v1.1Fixed history logic
 v1.0Inital release 

 Recipe Book.7z This is the full package, containing Installer, Object and Source and a lot of redundancy!
 Recipe Book Installer.exe Clean mod installer
 Recipe Book.obj Clean mod object

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