Coocoo is a parser generator, bootstrapped by ParserGen and then itself :)

Its grammar is similar to  ParserGen, but more like real Coco/R (with my own take on it of course ;)).

Some notes on building:
    bootstrap0.cmd     - builds Coocoo0.grm -> Coocoo0.exe via ParserGen.exe
    bootstrap.cmd       - builds Coocoo.grm -> Coocoo.exe  via Coocoo0.exe

NOTE: Bootstrapping with itself was added in v1.0, so if you run into problems try running the grammar through Coocoo0 as well.

    04.05.2012-04.53:    added parsing of grammar from stdin, and a switch -- to activate it.

    03.05.2012-23.26:    fixed project-template.
                                      fixed Rupy sample, Ruby is just to ambiguous for Coocoo :(
                                      added exit code on termination, 1 and above is error.
                                            this stops the makefile on failed builds, see "gen/externals.bmx" for list of errors.

    29.04.2012-03.20:    fixed excessive read after loop in a tokens:
                                            floats now parse correctly.
                                      fixed combining of tokens with same start characters but different classes:
                                            hex & bin now combine with float & number correctly.

    27.04.2012-01.22:    improved error reporting and fixed off-by-one capture position.
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