Welcome to my graal template website. All templates are custom. I DO NOT OWN GRAAL UNDER ANY SERCOMSTANCES.  Feel free to take any template you want and make it yours.PLEASE NOTE: YOU MUST HAVE AN EMAIL AND HAVE IT CONNECTED TO YOUR GRAAL ACCOUNT.
Here are instructions on how to make any template yours.
~step 1:Make sure your email is connected to your graal account and you have the customization pack for $0.99
~Step 2:Save the template to your computer or whatever.
~Step 3: Go to http://tinyurl.com/classicupload and add email,template,and whatever.
~step 4: After sending template into the admins, wait a couple minutes and when they accept it will tell you on graal if you want to confirm your purchase WITH GRALATS.
~Step 5: Write code down and when your done write setsword your code, setshield your code
Produced by: Walrus Corp. 2011