Stage 9 - Breckenridge, CO to Provo, UT

Provo, UT 
Arrival Date: Tuesday, June 29
Accommodations: Marriott, 101 West 100 North
Phone 801-374-1000
Weather: Clear, Partly Cloudy, Some Showers, Moderate Temperatures
Events of the Day:
We arose early this morning and had breakfast at the hotel, since the support teams had to be out of the area by 6:45 AM. The first cars would leave at 7:15, and the Bobcat Team left the hotel at 8:27. We headed West on U.S. Highway 40 for our speedometer calibration. We went on the clock near the town of Hayden, and we pulled away from our designated start point at 09:11:48. After a very brief period of rallying, we arrived in the town of Craig, Colorado. The entire town appeared to have turned out. The crowds were enthusiastic, and they even had prepared a pancake breakfast for the Great Racers.

As We Prepared to Leave Steamboat Springs, the Cars Lined Up Outside of the Sheraton

Our Break in Craig, Colorado, Included a Pancake Breakfast!

On our second period of rallying, Bob Mead started to feel the telltale vibrations of a loosening wheel. We kept moving, although it was somewhat dicey, since we were travelling at speeds of 45 and 50. We had travelled for about an hour over very rough roads, and apparently the pounding had finally loosened the bolts we had repaired a few nights ago. Finally, Bob pulled the car off the road and got out to check the wheel bolts. Both rear wheels were loose. We got back into the race, but four cars had passed us by this time. We drove fast and had passed the last car when we hit the next checkpoint. It gave us an automatic 2:00 minute time on that leg.

During our lunch in Vernal, Utah, Bob worked on the wheel lugs, removing each one, cleaning it, and applying Loc-Tite, before retightening it. We are in hopes that this solves the problem. A lost wheel would make for a very bad day! The good people of Vernal served us steak and barbequed chicken with all the trimmings. It was delicious!

As We Arrived in Provo, We Were Struck
by the Immense Scale of the Geological Features

Two more long sessions of rallying completed a beautiful day. We then had a long transit into tonight's host city, Provo, Utah. The two Bobs speculated as to what our day's score might be. We decided we would be thrilled by any total under 2:20. We were thrilled to learn of a factored score of 2 minutes and 16 seconds: 6 seconds on the first leg, the expected 2 minutes on the second leg, 39 seconds late on the third leg, and 1 second early on the last leg. We haven't figured out the 39 second leg. Factoring for Winston's age uses a multiplier of 0.820 to arrive at the adjusted score.

The Crowd Was Warmed Up by the "Little Big Band"
from the Crescent School of Music in Provo

This area of Utah is lush and beautiful. The crowds were great, probably encouraged by perfect weather. A local group of young musicians, the "Little Big Band" performed before the National Anthem. After Winston arrived and a few lies were swapped, your trusty crew went to a local Mexican restaurant, Los Hermanos, for a relaxing dinner.
The Crowds in Provo Were the Best We've Seen Yet. The Weather Was Perfect!

Tomorrow, on to Elko, Nevada.

Jerry and Bob may try to wash the accumulated grime off of Winston in the morning. He looks like a very used car.