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We have begun our new Unit of Inquiry. Take a look at how we started!

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08 Feb. 

Today we continued to look at how to be safe online. Here are some considerations that students came up with. We then used this brainstorm to write a journal entry. 

07 Feb. 

Our focus in Digital Citizenship Week will shift to look at the power of words and what we should do if someone uses mean or insulting language online. 

06 Feb. 

Digital Citizenship Week: This week we started with discussions and debates on what we would do in certain situations: 

  • Digital Citizen debate/discussion (possible scenarios/questions):

    • You are going to a friend’s house for a playdate. Your parents do not allow to watch youtube without an adult. Your friend is allowed to watch whatever he/she wants without an adult. She/he gets the Ipad out. What do you do? Why?

    • Your teacher has asked you to go to a specific website with a partner. Your friend starts typing funny words into Google. It is really funny. What do you do?

    • What are the best rules for safety online? What are some mistakes that people make online?

    • What does it mean to be safe online? What advice do you have about being safe online?

02 Feb. 

Today we looked at screen time and our relationships. Specifically, we watched this video and discussed how we need to disconnect to connect. 

Disconnect to Connect

01 Feb. 

Today we started Digital Citizenship Week. Here is some information on what we have been learning: 

We watched this video to look at what is real and not. W used critical thinking to discuss this video. 

YouTube Video

The House Hippo of North America

31 Jan. 

Today we participated in Global School Play Day. We looked at how out school mission can be realized through play. 

23 Jan.

In Mathematics, we have begun studying shapes. We are exploring the characteristics of 2D and 3D shapes. Below we are constructing these shapes to see the differences. 

16 Jan. 

After a long holiday students are getting back into the habit of reading for pleasure. 

09 Jan. 

Welcome back to school. This week we have begun our new Unit of Inquiry. Our central idea and lines of inquiry are: 

The Earth's physical geography has an impact on human settlements

  • The properties of landforms and geographic features
  • The pattern of physical geography around the world
  • The relationship between location and settlement

Here students have used plasticine to explore and construct different landforms. 

18 Dec.

We are coding again. Gr. 2A has looked into using our tablet computers to do partner coding. 

18 Dec.

We have been studying 'cause and effect' in reading. We learned that if we 'give something then something will happen or be given back'. Here are some pictures of us sequencing a story using 'cause and effect'. 

09 Dec. 

Today we explored the idea of estimation in Mathematics. We used measurement and water to practice estimating. The two questions we looked to answer were: 

What is estimation? Where might we use estimation? Here are some of the answers we got. 
  • "It is a guess" 
  • "Estimation is a close answer" 
  • "Estimation is a very close answer and a prediction. You have to estimate when you put two glasses of water together and predict will it spill over or not?"
  • "Close answer" 


Hour of Code

05 Dec. 

05 Dec. 

Here is some more information on Hour of Code. Make sure to talk to your children about it. 

The Hour of Code – 5th - 10th December, 2016

Dear Parents,

We live in a world surrounded by technology. And we know that whatever field our students choose to go into as adults, their ability to succeed will increasingly hinge on understanding how technology works. Therefore, VIS primary school students will participate in the worldwide event Hour of Code. To celebrate this event, the students will be immersed in a range of coding activities. There will be fun and interactive ways to learn and use coding.

As for this week, your children may ask you to practice at home for the Hour of Code. They are encouraged to practice and learn more at their own pace. Your child knows the links to practice. If you need more information, please contact your classroom teacher.

More details https://code.org/learn

Communication Officer
Aušra Graželytė-Maggiar

04 Dec. 

Happy Hour of Code Week. Students in Gr. 2 have been using the computers more frequently. We are doing this for a number of purposes. First, students are documenting their learning on an online platform. Second, we are exploring the world of coding on code.org. This week students will participate in Hour of Code. 

In our current Unit of Inquiry, we are looking at how taking care of our heart allows us to be more healthy. We did some experiments with taking tests and movement and learned that movement helps our brains work! In the pictures below we had a guest speaker come in and talk to us about the heart and the circulatory system. 

23 Oct. 

We started our new Unit of Inquiry! Our transdisciplinary theme is Who we are. Here is the unit information: 

Central idea: The choices people make affect their health and well-being

Lines of inquiry:

  • The components of a healthy lifestyle (form)
  • How do we keep ourselves fit in different situations (change)
  • How do our body systems work together to create a healthy self (connection)

Here are some pictures of students generating questions about our new unit. 

15 Oct.

Another exciting part of our week was launching our e-folios. This year Gr. 2 will exhibit our learning over the course of the year using a digital platform called Seesaw. Not only is this part of our Unit of Inquiry on digital expression, but it is also one of the ways we report our learning. Here are some of the pictures of us learning about this new way to share our learning.

14 Oct. 

We have been looking at the elements of a narrative. Specifically, we have studied characters, setting and plot. We read the book, Chrysanthemum to map out how these different elements come together. From there we each thought about our own lives and chose a favorite memory to write about. Describing a favorite memory with our families, we spent time planning this writing using the same organizer that we used to understand Chrysanthemum.


09 October

Lately, Gr. 2 has been using the idea of 'bucket filling' and 'bucket dipping' to explore relationships and what influence we have on our class. Here are some pictures of us involved in that learning:


02 October

In our unit of inquiry, we have been looking at demonstrating the qualities of a good community. This has involved working as a team, listening to each other, taking turns and many other skills and attitudes that help our class be a great place. In the pictures below students are working on building a structure with pasta and marshmallows.

02 October

Grade 2 students have been learning about the writing process. Specifically, they have used stories to get practice with drafting, editing and publishing. Here are pictures of students involved in that process. 

19 September

Today we learned about making connections and predictions when reading. Connections are when we find something in the text that we can relate to. Predictions are when we make guesses about what will happen next in the text. We used post-it notes to identify connections and predictions in our reading books.  

16 September -  

In math there are many activities that involve hands on activities.  Students have a chance to practice with money, time and calculators.  These tools help deepen their understanding of the concepts. 

15 September

It has been a wonderful week of getting to know each other better. This week we worked on developing habits that will help our class develop as a learning community. Students identified friendship, listening, kindness, hard work and working together as ares that they want to build habits in. 

09 September

It has been a great start to the year. We have had the chance to meet all of our new Gr. 2 students. They have had the chance to meet us (Ms. Alisa, Ms. Dee & Mr. Colin). We have had some great discussions on how, as a community, we can create a safe, respectful classroom where all students feels valued and are able to work productively. We will be identifying those elements of a community that are common to all. How do we share space, time, resources and ideas?  How do we value differences of opinion and thinking? We will decide on what rules will help us be successful as a community and lead us to achieving our hopes, dreams and goals for this year.

07 September 
Today we there were two exciting things we learned. First, we learned about how to choose the right reading book for ourselves. We came up with different things to look for when reading a book to decide if it is just right for us. We will practice this and then use it in the Library to choose our books.

We also worked on answering this question: How does communication help us work together? We used lego to explore how good communication enables us to learn better together.

06 September
Today, Gr. 2 looked our new unit of inquiry, How We Organize Ourselves. We thought about our classroom as a community and what agreements we need to make our space great for learning!

05 September

Week 2!

Today we started the week with reading. We looked at Reader's Workshop and reviewed how that works. Students focused on understanding the different elements and returned their their own reading goals.